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  • Why it Isn't that Important Whether ISIL Leader was Killed
    • It may not be important for IS, but it is very important for the psyche of Americans. The State Dept has to show results and boost the support at home. Many citizens don't understand the conflict and its complexities. The idea is to showcase the bad guy, exaggerate his role and misdeeds (e.g. CIA admitted to doing the same with Zarqawi) and then hopefully kill him to fool the public about false victory.

      The real players are in the background: the former Iraqi generals, the professional fighters who migrate from one conflict to another, & the usual funding states. The US is using covert campaign to isolate the "good" generals from "bad" ones. This type of strategy has failed many times in Afghanistan.

  • Is Rula Jebreal right about US Media Bias against Palestinians?
    • It seems that Rula Jebreal is paying the price for her disobedience to ADL & AIPAC; this is what she tweeted:

      "My forthcoming TV appearances have been cancelled! Is there a link between my expose and the cancellation? what about you @EliLake ?"
      link to

  • In the Deaths of 3 Israeli Teens, Likud Policies are also Implicated
    • Clash of Fundamentalists: Israel 9 - 3 Hamas

      The killing of 3 Israelis is already being used by the American media to justify Israeli offense. In Google news headlines, it's all about the Israeli victims, no mention of 9 killed, settlements, lawlessness, and bloodshed that's about to follow.

      Israel is bombing Gaza because it is politically convenient vs bombing (US-backed) Abbas' West Bank. The collective punishment will play into the hands of criminals who killed the 3 teenagers. They want an irrational response by Israel during this month. Unfortunately, the Pals who have nothing to do with the kidnappings will be the victims of Israeli terrorism.

  • Boko Haram and the Lord's Resistance Army: Hunted Children & the Problem of Fundamentalism in Africa
    • The problem here is that of law & order. Corruption, weak police, and lack of resources make such situations possible. Other third world nations are affected too (e.g. gang rape in India and targetted killings/terrorism in Pakistan).

      As econmic disparity increases and social bonds become weaker, security situation is likely to get worse for the poorer naions. There are terrrorists and Qutb's followers in Saudi Arabia and Gulf States as well, but the abundant resources allow a strong police state.

  • Obama and David Brooks's Manhood Problem
    • Glenn Greenwald wrote the following about Brooks in 2009 (Salon):

      "... only he [Brooks] and people like him are strong and courageous enough to confront the towering enemy (by sending other people “outside the wire in dangerous places”). Those opposed to the war or even to escalation are cowards who want to “surrender to the Taliban.” And even with the unbroken record he has on Iraq that should shame and discredit him for life (or at least until there’s some serious examination, acknowledgment and repentance), he is the second-most influential commentator among “Congressional and political insiders” – second to one of the very few commentators who did more to bring about that war than Brooks himself did. What type of nation do you think we will be if “insiders” have their views most shaped by people with the record of David Brooks and Tom Friedman?"

      (David Brooks: our nation's premier expert warrior)

  • Egypt's Revenge of the Leftovers: Mubarak to be released, Muslim Brotherhood leader Badie Arrested
    • Another irony: The secular liberals are supporting General Sisi, who is financially backed by one of the most fundamentalist states in the region - Saudi Arabia.

      Gen. Sisi is said to be a "religious man" and his wife wears a niqab, a rarity in military families. When it comes to faith, he may have more in common with people being killed by his army than those supporting him and holding his placards.

  • Egypt's Waco
    • Saudi regime feels threatened by democracy in the region. Unsurprisingly, Saudia Arabia (& UAE) are backing the military coup in Egypt, pledging more than $10 billion. In comparison, the US aid looks insignificant. This is not to say that US doesn't have 'leverage' but there are constraints. Saudi Arabia is also one of the richest and most loyal customers of American weapons. Israel wouldn't mind the military as well.

  • Egyptian Police Clear Brotherhood Sit-Ins, at cost of Scores of deaths, injuries
  • The Burka Avenger stands up to Male Chauvinist Taliban on Pakistani TV
    • If the intended audiences are Pashtuns in the northern area, sorry to disappoint you Prof. Cole, much of the region does not have electricity or TVs in individual rooms.

      As for the rest of Pakistan, outside of major city areas, there is electrical shortage from 8-16 hours a day. So this campaign is useless. Haroon should spend his efforts to push the government to fulfill basic needs before venturing into what will be perceived as "western propaganda."

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