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  • Child Homelessness rising in US -- Red States wonder why they're the Worst
    • It is very bad when 1 in every 30 children are homeless in America. How is this possible when they are suppose to be the richest country in the world? It seems to me that they are not taking care of their own people very well and they need to take a look at this. Children are a countries future, and if these kids are living on the streets and in shelters, then the future does not look very good at all. The American government needs to take a look at the way they are spending their people's money. Helping banks and Wall street doses not help people keep their homes and to buy food. I think that the US government has gotten to big and has forgotten about the normal people who are just trying to survive.

  • Egypt’s Battle for Worker’s Rights in Upcoming Legislation
    • It is a good idea to have better labor laws in Egypt. Egypt at the moment does not protect its workers through laws and many people are working long hours under dangerous conditions for little money. Egypt needs to set out specific guidelines and laws to protect workers. They are long overdue in making these laws. Child labor laws also need to be looked into and established. Many of the laws that Egypt does have are so old and they need to be update and brought into the 20th century. If Egypt established a minimum wage, then many people will get out of poverty and are able to live better. It seems that the prices of everything is going up in the country, except wages. How can people afford to live if they are still making the same amount as they were ten years ago? The rich people are benefiting from the higher prices and the poor people can't even afford to buy decent food. It is a good idea to take a look and pass new laws regarding labor laws.

  • Ebola's not the First Racial Germ Panic: The Long History of Xenophobia and Scapegoating
    • Why is it that they use any excuse to stop people from immigrating into a country? Now it is the Ebola epidemic that is being used. People from all over the world have this disease so how can they exclude people from specific areas only. I believe that this is an unfair practice and an excuse to not let people from poorer countries immigrant into Western countries. Why cant these people be tested first, this would eliminate this threat and then they could go to their new country? If we start excluding people based on where they come from and possible diseases they may or may not have, they that is a form of discrimination. Countries should not discriminate based on this and that defeats the whole purpose of trying to help these people in the first place. Now these immigrants are being treated unfairly all over again, by their own country and now by the country that they want to immigrate to. These practices have to end and its time countries base their immigration policies fairly and not on possible diseases people may have.

  • Iraq: Grand Ayatollah Sistani joins Hagel in calling for Arming Sunni Tribes of al-Anbar
    • In a way I agree with the Grand Ayatollah to arm the Sunni tribes and help them during this difficult time. Something needs to be done and the Ayatollah is a powerful man and voice. But on the other hand it is hard for me to understand how arming them will bring this conflict to a resolution. More guns only means more deaths and more fighting. There has to be another solution between arming them and doing nothing. The government needs to take better control of this situation and come up with a non violent solution. Violence in my opinion only leads to more violence. There has to be a diplomatic way to end this conflict, otherwise it may go on for a long time. I know the Ayatollah is in favor of peace, but now he is advocating for additional weapons to make this fight fairer. Extremist terrorist groups only grow out of violence and become a bigger threat to the world.

  • Unprecedented Damage to Gaza & its People can't be repaired with Just more Aid
    • The reconstruction of the Gaza Strip is definitely a good idea, but that doesn't address the bigger picture. Many countries are donating money to this cause and there is a great need to rebuild this area, but what happens the next time it is destroyed? We all know that these peace treaties do not last. How long will it be before the Gaza Strip is destroyed again? There needs to be a solution to this problem to stop the continual need to rebuild Gaza only to be destroyed again. Without lasting peace, this problem will continue and there will be no end in site. A two state solution is the only way out and the world needs to do something about Israel and its constant building of new settlements. This only makes the problem worsen and difficult to establish a peace deal.

  • "Pilot Program" of Segregated Buses banning Palestinians in Israel
    • How can segregating a population be a good idea? This goes back to how America segregated the black race from the white race. What is next will they be segregated in other places, public buildings, schools, ect....? This will cause additional terrorist attacks on each other. One group will target the other group and then they will retaliate. This will only cause bigger problems in the area, and it wouldn't solve anything. Who came up with this terrible idea? If this is allowed to happen, then someone needs to be accountable for the end results. Segregating groups is a bad idea and should never be considered in the first place.

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