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  • Big Legal Win for Kansas Schoolteacher barred from Boycotting Israel
    • It's fascinating that states and feds are passing/considering anti-BDS laws which means there exists a real fear of a successful BDS campaign.

      I recently returned from a 10 day trip to Israel and met sincerely wonderful people from all sides of the current issues (Jewish, Muslim, Christian, etc.). Yet, the numerous (and illegal) settlements, walls, fences, refugee camps, checkpoints, and concertina wire made for a disturbing and unsettling view of the future of Israel and the Middle East.

  • It is all about the Oil: US Diplomats on Mideast Obsession
    • In the simplest terms, James Jeffrey sounds like another war criminal advocating for secret American military bases and foreign interventions resulting in additional wars and conflicts. Never mind the additional deaths and maiming of U.S servicemen along with innocent civilian casualties.

      Apparently, he learned his statecraft in Vietnam, another country devastated by our indiscriminate aerial bombing, Agent Orange, numerous My Lia's, Tiger Cages, etc. etc.

      Even Robert McNamera considered himself a war criminal for some of the decisions he made on behalf of the U.S.

      Meanwhile, the rest of the world's governments sit back and shake their collective heads at our insanity while they improve their countries' health care systems, infrastructure, education systems and income safety nets rather than spend limited resources on endless wars.

  • 2017 was so Gross we even had to relitigate Evils of Colonialism
    • "Gilley argues current poverty and instability within the Democratic Republic of the Congo proves the Congolese were better off under Belgian rule."

      My god, has Professor Bruce Gilley ever actually studied the history of the Congo? Extensive documentation exists showing the Belgium government instituting slavery and the removal of hands in order to force natives into the deep jungle for procuring rubber in the 20th century. Just read Adam Hochschild's Ghost of King Leopold for a well detailed history of that era.

      Every professor has a right to his opinion and to voice that opinion, but no one has a right to their own set of facts.

  • Israelis to evict entire Bedouin Community from Jerusalem
    • CDW - Stockbridge 11/30/2017 at 3:10 pm

      My son and I just returned from Israel/Palestine/West Bank. It's disturbing to see all of this up close and to discuss with the locals (Jewish, Muslim & Christian).

      The settlements are huge and encompass much of the hilltops surrounding Jerusalem; meanwhile the Bedouins are primarily confined to the valley floors in what I would generally describe as marginal housing.

      Sadly, this part of the world certainly doesn't lack for walls, fences, and concertina wire.

  • Why the UN Resolution on Israeli Squatting didn't Go Far Enough
    • This column by Mr. Cole should run alongside that of Elliot Abrams (formerly convicted of withholding information from Congress and censured for lying to Congress) in today's Washington Post. Mr. Abrams needs a counter to his far right, maniacal gibberish.

  • Big Rise in Terrorism *outside* West linked to Refugee Crisis
    • Over 32,000 persons killed in 2014 via terrorism is a sad number; however, that statistic must be kept in perspective. For instance, 32,675 persons were killed in 2014 via traffic accidents in the U.S. alone. Well over 800 persons were killed in traffic accidents in my home state of Michigan so far in 2015. Yet, we hear endlessly from our presidential candidates regarding terrorism, we spent billions every year in the "Global War Against Terrorism, and we have troops stationed in over 150 countries around the globe to "fight terrorism." Just nuts.....

  • Bernie Sanders' 10,000-person crowd in Madison biggest of any Candidate so Far
    • I noted the same thing; however, consider if Hillary or any one of the republican candidates had spoken to such a crowd this early in the campaign. The NYTimes and other MSM would be all over it. It's a sad commentary.

  • How Mainstream is Bernie Sanders?
    • Good points; however, Jimmy Carter ran against government and was a very "weak sister" as president. He began the deregulation of industry via the airlines. Bernie Sanders is the polar opposite in those regards.

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