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  • Hagel Confirmed, but Bloodied by American Nationalists Seeking Wars & World Dominance
    • If there is a central trait of fascism it is the conquest of world empire (necessarily authoritarian). Second in importance is a corporate state (necessarily authoritarian). These powerful congressmen are both. Although they claim to love freedom, they want freedom for right wing extremist Americans and American global corporations. They are contemporary American fascists.

  • UN to look into US Drone Program, but the Biggest Victim is Democracy
    • Apparenty Juan thinks a corporate state can be a democracy. Sometime between Reagan and G W Bush the USA became a corporate state and stopped being a nation in which the people are the soveriegn.

  • Bahrain Shiites Withdraw from Parliament, Call for King's Overthrow
    • You can be sure if democracy was a real possibility in Yemen or Bahrain, Obama and Clinton would try and crush it in the name of "orderly transition" just as they are trying to do in Egypt. The US does not wan democracy in place of dictatorships that serve the Empire. Libya is an unreliable dictatorship so maybe Barack the artful liar would not be too concerned, but even their he would probably prefer dictatorship because nothing is harder to mange than a democracy. --- Joe

  • Wael Ghonim vs. Barack Obama: Change we Can Believe in, Yes we Can
    • "A profound disappointment to the American left"? Obama is an enemy of democracy, freedom, and human rights through out the world. In this moment the Egyptian people have finally rebelled against the murderous dictatorship and oligarchy that have tormented them for 30 years and Obama supports their vile threats to make a blood bath to keep their power. Obama is revealed as a full blown American reactionary, no less than a tyrant and oppressor on a world scale. He is the deceitful lackey of the neo-liberal empire and the financial thieves and criminals that have stolen billions from honest people the world over.

  • Scammed in Afghanistan
    • Juan reveals the endless American and Brit lying and propaganda about "winning" in Afghanistan and why we are there. Why are we there? In short, the Empire is expanding in West Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. If it can get military bases and control in this vast region, it can control the world. So, it looks like the old fascist goal of world power. Indeed, how could you see it any other way once you get past the endless lies. -- Joe

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