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  • Iraqi Soldier Kills 2 Americans, Wounds 9
    • I'm sorry for the loss of life. All of them and I hope those who were injured heal soon.

  • Hellegers: American Income Inequality is the Cause of our Crisis
    • Inequality applies to all living things this time around because of all living things on Earth mankind alone is pulling the trigger on global overheat by insisting on using fossil fuels and doing things like cutting down the world's forests.. It's apt that the graph of US wealth distribution can't even include the top tenth of a percent's accumulated wealth due to scale limitations because it speaks to the differences with what's happening today compared to all that came before. I think these differences in scale apply to the indigenous peoples of the world who are simply being run over by the changes forced on them by the very desperate situation indeed about the collision course modern history is on with the fate of the Earth's ability to remain full of life.

  • Collapse of Kabul Bank Points to Fatal Corruption of Karzai Government
    • The US electorate won't take kindly to bailing out an Afghan bank.. The raising of opium poppy isn't a viable basis for sound government.

  • NATO Secretly Planning to Leave Afghanistan by 2014;
    5 NATO Troops Killed
    • Few people understand the relevance of this moment, the week to come and the new way security will be addressed going forward. The parties meeting on winding down conflict in Afghanistan understand perhaps for the first time that the World's climate condition makes it imperative to stop fighting and work together for a change. This would not have occurred had a huge driving force of both politics and industry including resource extraction outfits had not come to grips that indeed as in science when new variables make chaos war is no longer a luxury, in fact violence itself is completely at odds with keeping the planet alive. The cartels, the infighting and secret power holders of big finance and industry have set a reason to meet. It's big.

  • Global Warming and al-Qaeda in the Greater Indian Ocean
    • I'm going straight to the seventh floor on this one because there is no time to waste. People should know already that global overheating due to the affects of greenhouse gas forcing will trap increasing amounts of incoming solar energy and that the Earth's latent heat produced from radioactive elements in the crust will add more. Assuming by 2015 a fatwa has been declared against those things adding to global warming and that nations are by then willing to work together to a large extent and share technology and resources it's still unlikely there won't be a need for security forces. The people still won't grasp what's happening and many will still be blind to the need to put down arms and work together. Shelter will be needed. Jobs and hope. If present environmental safe havens where Nature survives have not been protected from this point forward, 2010 not 2015 hope will be hard to keep alive. This is God's good Earth and we who live today have a chance to muster a response to the threat upon it.

  • Taliban Kill 65 in Bomb Blast;
    Blackwill Urges Partition
    • Strategic interests in defusing conflict along the Durand Line and ending conflict so traffic and trade can flow peacefully even across the Khyber Pass should include the need to shift priorities to saving the environment. This isn't a small feat to pull off but it is the truth and a strategic need so great it should humble everyone.

      It's no good going up on Main St. to hold a peace sign as cars go by off and on, year after year as election cycles come and go unless I'm willing to speak up and say what I think needs to happen. Peace needs to happen and people need to work together for a common goal that benefits all.

      Things are connected. What happens to the forests and the land, the seas and the sky will affect all creatures big and small and there will be no place to hide, no sanctuary, no home to return to if we as a people fail to recognize the larger threat to our very existence and fail to take necessary steps to do something about it. Key among those is the need for peace. Lasting peace and a system of justice where those, anyone, who uses violence upon another is the enemy of all. A system of justice where forgiveness and fairness have real meaning seems the better way to go.

  • Kirchner: Bush angrily said War would Grow US Economy
    • I suppose if there was ever a time for people around the world to act as world citizens and put an end to war it would be now. If the world faced a common foe of a global warm up set to go completely out of control and if by even conservative estimates there was enough space junk flying around to knock out a lot of what we take for granted so that even the biggest military power which relies on computer chips but lacked manufacturing capacity was vulnerable then I suppose it's time to pass the peace pipe and work together for full employment to try and save a living planet. Might involve a bit of tough police and detective work but not war.

  • Kabul Blast Kills 19, Wounds 52; 5 US Troops Dead
    • There is a signature disrespect for Nature and the World with every act of violence. The circumstances are such that people must learn to work together to keep the planet a living place. I don't know how that carries over to all the religions and ways of thinking of nations around the world but the need to stop fighting and redirect the efforts of industry and just about every other aspect of people's efforts toward what amounts to the common good couldn't be higher. Atmospheric content of greenhouse gasses is beyond what will likely cause irreversible collapse of biological systems keeping the Earth a habitable place and ways must be found to reestablish the infrastructures which will not only reverse the situation but be seen beneficial to all.

  • Taliban Resemble Successful Insurgencies
    • When Rudyard Kipling wrote his poem about the Colonel's horse and what happened to it the world was a different place. Today skies are darkening for all of mankind and people are becoming aware of threats affecting us all. It's clear people of the world must act together to save the Earth. No study of 87 conflicts can deny what happens when resources become too scarce about how people are likely to treat each other if stresses become so great that societies start to break down. It's a place no man would want to go nor, if he had a mind to think about it would he want to wish it on his worst of enemies. The only enemy I fear at the moment is not being brave enough to speak up and try to change things. Resources need to be concentrated on the common good.

  • Obama to Speak from Cairo
    • O what a difference a year makes. The world has changed so much since a year ago. The address to the world from Egypt seems like a rider on one end of a plank that used to be a sea-saw over a fulcrum set last December at climate talks in Copenhagen. What direction will the world turn is the question. Will humanity choose to turn toward the light of taking action or to fall to the temptation to protect the wealth we have. Now on the eve of another visit by the President a year later to Indonesia, the largest population of the Muslim world in a place where he largely grew up as a youth a decision must be made about how the world responds to the environmental crisis upon it. Time really does not wait for anyone and the need for nations and peoples of the world to work together to truly protect not just the Earth upon which we live but to stand by the weakest among us is the truest test of time.

      I remember standing on the border of India and Pakistan watching the lowering of the flags and the opening and closing of the gates across a road still with a narrow no man's land between it. All the thoughts of loud shouting and troops marching , of spectators watching as though it was but a spectator scene. All the experience of not knowing all the languages spoken and the ways of the cultures on a road so important to so many. All I can say now is that in my heart I hope people do not let lack of understanding of languages or anything else stand in the way of progress of peoples to work together to keep the Earth a living place for future generations large and small.

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