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David C Jack

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  • Young US Jews Write 700 Letters of Solidarity to Ahed Tamimi
    • Israel has one of the highest rates of juvenile incarceration in the world and the juvenile population consists almost entirely of Palestinian ethnicity. The conviction rate of Palestinian juveniles is almost 100%, they are found guilty by a military court system, and most of their crimes involve throwing stones at Israeli soldiers.

      In contrast, Jewish juveniles living in illegal Jewish settlements in the Occupied Territories are almost never arrested by Israeli authorities for throwing stones at Palestinian civilians.

      I predict Ahed Tamimi ends up spending more time in prison than Israel’s hero medic, Elon Azaria, who shot a disabled Palestinian attacker point blank in the head.

  • For Russian hold on Trump, follow the Money, not the Sex tapes
    • Want to publicly establish Donald Trump's motivations and relationships? Follow the money, as they said nearly 45 years ago; Chasing lurid tales of gossip inevitably lead to dead ends and only gives fuel to Trump's outbursts that the established media is superficially fascinated by the sensationalistic story and is inherently corrupt.

  • Israel's working poor
    • Does the Israel National Institute Insurance report define the ethnicities of those living in poverty? What percentage of Israelis living in poverty are of Palestinian descent? What percentage of Jewish Israelis living in poverty are of Mizrahi backgrounds?

      It would also be interesting to learn how much Israel spends annually to develop, maintain and enlarge the ethnic settlements located in the Occupied Territories and contrast that sum to the approximately $17 Billion required to lower Israel's poverty rate to the average found in OCED member states.

  • Poof! John Kerry Blames Israeli Squatting in E. Jerusalem for breakdown in Peace Talks; Bennett: It's Just Zionism
    • @rjlynn: "Religious nationalism is common".

      No other country that practices religious nationalism also receives $3.7 billion dollars/ year from the USA, has powerful lobbying groups working on their behalf in the U.S. congress and receives blanket diplomatic and military aid from the United States.

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