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  • PBS and the Koch Brother Scandal (plus "Koch Brothers Exposed")
    • I agree with the above comments.

      I like NOVA when its about science;it puzzles me that a Koch Brother sponsors NOVA when the program usually asserts that there is too much CO2 in the atmosphere.

      I too notice that the Right Wing is often on the Newshour, expressing its point of view. The Newshour, and all the Sunday talk shows, are sponsored, in part, by the oil companies. They have all lost their edge.

  • Viral Video on America's Incredibly Skewed distribution of Wealth
    • United States has become an oligarchy - not only do a small percent have 40% of the wealth, they have political power. U.S. has become like Russia, Brazil and Mexico.

  • Will Obama Stand up to the Keystone XL Pipeline & Climate-Destroying Tar Sands? (Klare)
    • The President is a good lawyer but not a scientist. He now has the power to stand firm against and defeat the agenda of the greenhouse gas industries, and he would if he understood how the obnoxious greenhouse gas industries are like the slave traders of America's past.

      If the President refuses to aid the tar sands industry and the coal industry in the Powder River Basin, he will embark on a policy that could eventually rid the world of the noxious gasses that are warming our climate. Wouldn't that be a great legacy?

      Just as Abe Lincoln stood firm against wealthy slave holders and traders, Barak Obama is poised to stand firm against the wealthy and powerful emitters of greenhouse gasses, which are as obnoxious as the institution of slavery once was.

  • Tea Party Congress Biggest Obstacle to the Electric Car (Granholm)
    • Hopefully, after the next election, more of the tea party and right wingers will be gone from Congress.

      Sadly, Michigan has a right wing legislature who spends its time attacking a woman's right to personal freedom instead of promoting Michigan as a great to make electric cars.

  • Cole on Gaza Crisis (Granholm, Current TV Interview)
    • Israel seemed pretty safe under its Iron Dome. Israel has superior military strength in the region. Why is it constantly wringing its hands about being wiped off the map by its neighbors?

      If only Israel had a generous heart; if only Israel would work for peace and play fair.

  • Colbert on Romney (Meet the Press, Video)
    • Am I the only one that thinks Barak Obama made points in the first debate and Jim Lehrer was a good moderator? Romney was too much - irritating.

      Romney portrayed himself as the champion of small business, but his record for job creation, and other economic indicators, was poor when he was Governor of Massachusetts.

      He'll support big corporations, rich hedge funds, Big Oil and Big Coal. He'll drill for oil everywhere.

      And we all know what happened when the American auto industry was in trouble. Romney's solution, let them fail.

  • 2012 Rumble/ Debate between Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart (Video)
    • Jon Stewart would like Bill Clinton to run for President. I like Bill Clinton, but it is time to let the next generation take over.

  • NASA Explains how We Caused the Hottest Decade and are generally screwing ourselves over (Video)
    • How right you are. We need a Jennifer Granholm style crier to move people into action.

      At the Democratic Convention, she praised Barak Obama for saving the auto industry; Barak also has pressed for higher gas mileage standards for cars and has succeeded. There will be hope for the environment with Barak in office for another four years.

      Al Gore has talked about launching a camera-satellite into space to be positioned so that it could constantly "see" Earth and take pictures of Earth's environmental health. It would have photograghed the damage done by the Gulf oil spill, and people could have seen the devastation to Earth on the Web.

      Al Gore seemed to say that Congress wouldn't fund such a camera because Congress doesn't want people to see how certain special interests are spoiling the planet.

  • Top Ten Most Distasteful things about Romney Trip to Israel
    • Thanks for writing this article Juan.

      I find Romney distasteful. He is the friend of the neo-cons, who made a mess of Iraq. He criticizes Obama's policy toward Israel, which is to support Israel, but not cave to the agitated state of Netanyahu.

      I hope the backlash against Romney's trip to Israel will help end his run for the presidency.

  • Dream Ticket (Poster)
    • I'm not sure about Ms. Rice, but I notice more and more that the neo-cons from the Bush Administration are rallying around Romney. They say to me "Back to Bush" and not "Forward".

      As for Romney being a tax cheat, he may abide by the tax code - he's is one of the few who understand it - but he is willing to abide by tax laws that favor him, as many tax laws do. Or were you referring to his sheltering money in offshore accounts.

      Would a President Romney be able to close tax loopholes? Obama set out to do that but ended up with a Congress pledged to Grover Norquist and to Norquist’s dogmatic stand against tax increases. The country needs to retire the Norquist Congress.

      What else can Romney offer the country? Exactly how will he create jobs? His talent for creating jobs is eluding me.

  • Shell’s $4bn lobbying campaign cleared the way for Arctic oil drilling (Ross)
    • They are not drilling in the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge, which I pray they will leave alone, but the drilling will disrupt the lives of the certain whales. I would chose to inconvenience Shell and wasteful Americans, before I would disrupt the whales.

      To me saving nature has become a new religion. There is much to fight for, and many rituals to follow. If ecological concerns gained the strength of a great religion, Shell Oil would have no power.

  • Legalize Pot, Save Public Education, and end Student Indebtedness
    • I believe that legalizing marijuana would begin to reduce demand for criminally delivered drug products. The United States' demand for illegal drugs motivates criminal activity around the world.

      I was disappointed that Obama, while visiting South America, didn't acknowledge the connection between crime and the American drug consumer. The President of Mexico has blamed the United States' lucrative drug market for creating havoc in his country.

      Cigarettes, alcohol, prescription drugs also come with health risks and yet they are still available in the United States. Legalize marijuana and begin to deal with drugs in this country, and neutralize the vile criminal elements that bring human suffering to the rest of the world.

  • Oil Billionaires Plot Secret Campaigns against Renewable Energy (duh)
    • People listen when money talks.

      If there is enough organization to boycott their products, Big Oil and Big Coal will earn less money; they might acknowledge the environmental cost of burning their products; they might promote carbon recapture to mitigate the damage done by burning their products.

      I, for one, don't own a car. I bring my own bag (BYOB) or bottle, and I boycott packaging when I can.

      Juan Cole's article is one of the few, rare articles I have read on this subject. Thank you Juan.

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