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  • Is Iran the most Stable Country in the Mideast 37 Years after its Revolution?
    • Your article has almost ignored the main reason why Islamic republic has stood all these years and will probably remain further. That's Shiasm. In Iran every man and woman who wants to marry, who dies, who wants to pay his/her financial religious payments (Khoms) will to go whom? to clerics. and clerics definitely favor a regime that provides atmosphere for the religion and them to work. in addition for Iranians (pro- or anti-regime no matter) there are certain religious red lines which the Islamic Republic is guardian of them including core principles of Shiasm, Imam Hussein which the regime can rally poeple behind him, the core issue for remaining the government and the clerical system is that people still live with religion in every aspect of their lives so the regime will remain as long as religion and Shiasm thrives among people. That's the most simple explanation for their survival. however, speaking about new freedoms you're right, increasing personal freedoms and democratic values and accountability as well as transparency will also help the ruling clerics remain in power even longer than anybody can predict.

  • All Hell Breaks Loose in Libya
    • Why do you insist to call them devotees of Political Islam and then conclude that they are not capable of handling a country or its economy? Were they ever given the chance to do so? I remember at the first days of Islamic revolution in Iran the phrase was "fundamentalists" and they were always shown in a way to be incapable of running a country. 35 years have passed and the Islamic establishment is running its own business. there might be economic problems. but who doesn't have? the SUPERPOWER had it as well the European countries.
      The fact is that it is the meddling of Western countries with their cloches about economy, human rights and democracy in the Arab world that is creating this mess. The Islamists, fundamentalists or what so ever you call them were never given the chance to govern. the best example is Morsi in Egypt. The fact is this : The Western mentality and way of thinking cannot tolerate Muslims rule themselves without looking at West or using their VALUES! that's why they began meddling, directly or through their proxies and the mess will go on and on and on.

  • Santorum Hypes Iran 'Threat'
    • I think in the case of Nuclear program at least 80 pct of my people agree with me.. that's a national project. And costs are high but maybe for the government but no for ordinary people, I may say something and you think I'm just claiming them here, I can't say there is no problem in Iran but it is definitely less than many other countries in the region...anybody who doubts what I say should come to Iran and see the facts by his/her own eyes,, we have experienced worst days during imposed war by Saddam Hussein. Difficulty is not new for Iranians.

      A Question for Mr. Cole: Sir, do you know Farsi (Persian)? because you have translated Omar Khayyam poems I thought you may know my language..

    • I live and work in Iran and on Wednesday watching all that live event on Iran's English Channel Press TV I just felt proud , and i can not explain my feeling rather than pride, dignity and being independent from those arrogant powers, that was a very distinguishable moment for me.. and I can just say that unlike those treasonous reformist of last decade in Iran ( led by Mohammad Khatami) Ahmadinejad was the man who stood firm by Iran's nuclear program. We as Iranians owe him much ... Viva Ahmadinejad..

  • Ahmadinejad in Latin America
    • It is impossible for the US to take part in Iran's oil explorations ( and the benefits from them!) because of its own-bound sanctions, so it does not let anybody else to be able to use the benefits as well that's the main reason behind US's actions. US can not tolerate a country standing in its face for over 33 years, so it wants to crush the spirits of Iranians to no vain... All these sanctions will finish some time in future, Rome once was the greatest empire on the face of world, now who cares about Rome anymore? it's gone as the US will be gone..

  • World's Stupidest Guerrillas Kill over 70 Shiite Pilgrims in Iraq
    • The problem is that the US has turned a blind eye on these crazy, heartless, brainless Salfis who are funded, nurtured and supported by Saudi Arabia, the heaven of Dictators , and US does all this for the sake of oil, for the dominance in Mideast and foremost for the sake of animosity with Iran.
      Today's blast in Syria was done by a same person, those who kill Syrian police and soldiers are the same people, the same rotten ideology that works hand in hand with US agenda...

  • Top Ten Myths about the Arab Spring of 2011
    • Shia in Bahrain are not 58 % but over 75%, as they have been always the majority, the second part is that they follow both Ayatollag Sistani and Seyyed Ali Khamenei, it depends on who they feel more comfortable with. I personally live in Iran, I have accepted and appreciate Ayatollah Kahmenei as my leader but in religious matters if it's needed I go to Ayatollah Sistani's ideas, it does not mean I don't agree with Ayat. Akhmenei. the same is true about Shia people of Bahrain.

  • Iran has US Surrounded, All Right
    • That's why US wants to force Iran bow down, because Iran the last remaining place on earth where there is no US presence, no US corrupt system of militarism and bribing the politicians and creating dependent, subservient regimes..

  • Did the Muslim Brotherhood Threaten to Kill "All Jews"?
    • A very rational article, as a Muslim living in Iran I personally ( and my fellow citizens as well) have no grudge towards the Jews, nor the Quran says such a thing, most of these propaganda are for the sake of those Zionists in Israel who have confiscated Jewish religion in their own favour to prop up Zionism agenda, otherwise no Muslim has any problem with Jews or Christians as long as they respect us, but unfortunately they do not.

  • Facebook Shanghaiing
    • But Professor it is not only facebook that makes it possible for others to sign you up in a group, that's exactly what Yahoo and then later Google did, people could form groups ,then put your name in the list without your consent, in case you disagreed with it you had to unsubscribe.So I mean it is a wrong trend in the whole web not necessarily FB alone.

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