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  • Another view of Baghdad: Timelapse Video
    • You want the 'mainstream media' to go around shooting people walking in the street and having coffee? I'm sure they don't do that because they've been ordered by the murdoch empire to show only suffering in iraq, because that would show how much of a disaster the iraq war was. Oh wait.

  • Formerly Liberal Kuwait has started Jailing Dissident Bloggers (Kinninmont)
    • The left has no business criticizing kuwait on ANYTHING. If it was up to the enlightened progressives, kuwait would not exists, its people living in fear and terror, or exile and humiliation and misery.

      Not is the left against that war, but you belittling the suffering of kuwaitties and mocked it. The story if nayirah is paraded as evidence that nothing wrong happened in kuwait, NEVERMIND THE INVASION. Articles are written saying they deserve it, its' a dictatorship, or was part of iraq, or etc. etc etc... Saddam's propagandist couldn't have done a better job than the left. I've read one article saying one reason not to help is tha tkuwaities are playboys. Really. A rich minority enjoying their money means it's ok to invade and erase their country. Guess if a power invades the US I'll point to spring break as evidence that no help should be given to the US. Self-determination is only good when in an anti-western cause like palestine, and no attention is paid to the victims' faults - rightfully so, otherwise let them rot is the philosophy of you self-righteous HYPOCRITES.


  • US Mass Media ignore Bahrain until Kim Kardashian gives them Two Reasons not To
    • Eh, the left in general views the middle east as US colonies, the bahrain sheikh is the secretary of bahrain - does whatever obama tells him to, and so do his servants. And the people have no agency or responsibility, all under the mercy of america/west who as a superpower is responsible for everything in the world ( someone actually said that to me onetime outright, in fairness to him he also thought it was the same for the soviet union, lol).

      This view extends to outside the middle east and inside america, the state/elite are responsible for criminals doing crime and drugs and the lazy not working and on and on and on... Responsibility is not something the left knows anything about. The world is an abstract computer program ran by concentrated power structures controlling billions of lives like cattle. It's hilariously stupid, but that's pretty much it.

      People like Chomsky prove you can be considered an 'intellectual' and still be dumber than sarah palin.

  • Bahrain King forbids Protest Rallies
    • I blame America. Without it the gulf would be a bastion of democracy. Look at Iran and how it is now after it got rid of the America puppet, the imperialists can't get over their moral defeat and want to bomb it back to where it was. Let's all pray for the arab spring to sweep the gulf and for its enlightened and peaceful people to govern themselves democratically, surely it would be like night and day with their current rulers, who are actually aliens put in power by the US and are in no way reflective of their oppressed societies.

  • SNL Spoof of Second Presidential Debate (Video)
    • What in the world is that lame cherry blog you linked to? My head hurts from just TRYING to read that. What the hell. The internet is so weird.

  • Top Ten Likely Consequences of Muslim anti-US Embassy Riots
    • You have to laugh when you read people condemning America for supporting the jihadist against progressive and enlightened scum like assad or condemning it for not risking its blood and treasure for a foreign country that will most likely be run by anti-american muslims when it's 'free.'

      I would not be surprised if 'Renna' here would be shouting himself/herself horse about US 'war crimes' and such should Obama ever actually do something against assad.

  • Your Election is being Bought by 47 Billionaires (and they are Buying War, Climate Change)
    • Yeah, romney is going to start a war because somebody gave him money. I mean if he's president sheldon will just walk in with the receipt and demand a war, and romney will just drop his head and say yes master? For heaven's sake.

      Last time I checked every American has one vote, and this still hasn't changed. Some people have more money than others to PROMOTE their views, but that's it. The internet is pretty damn cheap and available nearly everywhere, that's good enough of an equalizer for me.

      By the way, European leftists have the same complaints about the rich and evil elite running their so-called democracies as the American ones. Yet reading your post you state that this is only a problem in America. If I had to guess I'd say you'd still be making this post even if the laws in the US were the same as France.

      I certainly would't mind if so-called 'progressives' start donating equally, maybe 1000 per person. I'm pretty sure convincing the rich and greedy *(&^*(#$ like michael moore and al gore won't be a problem.

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