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  • Why they Hate us: Romney Secretly Plots to Screw Palestinians over Again
    • Imagine what the Saudis would do if they thought Iran was helping Palestinians? Israel would have all the Arab help it needed to get rid of its Palestinian problem....

  • Tax Deadbeat Romney Calls Working People Leeches
    • The US is a system specifically designed so that people like Romney exist. The US as a state-supported-capitalist system gives people like this all the money they need, it then rewards their outlandish notions because in the end your culture thinks it only right that a man can get rich and live the American 'dream'. Well there he is, writ large in all of his bigotted ignorant egotism, congratualtions America. ps The 500lb elephant in the room, America is not paying anything like the suficiant tax levels to cover its cost, rich/poor neither are paying in any realisitic sense. The Fed is printing money like never before to cover the debts left by all, all this is doing is causing inflation. No matter which rich man wins, 2013 will see the printing press turned off. Get ready.

  • The West Will Have to Compromise on Syria (Schmidt)
    • 'a little help from the west'. Did Americans watch the news? The EU sent half its air-force to blow Gadaffi away when they realised that the US was footing the bill for the turket-shoot of the century. It was like stone age man versus the starship enterprise. Blair met Gadaffi in a tent, the UK was ready to become friends with an axis-of-evil power!!!!!
      Hypocrisy is going to destroy the human race, alas...

  • Your Election is being Bought by 47 Billionaires (and they are Buying War, Climate Change)
    • Mr. Cole, thank you for this posting. You and I both know exactly where this is heading. 'My guy can buy more media time and shout down the other guy'. Scientific research is clearly pointing out that all either side has to do is sway those voters that dont really have an entrenched 'economic interest' in which one wins and so can indeed make a decision based on issues that effect them but only at the level where they have an opinion rather than an interest. My great fear is that the real issues are too subtle for most voters to understand fully. Few realise that each war damages and weakens nations. Military victory merely reinforces hegemony and weakens the resolve of subject nations to be loyal. When Macedonia took over the Athenian allience nobody could have guessed that it would lead to such stunning military victory or that it would cause the total collapse of Greek military dominance and reputation and usher in the emergence of a new empire, a new kind of empire that would rule more by combining culture, adopting foreign religion (happily) and not seeing a problem with immigrants (Republicans wont know what I am on about, being more aware/in awe of this nations military power).
      I digress too far. My point is this, a bought and paid for election is of no use to Americans if those at the top, end up not needing to convince voters and instead hood-winks them. America becomes the next Greece not the next Rome.

  • Could Syria-Turkey Conflict Pull NATO In?
    • Its seems obvious to me that NATO was checking was anyone at home, the answer was a resounding yes. Wonder though what made them think they should be checking this route into Syria. Turkey feeling the Bear nearby. This also another visible sign of the horrible trajedy that the Sykes-Pichot agreement brought to middle east. These flawed borders are being redrawn bit by bit.

  • Will Houla be al-Assad's My Lai? Artillery Massacre of Children in Syria
    • The root of an episode of uncontrolled organised killing by hand (ala Mai Lai) is at heart of human nature, it is the animal in us writ in blood. It comes from a desperation and deep sense of hurt. To kill a person that you dont know but yet 'hate' because of a mixture of circumstance, lifestyle, fear, chemicals, education (both erudition and political) comes from a nexus that the human animal can only respond to with detachment, because our rational mind cannot process everything going on all at one time. What element determines the 'idiom' of the event? 'Emotion' in Mai Lai, 'Gods work' in the crusades when crusaders ate the flesh of 'hellbound' children, 'Purity' in 1944/45 etc etc from disaster to disaster. Shelling from far away is not the same as Mai Lai, but its on the road to a Mai Lai. Shelling will do nothing. Assad has moved himself beyond a political solution. He should save his family and offer terms to his foe's and he may yet live to see his children safe in a neutral country with some hope of a future. The alternative has been written hundreds of times in hundreds of nations, 'Sic semper tyrannis'. The only uncertainty is time. One thing Syria has none of is oil, so the West will do nothing, it is an important transit for oil but not vital, Europe is getting its oil and gas from Russia/Iran, US from Saudi (Iraq in the future), Syria is a sideshow. Israel must however be nervous to think of the rise of radical Islam at the root of the 'revolution'. This is afterall pitting minority (Assad) Sunni's against majority (pro - Iran) Shiites just like in Bahrain, but the US has positioned itself poorly so it cannot just ignore the violence against civilians in Syria like it has in the old Trucial State where Mai Lai's may have already happened, but no western journalists care to go and find out.

  • Minority Births the Majority? On how the whole idea of White People is Made Up
    • 'white'? I'm not American, I live on an island west of Europe and my skin is all different colors depending on where I am and light conditions etc, but I do believe that a harmfull obsession with race does exist. For my part I dont believe in race, but I do believe that people believe in the concept of a 'race'. My country is far more realistic in its application of the reality of skin color, a black man is called black a brown man is called brown and a white man is called white. The issue is obviously to do with cultural identity (which feeds into national idendity and political nationalism)and an element of that is economic wealth. I see rap mucisicans on MTV wearing the very best suits and driving top range cars, the symbols of the 'rich white business man'. Could anything be more 'black' now, or did I mean white, I dont know anymore...

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