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  • Gaza Aid Ship Estelle Commandeered by Israeli Navy; Israel kidnaps European Members of Parliament
    • Quite appropriate that you cite "Israeli crimes against chickens." That's comparable to "the atrocities committed by Nazi forces in occupied areas of Europe during WWII"? Where two million Jewish children were murdered in 4 years. NUTS.

    • The UN has investigated and ruled the blockade to be entirely legal under international law (see the Palmer Report.)

      Israel has an obligation to blockade a hostile state on its border that lobs rockets almost daily at its civilians and whose government calls in its charter for the destruction of world Jewry.

      It is a testament to the uniquely moral nature of Israel that despite this blockade, it still allows in enough basic goods and services to keep Gaza from collapsing.

      Finally, I'd like to remind you that Egypt is also blockading Gaza, not just Israel.

  • Annals of Settler Colonialism (5): German Namibia #savagesunite
    • Calling Gaza a concentration camp seems like a gross distortion of a historically loaded term associated with Nazi lager and Soviet gulags. Just the fact that Gaza has one of the highest birth rates in the world belies the characterization.

      Finally, you blame the situation completely on Israel, however Israel does not control Gaza's border with Egypt. If Egypt wanted to open that border it could do so without any Israeli intervention.

  • Annals of Settler Colonialism (4) German Namiba #savagesunite
    • Oh please, the fact is that the Nazis killed more Jews on the average day in 1944 than all the Arabs killed by Israel since 1948! You can accuse the Jews all you want but we're not threatening anyone with genocide or national 'elimination.'

    • The famous Holocaust scholar Yehuda Bauer has identified the genocide of the Herero people as an important step in German society towards the Holocaust. I know this is not what you want to imply in showcasing this documentary, but the world would do well to reflect on the genocidal intentions of Hezbollah, Hamas and other terrorist groups & ruling cliques who wish to destroy the Jews.

  • It's Psychological Warfare, Stupid: Why Netanyahu Really wants to Destroy Iran
    • With the destruction of one third of the Jewish people within living memory, do you really think Israel should risk allowing a belligerent country of 70 million get even close to making a nuclear bomb? Do you think that Israel should trust the promises made by the mullahs in Tehran? Israel must take measures to prevent an Iranian bomb - this is the logical conclusion that any Jew would arrive at in light of the last 80 odd years of our history. The conflict with the Palestinians is manageable; the conflict with Iran is existential.

  • Graphic of World Military Spending (Iran's too Small to Show up)

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