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  • Another way Trump will get us Killed: to move US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem
    • "Palestine was a Class A Mandate and the British expected it to become the independent state of Palestine around 1949. When instead massive immigration took place by European Jews fleeing Fascism, civil war broke out in 1947-48. " The Zionists were calling for Jews to come to Palestine many decades before the Holocaust began.

  • Preparing for the Normalization of a Neofascist White House
    • The media had their part to play, but the Democratic Party was helping them focus on Trump (they thought he was so bad, even Hillary could beat him). They also sabotaged Bernie Sanders in many ways. Don't forget the USA was born on a genocide of the indigenous people. That may have started the rot.

  • Second Libyan Upheaval, this Time Against Political Islam, Extremist Militias
    • So right, Mr. Munk. Imperial troops occupying the planet is not an answer to the problems facing the world today. War has de facto become the business plan of the U.S.

  • Israel's Turn to the Far Right: The Point of No Return? (Beattie)
    • "Over the past ten years, once powerful leaders like Ariel Sharon, Ehud Olmert and Tzipi Livni abandoned the party, recognizing that Israel’s long-term interests were best served by a more active pursuit of peace via a two-state solution."

      OHHHHH, you mean the Ariel Sharon that said this: "'We'll make a pastrami sandwich of [the Palestinians]," he boasted to a British journalist at Israel's National Press Club. "Yes, we'll insert a strip of Jewish settlements in between the Palestinians, and then another strip of Jewish settlements right across the West Bank, so that in 25 years' time, neither the United Nations nor the United States, nobody, will be able to tear it apart."

      link to

      The "peace process" has never been anything other than a cover for Israel's founding intention -- taking over Palestine & getting rid of the Palestinians!

  • Muslims are no Different, or why Bill Maher's blood libel is Bigotry
    • Zionism and Judaism are two different things. Maher is a Zionist. Not sure if he follows his faith.

  • Eissenstat: Libya and Turkey
    • "More broadly, however, Turkey wants any resolution to be a regional one: the AKP’s commitment to democracy in the Middle East is significantly weaker than its concern that Turkey takes the lead in forging a new regional order."

      At least Turkey lives there! You think the U.S. is trying to help the rebels in Libya? Why aren't they putting a no-fly zone up over Bahrain, which is using our Appache helicopters on their people?

      The U.S. wants someone they can deal with reigning in Libya. They've already burned their bridges with Gaddaffi.

      They didn't put a no-fly zone up over Gaza or Lebanon did they? Why not?

  • It's Official: Tunisia Now Freer than the U.S.
    • Something you can do to fight back: 24 midwest peace activists have been subpoenaed by U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald & Obama's Justice Dept. for doing solidarity work with the people in Palestine and Columbia. They are being threatened because of that loosy-goosy material support for terrorism law the Supreme Court okayed. Anyway, today is a call-in day to support these folks. I hope you'll take a minute to call Fitzgerald, Attorney General Holder & the Whitehouse. link to

      The case is outlined on the website, if you have questions. Thanks. We have to stop this outrageous encroachment on our rights.

  • Women enlist as Fighters in Gaza
    • "Sometimes it’s better to die on your feet then live on your knees."

      One reason I continue to work to educate people on this issue. The Palestinians inspire the hell out of me.

  • Al-Maliki: US Troops Out!

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