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  • Is Anti-Immigrant, Islamophobic Campaign Rhetoric fomenting Antisemitism in France?
    • At 12 noon Paris time, the man is cornered in a Toulouse apartment. He claims to be affiliated with al-Quaeda and is reportedly "arabic", yet a French citizen. He has also reportedly spent time in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen. He was traced via the IP address he used to post a reply to an ad for the sale of a motorbike posted online by the soldier who would become his first victim.

    • That's a .45 caliber
      He also may have deliberatly chosen areas with surveillance cameras, bank ATMs and a Jewish school!

    • Greetings Juan,
      the latest is that it was the same weapon (11.43 caliber pistol) that killed all the soldiers and some of the kids. He started at the school with a 9mm then for some reason switched to that 11.43
      Several witnesses also agree he had a camera around his neck, and was probably recording the whole thing!!!
      The mind reels....

  • Facebook Shanghaiing
    • Greetings!
      Don't forget that there is a way to hit Zuckerberg where it really hurts, while still staying on FB: install "AdBlock", and most FB ads disappear. It used to be that AdBlock removed all ads, but FB has, it seems, managed to go around some of that and you do see some ads. Not all, but some. The cat-and-mouse game will continue as AdBlock developers will, I hope, find their way around it. Meanwhile, it removes a lot of Zuckerberg's chances at more income. And as you know, income is why Zuckerberg is in this game, nothing else!!

  • The Irrelevance of the Knights in a Global Society
    • Bonjour Juan!
      Actually, the accusation of heresy (along with homosexual sex, spitting on the crucifix in secret ceremonies, etc...) was used by Philippe IV to destroy the Knights Templar so as to get their very large wealth. When you want to kill your dog, accuse him of being rabid!
      Several thousands of them were arrested on the same day throughout France, which is a fair achievement in planning and execution in an era without phone, emails, fax et. al.

  • Defections, US Withdrawal Point to Political Solution in Libya
    • Bonjour Dr. Cole!
      Would you please comment, if you know, about the story circulating about (Voltairenet, Yediot Aharonot, Al Jazeera,...) concerning Kaddafi's mercenaries being provided him by Israel's CST Global, their version of Blackwater...?!

  • Clueless in the District of Columbia (Engelhardt)
  • Mubarak Defies a Humiliated America, Emulating Netanyahu
  • The First Middle Eastern Revolution since 1979
    • "Will the odious French president Nicolas Sarkozy intervene behind the scenes..."

      Living in Paris, and being French, I thank you Juan for this comment!!!
      Ooooh, feels so good to read this!!

  • DOJ Subpoenas Twitter Account of Wikileaks Volunteer and now Iceland MP
    • Bonsoir Juan!

      To defeat utterly the FB juggernaut, all you need is to install Adblock on your browser and, presto, no ads!!!
      It's available for Firefox, Sea Monkey, Chrome, probably for Opera, and if IE doesn't have it yet, it soon will!
      I connect with my friends on FB without an ad to mar the landscape!
      Think of the loss in revenue and Wall street appeal if, say, a third of FB users stopped seeing ads??!!
      Downside for you Juan, and other good people, is I don't see your ads either!
      Sorry... ;-)

  • "This Scares Everybody" says BP:
    Top Kill Fails, Imperils Gulf;
    "There are no Solar Spills"
    • If you think this is bad (and it is!), check out this report on Russian scientists' assessment and predictions of what could transpire.
      According to them, the oil itself is "less" of a danger than the dispersant being used, Corexit 9500.
      link to
      If this is true and has a chance of happening, surely the world (and not just the US) stands at the gates of hell: "Let's go shopping!!!"

  • Petraeus Memo Widens scope of US Military Covert Operations in ME
    • Well said JT, beautiful!!!
      This one is especially felicitous: "You may FEEL that there is a Huge Dark Enemy out there that So Threatens Our Sacred Freedoms To Do What We Are Told By Our Sacred Leaders that we have to be willing to destroy our own village in order to save it from being “gotten” and “taken over” and turned by The Other,"!
      Very nice, thank you!

  • Blog Migration
    • Greetings from Paris, Juan!

      Congrats on the new design, and bravo for illustrating it with Taj!!

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