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Philip Robinson

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  • Victim of McCarthy-Era Witch Hunt calls on U-Illinois not to Fire Critic of Israeli Policies
  • On D-Day: Remembering the Muslim Troops who Fought the Axis
    • Philip Robinson 06/06/2014 at 1:21 pm

      I understand most of the free french soldiers where Muslim from the North African colonies. Sadly, apparently, when the Free French enter Paris the replaced the Muslim soldiers with European troops some of which were not even French but Spanish. Likewise the American kept their black soldiers out of sight. It is well know how badly the Algerians who fought for France were treated after the Algerian War. Those who managed to get to France were treated like second class citizens.

      On a trip to Vimy Ridge I way a memorial plaque nearby commemorating the contribution of Moroccan troops.

      In the First World war they brought Chinese peasants to Europe to do the heavy lifting and taking the risk of transporting ammunition. This must have been a great cultural shock for these peasants. Nowhere in Europe is their any mention of the Chinese contribution to the European war. So much history is written by the victors and the established order.

  • Bush ordered NSA to spy on Germany's Schroeder over Iraq War Opposition
    • It makes me wonder how the US was spying on Canada since Canada also did not support the US invasion of Iraq? With friends like the US who needs enemies!

  • United States, Israel opposed Mandela, supported Apartheid
    • I am disappointed that you did not mention in the article the Canada broke with Britain and the US and worked to get Mandela released and against apartheid. Brian Mu,lroney never referred to Mandela as a terrorist. He challenged his friends Reagan and Thatcher to their face that they were wrong and on the wrong side of history. Mandela heard of Canada's efforts on the BBC while in jail. Canada was the first country he visited when released and was honored by being asked to speak to the parliament. On his third visit to Canada he was given the rare honour of being named an honorary citizen. Canada's support actually went back to the 60's and the Diefenbacher government. It was Canada that helped put pressure on South Africa but having them kicked out of the Commonwealth of Nations. The US did not drop Mandela from the terrorist list until 2008.

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