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  • War with Iran, by the Numbers
    • Curious, if neocons want to restrict China's energy, then why push for the XL Pipeline?

  • Vaccinations are not Harming our Children, but Coal sure is!
    • I high recommend regarding this issue and others regarding medicine. It would be great if we could move on and use the research dollars to look for the true cause(s) of autism (although we know that ASD's are over diagnosed about 20% of the time) and other areas of need.

      ...the CDC and AAP recommended that thimerosal be removed from all childhood vaccines in 1999 and the last TCV having expired towards the end of 2001. After all, if the hypothesis that TCVs cause autism had been correct, we should have expected to see a marked decrease in the incidence of autism and autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) within about 5 years of 2002, given that the vast majority of cases of ASDs are diagnosed between the ages of 2 and 5. We have not, and, even though its adherents have kept moving the goalposts back regarding the date that we should start to see a leveling off and drop in the incidence of ASDs, starting with 2005, then 2007, and now, apparently, 2011 (which is only less than four months away, by the way), even Jenny McCarthy’s anti-vaccine organization originally founded by J.B. Handley and his wife, namely Generation Rescue, began demphasizing mercury in 2007, after having stated flatly on its website that autism is a “misdiagnosis for mercury poisoning” for so long. Since then, “too many, too soon” has been the favored propaganda talking point.

      link to

      Now the antivaccinationists are climbing aboard the aluminum scare train as well because the scientific evidence is becoming so clear that their previous favorite bogeyman vaccine ingredient, thimerosal, is not associated with autism that even the die-hards are having a hard time arguing that it is anymore, particularly now that thimerosal is no longer present above trace amounts in most childhood vaccines. Consequently, they have no choice but to branch out to other scary-sounding ingredients in vaccines and invoking vague (and, conveniently enough, almost impossible to demonstrate) “environmental toxins” or risk becoming irrelevant.

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      The overload hypothesis is not credible because:

      1.The immunologic load has dropped from 3000 components in the 7 vaccines used in 1980 to less than 200 in the 14 vaccines recommended today.
      2.An infant’s immune system is capable of handling the thousands of antigens it is exposed to early in life.
      3.Vaccinated children are not more susceptible to infections.
      4.Autism is not an autoimmune disease.

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      Remember two things the dose makes the poison (oxygen and water are both toxic at high levels) and correlation does not imply causation (cum hoc propter hoc).

  • Top Ten Coming Disasters: Romney's America 2016
    • While I agree with most of what you have said, I do have to comment that ER utilization likely won't change much, because those new covered people will have a difficult time finding specialists and PCP's to treat them under Medicaid, which is a current problem with that program.

      If you a pro Obama what not give us a ten reasons to vote for him other than he is not Mitt Romney.

  • Three Republican Bears and none Just Right
    • This is a great analysis of the GOP field.

      What is interesting about Dr. Paul is twice in a week I have herd that he doesn't want to be President. One was a direct quote from his youngest brother interviewed by the local ABC station (WZZM) in Grand Rapids, MI.

      You have to wonder if Mitt will have the same issue as McCain did for me, which was being a moderate then wooing the right wing branch (which Santorum has claim to right now).

      The biggest question is who will get the independents? Or will they stay at home or vote third party, which Dr. Paul is poised to do?

  • The Muslim World Sounds off on Bin Laden's Demise
    • There has been “news” on a number of websites saying the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt called OBL “sheikh” and provide the following link as the source.

      link to

      However, I cannot translate Arabic and I could not find this reference on the English MB site. I am wondering if this is true, and would it be uncommon for such a title to be used when referring to OBL? Thank You.

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