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Steve Crickmore

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  • The Shameful Politicization of the Benghazi Consulate Attack
    • Perhaps some perspective is needed from the Republicans about the difficulties of protecting our personnel in the Middle East from terrorism.

      A former defense secretary for Ronald Reagan says he implored the president to put Marines serving in Beirut in a safer position before terrorists attacked them in 1983, killing 241 servicemen.

      “I was not persuasive enough to persuade the president that the Marines were there on an impossible mission,” Caspar Weinberger says in an oral history project capturing the views of former Reagan administration officials.

      But then Reagan was a saint for the GOP, and Obama is much more blameworthy.

  • Egyptian Court orders Military to Cease Virginity Tests
    • Steve Crickmore 12/28/2011 at 1:06 pm

      What a country! You´d think you were back in the stone age, but on second thought Egypt in Cleopatra's time, over two thousand years ago, was far more civilized in regards to women's rights, which make up more than half the population!

  • Iraq Adopts Iran's Backing of Assad
    • Great! Iraqi PM Maliki now supports, Assad and his Ba'ath henchmen and secret police and his army who are violently repressing and killing Syrian protestors. How ironic, after after so many Americans and Iraqis gave their lives in the pursuit of freedom, throwing over the equally barbarous Ba´ath regime of Saddam Hussein. Maybe Iraq needs its own ´Arab Spring'.

  • Maddow on Bloggergate
    • Steve Crickmore 06/19/2011 at 3:12 pm

      The CIA, instead of investigating their director for convincing the President the prime facie, case for war, the WMA, was "a slam duck", spend their time investigating and smearing the whistle-blower, at the same time Bush presents slam dunk Tenet with a Medal of Freedom in 2004, two years after Cole predicted the fiasco.

      Figures, clowns! Obama our erstwhile citizens's republic president, should present Juan Cole with a Medal of Freedom, to stand up to the military-industrial establishment, but he won't lift a finger, even to query the blackballing.

  • Jamiol: The Embarrassment of Wikileaks Leaks

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