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  • Obama and the End of Al-Qaeda
    • Prof. Cole,

      Will you kindly address the most important question presently on the minds of all thinking people -- and certain to be put to President Obama -- as to why bin Laden was buried at sea? I'm sure we all would appreciate your thoughts on this. Thank you very much.

  • TomTom, Apple and the Security-GPS Complex
    • Prof. Cole,

      Thanks for this very good post. I share your fears about this "Security-GPS Complex", and see it as yet another -- but very dangerous -- example of corporatism (which, as you know, is the word Mussolini recommended be used instead of 'fascism'). It is inimical to democracy, and it is precisely what the Supreme Court conferred its blessing in its disgusting decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. These huge and powerful corporations are the greatest threat to both our liberty and our planet, toward which they act with utter contempt. Even as they help Big Brother to spy on us, they manipulate the political process ("the best democracy money can buy") with their vast wealth, most of which has been built up on the backs of the working class and at the expense of the Third World's poor, while polluting the environment and laying waste to whole ecosystems.

  • Saif admits Qaddafis are Brutal Foreign Occupiers
    • Great post, Professor, reminding us (if we needed reminding) of what sort of people these are, who enrich themselves at the expense of the people, for whom they have such contempt.

      After Syria’s Asad assured the rebel group with which he met last week that “there’s no longer any reason to live in fear,” his goons continue to murder their compatriots (10 or more since Sunday). People the world over are getting a real education when it comes to believing one syllable that is uttered by these scumbags. They’re all cut from the same filthy cloth; they’re all lying, murdering psychopathic trash and they all need to go -- right into custody, that is, awaiting prosecution for their crimes. (But then, we already know that -- damn it.)

  • Answer to Glenn Greenwald
  • An Open Letter to the Left on Libya
    • I just want to thank you, Prof. Cole, for saying, and saying well what so many of us have been thinking throughout these events. I would only add that I have found myself not merely embarrassed but downright outraged at those on the "left" whose positions on this issue are as callous to human suffering and oppression as they are untenable. They have handed the right wing abundant fodder -- while appearing as stupid and insensitive as them.

  • 30% of Libya in Hands of Youth Movement
    • To robboinoz,

      Prof. Cole is guilty of no 'lapse'; in the first place, he has not claimed that the mercenaries committing the Al-Bayda massacre were Africans. In the second place, the fact is that there is very credible eyewitness evidence of African mercenaries being flown in to the country; for example, that given yesterday during an interview by Al Jazeera of a member of the Libyan military who defected and who was on a plane full of these people. Mercenaries are reportedly also being drawn from the Sri Lankan communities.

  • Bahrain Shiites Withdraw from Parliament, Call for King's Overthrow
    • Thanks, Dr. Cole, so very much for your continuing service in helping us follow and understand events in MENA (etc.) Your blog is absolutely required reading for anyone who gives a damn. I recommend your books, too.

      I'd like to share part of what I wrote on my blog yesterday morning about this horrible attack by the ruling family's foreign mercenary thugs on these peaceful protestors. (The blog is at:
      link to

      The U.S. has a lot at stake in preserving its dominant naval presence in the Gulf. And apparently the rulers of this kingdom aren’t too worried about what their good friend, the United States will do in response to their heavy-handed police torture and repression; for now, they can laugh at American rebukes so long as they have what the U.S. can’t do without, as have so many other ruthless and savage regimes. --But, what if the security situation continues to deteriorate?

      A major question is, what will be the response of the Saudis, who showed a willingness to intervene in favor of its allies during the Egyptian crisis when it floated the idea of making up America’s military aid to Egypt if the flow were cut off? According to the Tactical Report, "Saudi Interior Ministry and the situation in Bahrain",

      "The Saudi Interior Ministry is said to have plans to help the Bahraini Interior Ministry get more anti-riot equipment to keep the situation in Bahrain under control. "

      As we noted, the Egypt lesson has not been learned -- and they’ve got one very mad hornet’s nest.

  • Iran, Bahrain Crack down on Protesters, as Rallies Held in Yemen
    • Robert Fisk may have the reason the military doesn’t want to talk about political prisoners:

      Robert Fisk: Is the army tightening its grip on Egypt? - Robert Fisk, Commentators - The Independent link to

      "As for the freeing of political prisoners, the military has remained suspiciously silent. Is this because there are prisoners who know too much about the army's involvement in the previous regime? Or because escaped and newly liberated prisoners are returning to Cairo and Alexandria from desert camps with terrible stories of torture and executions by – so they say – military personnel. An Egyptian army officer known to 'The Independent' insisted yesterday that the desert prisons were run by military intelligence units who worked for the interior ministry – not for the ministry of defence."

  • Top 5 Effects of Egyptian Revolution
    • Al Jazzeera is reporting that “a military source said the Supreme Military Council would issue an order on Monday that would ban meetings by labour unions or professional syndicates” and also that “...the army ordered Al Jazeera and other international media outlets to stop filming in the square.” These attempts to srengthen its control by denying free speech and media coverage can only backfire. It seems the military authorities are as determined to hang on to their power -- and as clueless of the reality around them -- as Mubarak. The revolution continues; long live the revolution!

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