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  • Enter the Dragon: China offers Iraq Aerial Strikes on ISIL/ Daesh
    • Watch your backs. PM Harper sold Canada to Communist China with his FIPPA deal, for 31 gawd awful years. This FIPPA deal with China was so secret, China and Harper met in Russia to plot their evil dastardly deal.

  • Ferguson & Israel? Netanyahu Calls for Stripping Palestinian-Israelis of Citizenship
    • Isn't Israel to be tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity, for their brutality towards Palestine? I am sure I read, there was a petition that had gone around the globe? Many requested Harper be tried too. Harper encouraged Israel to make war on Palestine and had a support rally for Israel, right here in Canada. Harper also refused to have, Palestinian children to be bought to Canada, to be treated for their horrific war wounds.

  • Palestine goes to UN Security Council to Demand Israeli Withdrawal by 2016
    • I thought a petition had gone around the world, calling for Israel to be tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity? They also want PM Harper to be tried as well. Harper encouraged Israel to make war on Palestine.

      Israel is now expropriating land from Palestine, to build new settlements for themselves.

  • Where is Palestine?
    • I seem to recall Winston Churchill, was worried about the partition plan, for down the road. It seems Palestine is to be, pushed into the sea.

      There is a petition going around the globe against, Israel and their friends of other countries, assisting Israel to demolish Palestine. The deaths of the children of Palestine, has infuriated the world.

      We can only hope, Israel and their assisting countries, will be tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Slaughtering innocent children is, unacceptable to most of the world.

  • Night of Destiny in Palestine: A Third Uprising?
    • There is a global petition against the violence on Palestine. When it is said? The dead Palestinian children were merely collateral damage, the citizens of the world were horrified and angry. The deaths of those children are war crimes and crimes against humanity. We really don't know what is behind these atrocities? However, something is going on behind these dastardly deeds. PM Harper of course, is up to his neck in these atrocities. Harper even seems the ringleader.

      I would think the signatures on that petition would now be, in the millions.

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