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  • Wael Ghonim vs. Barack Obama: Change we Can Believe in, Yes we Can
    • Called out Obama pretty good here. The more I learn about Egypt behind the scenes, especially tonight from Anderson Cooper, I can hardly believe the dark forces maintained by the US, land of liberty, freedom and justice! It's spooky and disappointing when I thought we could not sink any lower...there are lower levels still to be discovered.
      Saw the professor with Rachael Maddow on MSNBC tonight. You said to the effect, not a perfect quote here; "everyone is telling Mubarak to let go and he won't let go." I was thinking, well not everybody! All the bad actors in the region and outside the region have urged him to stay on. You know who I mean by all the bad actors. The puppets and the masters. Even the king of Jordan. All of them. Well ok naturally, they will all fall like dominoes if the people win, let's face it. Even the American people will feel emboldened because obviously we are having a problem! Egypt has been pretty darn inspiring! So I am thinking; I can't imagine what will happen in Egypt but let's say the people win. Imagine how the protesters in Egypt will feel about these neighborly leaders who promoted their demise?

  • Palestinians Reject Piecemeal Talks offered by Israel
    • "many of them Muslim fundamentalists"

      you mean Muslim Turks? Not sure what is a "Muslim fundamentalist". I saw nothing outstanding in the video which points out "Muslim fundamentalists." Whatever that is.
      Also, we should be clear on what exactly did the Zionists rob from the Palestinians. The border is from 1948, to be exact. That's what the "Israelis" are occupying. It's important to recognize that fact because it's part of the Palestinian concession for peace. Palestinians were not all squeezed into Gaza and other parts of the west bank before the Zionists shipped over. The Palestinians were living everywhere the "Israelis" live now. They owned it, it is theirs.
      Meanwhile "once the Palestinians declare statehood, they can issue themselves passports, birth certificates, official maps, and all the other paraphernalia of being a sovereign state. By forcing a diplomatic confrontation, the Palestinians play to their strengths. The Israelis will have to explain why they need to continue this occupation of a sovereign country, whose existence is based on UN Resolutions 181 and 1402. The Palestinians could set up courts in Gaza to hear land claim suits against Israeli settlements, and to undertake various legal actions against the settlers. While Israel’s military might would prevent the Palestinians from actually enforcing their unilateral acts, the Palestinians will have totally changed the political and public opinion environment. The question then will not be why should the Israelis leave, but what right do they have to be there in the first place? The whole world would see that it is Israeli greed for settlements and the refusal to allow Palestine to exist that are the real impediments to peace."
      [excerpt from link to

  • On Paladino and Taking People Out
  • Afghan Villagers Protest US Air Strike, as Ballot Fraud Evidence Surfaces
    • There's no way Afghanistan will be any kind of success, I see only the activity of war benefiting a few. There is no end goal. The movie 'Apocalypse Now' comes to mind.

  • US Drone Strikes Kill 15 in N. Waziristan
    • I just learned so much from this post, but I have not missed CNN. More proof that TV news only makes us dumber. Our parents lived in such bliss.

  • Top Stories More Important than Quran-Burning Nut Job
    • It does not surprise me that the media would pick up and run with this silly Quran burning by the Florida hillbilly pastor, the same media that runs with Lindsey Lohan "news" for days and days. I always figure they are hiding other important news. Next, as an American Muslim I don't get excited when the hicks get stirred up. It bothers me who is stirring them up (like the ADL, like ex-mayor Julianni, senate majority leader Harry Reed etc) because these folks are in responsible positions and are extremely juvenile and irresponsible. I blame them for Muslims harmed in this country because of it. As for the actual Quran burning, it so happens that there is a proper way to dispose of a Quran and that is by burning. It can also be buried or put in water, or even shredded. The idiot pastor is doing it right! Secondly, the Qurans here in the USA generally come with translation and/or commentary and are not Qurans in the sense that they are sacred and need to be handled in any special way. The sacred Qurans are in Arabic only. Do those hicks know that? I doubt it! The intention is nasty but BFD, consider the source. I actually think this worked out rather well because enough decent folks stepped up to the plate and shamed the bigots who thought they were the majority! They sure look stupid!

  • Shiites Choose Adel Abdul Mahdi as PM Candidate
    • "She has registered as a UN refugee, hoping, in what is effectively a lottery, to win resettlement in Europe. Determined not to abandon her home, Umm Omar had weathered the storm of violence in Baghdad when it peaked in 2006 but said the time had come to give up on Iraq entirely."

      It is the saddest thing, and even a little surprising to read. I remember listening to panels on CSPAN a few years ago (maybe even more) discuss various sophisticated infrastructure programs under way, how money was being spent etc. It was rather impressive. I would like to see photos of something impressive other than US soldiers giving candy to children in rags. Anyone know of anything impressive? The situation with the gov or lack thereof does not surprise me one bit. This is not the 1950's, I don't think new Western puppet governments are doable in the 21st century.

  • The Speech President Obama Should Give about the Iraq War (But Won't)
    • That's a a great speech! I have read of Eisenhower and Kennedy speaking as leaders when it came to Israel. I can only recall these two US presidents. Have their been any others?

  • Kurashige: The Islamic Center and the “Pearl Harbor” Analogy
    • People in this country don't seem to realize or at least don't take into consideration that many American Muslims are white and have been here as long as any other European invader settler. They can't connect us to terrorism or to Arabs or al Qaida (ahem) and they have no excuse to try and tie in Islam.
      Anyway we all know it was just a platform to remind the hillbillies that the terrorists are not their own leaders. In case they were beginning to forget since the so called war on terror is still going. I wonder how long they think they can use Arabs as their scapegoat. Forever?

  • Would an Assassination of Iran's Ahmadinejad Have Really Mattered?
    • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a blast to listen to, the world has been a more interesting place with him in it! He's marginalized by people who want him marginalized. US does that to all who won't willingly hand over their lunch money. I don't think his assassination would delay an attack on Iran, I don't think there is going to be an attack on Iran. They bite, that's why. Maybe it wasn't an assassination attempt on the man, anyway. That's what they are saying. I'll buy it, why not? It's not as if our pathological liars ( Zionists and US Zionist shill's ) said it.

  • Israeli and Lebanese Armies Trade Fire; at least 4 Dead
    • I asked a Palestinian once if he thought there would ever be 2 states one for Palestine and one for Israel and he told me that "Israel will shoot missiles at itself first". I got a funny picture in my head when he told me that.
      Anyway, he was serious. Since then I have understood the situation, I hardly question anything that happens there. I have been watching the situation long enough to know the Palestinian was right. Israel is always up to no good. Like a kid known to be a bully and a kid who claims to have been bullied by the bully, which one should we believe? Whatever the Arab says, I believe him.

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