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  • Are China and N. Korea biggest Winners from Trump dissing Iran Deal?
    • Daniel Steinmetz 10/21/2017 at 6:31 pm

      u write: "It may help save the American led global system they are supposed to be protecting."

      I thought you were saying the opposite.

  • PA welcomes UNESCO resolution criticizing Israeli policies toward Aqsa
    • While UNESCO language acknowledges a the importance of the site to Jews with reference to Abraham it omits any mention of the presence of the Jewish temples on the mount for over a half a millennium. Unlike the claims about Muhammad and 'Abraham, the presence of the temple as a focal point for Jews is a historically verified fact in Jewish, Christian, and contemporary Roman sources. UNESCO raises valid issues in other regards but undermines it claim to even-handed factualness with that conspicuous omission.

  • Why Trump's tiff with the Pope endangers his Political Future
    • Trump has already lost most of the potential votes of Catholics who can relate to the Pope's position on the wall. Republican-oriented Catholics sympathetic to Trump will either side with The Donald or rationalize away the differences (per Bill Donohue).

  • Iran's President Rouhani and the New Hopes for Diplomacy (Sternfeld)
    • Your article was excellent and the signs are encouraging. However, it might be foolish for Rouhani to meet with Rabbi Yeshayahu Pinto. He is under indictment in Israel for large scale money laundering, theft from charities and attempted bribery . He is a prominent figure with a large following, especially among wealthy personalities seeking his magical blessings. His associates in NYC have also been charged with political corruption involving illegal campaign contributions.

      I would hope Rouhani has good enough judgment to steer clear of this huckster.

      See: link to
      link to
      link to

  • Fathers and Sons and Chechnya
    • Thank you again for an interesting analysis grounded in real social science knowledge. You properly indicated that you were offering speculation. I reject the complaints about your speculating. That is what almost everyone spouting off about the islamic/Chechen aspect are doing. Yours was informed and honest about being speculation.

      I would add on one caution about interpreting the statements of the uncle. He is embarassed and threatened by those who will use this to event to disparage Islam and Chechens. Some of his statements may be defensive rather than reflecting his full views.

  • Christian woman in Egypt Shoe-whacks Salafi Fundamentalist for Calling her a Harlot (Photo)
    • I am not so sure hitting back with a shoe is such a bad idea. Calling a woman a harlot is an extreme form of aggression. If it becomes alright to do this, women with modern norms of dressing become extremely vulnerable to all sorts of violence. The insult must be fought aggressively as it occurs.

      I am not sure about shoe pummeling. But it does send a message: "Don't dare think such name calling will be allowed to go unchallenged!"

  • Tampa Area Republicans terrified of Tea Party, Ryan (Guzzo)
    • Danny Steinmetz 08/25/2012 at 10:54 pm

      The piece is weak but the article raises an important question: what will happen to the Republican party now that the tea party has acquired so much influence. The author worries about scaring away the old "moderate republicans." With Olympia Snowe's retirement that is a fait acomplit.

      I am not too worried about the fate of the Republican party if Romney loses. If he wins the power of the tea party will get further institutional bolstering as they go further in altering laws and perhaps appointing another right winger to the SCOTUS.

      I agree with the earlier comment; losing local contributors is irrelevant the new world of Citizens United.

      Hell, by the time the tea partiers recover from their hangover their votes will be irrelevant because of further subversion of voting rights.

  • Syria and the New Great Divide in the Greater Middle East
    • Danny Steinmetz 08/17/2012 at 7:50 am

      Thank you for this posting. The map provides a stark illustration of your argument.

  • Free Syrian Army Controls Border Areas

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