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  • Washington's Supreme Hypocrisy on Chemical Weapons and Civilian Deaths
    • Sure there are no innocents nevertheless the facts are clear in this case
      1. The regime is one of the most brutal ones in the world from Hama's slaughter to today's complete destruction of any area not under its control
      2. 14% of the population control more than 90% of all economic and security positions in the country
      3. Sectarian hatred by the ruling sect is no less virulent than that of ISIS or Wahhabi sectarianism
      4. The regime was instrumental in channeling all of the militants that wanted to go to Iraq and like Iran was absolutely ruthless in its utter disregard for human life.
      5. Defending the regime by pointing out the atrocities of others is not going to cut; you are certainly smarter than that.
      6. Please read from Tadmur to Harvard or at least advertise for the book on your website to be objective about it.

      Now I am not holding my breath that anything will change.

  • The Russian Job: The Plot Thickens
    • The Trump administration will have a diversion. Will it be North Korea? or another outrageous executive order? It is tempting when cornered to do something really stupid and dangerous. I would not be surprised if something wild happens.

  • Why Trump EO is Still a Racist Muslim Ban
  • Top 5 Ways Obama is Behind Leaks, Protests against Trump
    • I watched Tucker interview Nye yesterday on Fox news. Unbelievable persistent attacks and interruptions by Tucker
      I think this news here is worth posting

      link to

      I know this is not exactly related to Obama but there is a frenzy of partisan media by Fox news these days that is 1930's in its viciousness

  • Trump invents Sweden Terror Attack, Lies about Immigrant Crime
    • Juan my question to you is how can any of us get to the average Trump supporter who is 100% fox news listener and watcher and who drinks the Kool Aid of such wild exaggerations?

      How can we and the rest of the media get to them to show them that this is nothing more than pure propaganda?

  • German Ambassador 1933: "Hostility to Jews Aimed Mainly at 'Immigrants'"
    • I grew under a dictatorship that used the pretext of security to suspend the constitution; curtail the courts; muzzle the press; and eventually to rule with extreme brutality for over 50 years now. I will not even name that country for this is besides the point except to say that this method is the playbook of all who seek power for its sake. I left that country and came to the US in the early eighties and studied and worked and served this country proudly and on the day of my naturalization registered to vote. To me that right and privilege was and remains the true mark of my newfound liberty.
      I can share with my fellow Americans that fear; scapegoating; division; and propaganda are the universal tools of tyrants. In the name of security rights are trampled; a group or a minority is conveniently used to deflect attention and direct resentment; insinuation of unpatriotic citizens sows discord; and propaganda creates the cult of personality.
      I am not only referring to the all too familiar regimes that Americans defeated in the last century and liberated million of people around the world but to current regimes that continue this same methodology today. Ultimately there is no difference between registering Jews and forcing the wearing of the Yellow Star of David and registering this or that nationality or religion. It presupposes classes of citizens and is just one step closer to dehumanization: the first essential step to persecution.
      Therefore I am asking my fellow citizens and especially those that have strong emotions stemming out of despair of the gridlock in Washington; out of disgust at the income inequality; out of fear of seeing the future of their children worse off than their current status; to harken to this great document called the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence and continue to forge this Idea Nation. This Nation whose motto is e Pluribus Unum: from the many we are one. This Nation that is ruled by laws and not by men and with a government of the people, by the people, for the people, and that will rise above all attempts to undermine its values and principles and to divide its citizens.
      I urge you to read the Constitution and to remember that every official swears an Oath of Office that preserves protects and defends the Constitution of this great nation. I urge you to remind your representatives of whatever party that this is their highest and the ultimate call to duty. I would dare say that without our Constitutional Rights and Responsibilities we are ultimately no longer the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

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