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  • Russiagate or Deep State? What Some Progressives Get Wrong on Russia
    • I make my decisions upon what to believe by the choices and actions or lack of actions that I have seen others choose to do on this matter. I have observer the GOP in Congress work very hard to obstruct. I presume that they do not have the mental capability to understand by obstruction they make those of us like myself wonder what are they so afraid of ?
      They do not help their supported case for Trump.
      Their numerous acts of obstruction makes others feel they have a very good case for arguing that the GOP are acting out of a base emotion called FEAR. They are afraid of what an investigation will tell others about them. At the same time that same obstruction causes those that support the investigation to experience FEAR themselves fear of just how far the GOP will go or has already gone to change a Republic into a one party ruled country.
      Thus we have numerous people on all sides that are making decisions with the prime motivator being FEAR.
      History shows that that particular motivator has in various times and countries forces a countries rule to change. Some for the better, some not for the better, thus change in this situation is very likely to occur.
      The question is this change going to strengthen the USA or tear it down, we will have to wait and see.

      One positive here is to allow the Mueller Investigation to be fully completed. When that is done we will then have the information needed to understand who was afraid and why based upon facts.

  • As Flynn cuts off WH, top 4 Alleged Crimes he could sink Trump with
    • I have some doubt that the GOP led Congress will act on anything against Trump and Pence or any of his administration.
      They may make noise yes but nothing more.
      Only true way to clear all this up is for an independent investigation of ALL of the White House and Congress with full powers to remove any member that has proven questionable ties to this mess.

  • U.S. Soldiers Died in Niger. What on Earth Are We Doing There?
    • Be assured with an inept Commander IN Chief like Trump and his enabling minions the GOP in Congress. There is no doubt that there will be plenty of more American dead service personnel.
      As a Veteran I find this situation beyond disgusting. I am not surprised that numerous officers are resigning their commissions.

  • How "ghost soldiers" could frustrate Trump's plans for Afghanistan
    • All we are doing in Afghanistan is three things.
      1. Putting numerous US service members at high risk of death and or injury.
      2. Wasting numerous equipment, and draining our resources.
      3. Main reason for being there is to fatten the coffers of politicians via lobbyists to gain government contracts for more needed military supplies.
      This is greed nothing less or more at the cost of American Servicemen. We are in a country that does not really want us there and their own greed via corruption clearly shows this.
      When I hear a Congress member claim they support the troops, I understand that they support the money that they make off of our troops.

  • What are American Soldiers really still dying for in the Mideast?
    • On the Middle East I refer back to my deceased Father a military man through and through. He always said when the day comes that the United States takes military actions in the Middle East. That will be the beginning of numerous Soldiers deaths and massive drain of resources of America. It will accomplish absolute nothing else of any value for the US.

      My father had prior experience in the Middle East from the 1950's. He always claimed it was an area made up of various cultures that hate one another with a vendetta attitude.
      Best thing America could do is get out and strengthen our defenses.

  • Who Profits from Trump's dramatic but useless Bombings?
    • I am a Veteran that comes from a family that has three family members that served. I know everyone that serves does so various reasons. My Father taught me that the reason he served was to protect the country from aggression. His ultimate goal was peace.
      When I served that was my goal peace. I have watched with interest how the goals of America has changed over the years. My father was in the Army on the Philippians island when it was taken by Japan and spent 4 years in several prison of war camps. His perspective on life was formed around that time.
      My older brother served as well during peace time between ending of WW2 and Korea. Did his time and got out.
      I am 61yrs old and volunteered to serve in 1976. My goal was to support peace.
      I have found it interesting that an observation that my father state way before Reagan has come true. My father always stated that the day that U.S.Military goes into any part of combat in Middle East it will be the sign of a disastrous road of change. This action will drain Service members, equipment and money like a sink hole from the U. S. This has come true.
      The up side is officers have seen the military objective change and numerous have chosen to leave the service. I do not blame them at all. When one serves one must have a balance of service that combines with one's own ethical and moral standards. When the U.S. Military changed it's goals so drastically and is being used as a tool for aggression some felt betrayed and lost.

  • Are Republicans Shielding Trump from Special Prosecutor and Russia Inquiry?
    • As far as I am concerned the Republicans are doing far more then protecting Trump and his Administration. They are protecting their whole party, for by their chosen choices of non-action. It is very easy to see that they are running scared for they know if the truth came out about their parties involvement.It would show that the election is no longer valid via collusion

  • Is Lt.-Gen. Flynn Right that Islam is not a Religion?
    • Yes everything that Flynn said is a big Lie. It appears that the GOP has decided to come out in the open. They let the world know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the party has no concept of morals or ethical standards. They support themselves and the interest of those that financially support them only. The rest of the people in the world are nothing to the GOP. Trump has done nothing more then drag out into the open what the GOP has quietly supported and planed for years. Thus all of the things that you have seen Trump do and say all of his Administration will do also, for all are now seeing the inner most thoughts of the GOP.

      Yes I know harsh words and for some still in denial shocking. I served this country as well as my brother and my Father. I am the last one alive, it is a terrible tragedy to see this once great country turned into a Fascist style Government under GOP rule. I and many other veterans swore an oath to protect the US Constitution. I can not speak for the other veterans but that oath I took was for life for me. If called upon to protect it I will. I hope numerous veterans will see the wisdom to do the same.

  • Trump: Disarm Sec. Clinton's bodyguards: & "let's see what happens to her."
    • This is ridiculous. Trump gets a PASS repeatedly when he makes statements like the above. Just shows that the GOP has been morphed from a US political party. To a party that no longer hides it's hate for America and is scared of the election process.

  • Dr. Ben Carson fears for his Life from Militant Liberals
    • He should be more worried about his RW groups instead for they are the ones that have been doing the killing of innocent Americans. The FBI,HLS and numerous police agencies have come out with reports about the RW groups that are a clear danger to the USA.

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