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  • Israel’s New Admirers: The White Nationalist Right
    • Pretty rich for immigrants from Europe to utter such statements. It is these perpetrators of genocide and Holocaust of the native people who should return to their original lands. These occupiers and mass murderers with their inhuman racist ideologies appear to have no shame of their history. Basically these are criminals who see the world with their own coloured lens. Who is going to educate them? Certainly someone has to take them on and glean the earth of this vermin.

  • ‘Shithole countries’: Trump uses the rhetoric of dictators
    • It is ironic that a country that stood foremost against its fight against fascism now has to contend itself with a fascist leader. It seems obvious that nazism has been rekindled andin America destroying the great human values it once stood for. The question now is how are the world's responsible civilised nations going to deal with this outrage by the world's most powerfully nuclear armed country.

  • How Iran's Protests could hit the Wider Middle East
    • Middle East is always messed up some way or other despite the oil wealth ,religious strictures and discipline. This gives western powers to either provoke or intervene making the situation far worse. These powers intervene to enable regime change as if it is their own country. The main purpose is to control the oil wealth and dominate the Middle East. It is also empower their ally Israel that wants to finish off the middle East and establish 'Greater Israel'. The Arabs sadly are known never to agree on anything and seem brilliant in fighting each other. Iran is a dignified nation and a problem therefore for the Us which wants all these countries to be their slaves. Trouble could be sowed in Iran from hostile Arab nations inspired by visits and advice by the US as has been seen recently. The whole thing adds together.

  • Gold trader implicates Turkish Pres. Erdogan in Iran money laundering
  • Militant Buddhism is on the march in South-East Asia; Why Now?
    • This video is too heart rending as it is terrifying. . The scenes appear to be straight from a horror movie. Makes one to think. Is there really a God who is all meciful,beneficent and merciful? Was Karl Marx right when he said:" Religion is the sigh of the oppressed; heart of a heartless world and the soul of soulless conditions"? And coming down to earth where are those brave nations who describe themselves as 'champions of democracy and human rights' who don't hesitate to obliterate even obliterate prosperous,wealthy functioning nations forcing regime change to prove their 'passion for human justice'? Why are they so silent now at the barbaric ethnic cleansing of a helpless civilian population?Why these double standards and selective condemnation of evil. Or shall we settle down to accept the words of the famous French philosopher who once said:"Everything in life is abstract. Only we give it value". However all admiration for this extraordinary courageous reportage by hero investigative journalists of Sky news. And thanks to prof.Cole for posting it.

  • Who Was the mystic Jalaluddin Rumi, and Whose Rumi Is He?
    • Thanks prof Cole for this video. Mashallah. Sufi Islam is the answer for today's world problems. Contrary to what was said in one of the comments Rumi was a real Muslim. He uses the philosophy of Islam to describe the feelings of his heart. He even says towards the end that he is walking in the dust of prophet mohammed whom he refers to as Muhammad Mustapha.

  • Iran's Rouhani: "US now sees Iran as only country able to fight terrorism in the region"
  • Elderly Palestinian man confronts Israeli soldiers over shooting at Youth, before collapsing
    • The elderly man spoke out with a sense of conscience like any other brave human. But can one really use human logic with hyenas? He shouldn't really have.

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