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  • Another way Trump will get us Killed: to move US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem
    • sharon scherzer 12/06/2017 at 1:19 pm

      my comment is not one of great importance or enlightenment however if you are familiar with the english language term, 'rabble rouser' donald trump is exactly that. it is a person who by a speech or similar action provokes agressive, dangerous actions for political gain. a president may never take on the role of 'rabel rouser' in a democratic republic ......there are many words but i think before more damage is done,it is time, and we have the legal means, to stop this person from leading us and the rest of the world into war, for his enjoyment and of course the supreme feeling of power to which he is adicted.

  • America's Special Ops Perpetual World War
    • sharon scherzer 06/27/2017 at 5:53 am

      To the world at present America is symbol of 'nothing' will go it seems where its president tells it to go. Checks and Balances I was taught in high school civics insured no president could really over ride the majority - where are they; where is the follow-up on Trumps conflict of interests re his many investments; who is the president working for; the country or his personal interests. He does not seem to know ally from enemy or the 'big picture'. Quick to destroy or under- or non-fund institutions that are relied upon in America as well as abroad. Politics in the past were merky enough to allow some very shady dealing at times, now they in a certain way are very very transparent and what we now can observe is not an encouraging picture of now or where we are heading, from environment to even wanting peace. Endless wars, labeling too many things terrorist attacks when basically they are crimes within america, done by americans. conscience seems to be unknown to its president who is in the eyes of the free world a bigot and that is mildly put. The last decision of the supreme court makes it as an institution that does not seems good at games as it can manipulate the rules it knows so well without taking a stand clearly. Qatar with its excellent news broad casting and analysis of world news, naturally interests wanted it shut down and now with the backing of the United States which is a shame for it gave American viewers another possibity of getting the 'new' they needed to know about to make responsible decisions. At least to the general public it has become increasingly transparent that behind what was considered by many of the down trodden, the poor etc. America is not the place to put their personal hopes or their hopes for the world. I met hiking in south africa a trio of college students, one black, and his remark to me was - hope i do not have any trouble getting back in. My family went to America in 1638, brought the printing press, fought and in some cases died in every war America fought to defend itself.
      The wars America now continually fights have nothing to do with that. The frustrations of a soldier while involved and upon return to even understand what his doings have been a part of. Wake up you once were a power for good for many peoples in this world. May be this is the way all great nations go in their deterioration but America is not old, but it is fast and it forgets too easily, remembers what is agreeable, allows itself to be manipulated and now due to its great arsenal is extremely threatening . Perhaps America , since it seems to beable to change itself almost overnight, could use that quality and surprise the world in how fast it can get back some of its credability. the world once needed to know you were there, now they worry that you are there. One big worry seems to be you are on the way to being a one party country with a dictator who scorns all basic values that did make America great. What is the American population comprised of if not people who for a longer or shorter time setteled in America from somewhere else and now the fear of 'someplace else' or a person recently from 'someplace else' puts them in a panic that reverses what has always been a strength and resource for America ; the input of talents, ideas, skills America needs and wants or wanted. Walls have never worked, common knowledge, fairly recent example is the wall between East and West Germany or the problems in Isreal due to 'walls' yet your president wishes a wall between its neighbor Mexico and probably he would like one between Canada and the United States or perhaps the United States should just annex it, as it seems to be doing so well. For your president anything and everything is allowed if it makes him appear great, flatters him, builds up his ego, blocks his basic insecurity, and gives him the feeling he needs of being in control.

    • americans do not sem to know what they want so they are led by their president whose the ideology of money, profit, has or is blinding them to any other values. imagine the mother who learns of her son's death on the battlefield and does not even know which one. america is going so fast downhill and the world looks at it in shock. americans seem to have no moral sense, do not desire peace through negotiations. consent agression, blood shed those seem to be their way of communicating and showing how primitive is their basic culture.

  • 4 Nations twist Qatar's arm, to close down Aljazeera
    • sharon wright scherzer 06/25/2017 at 5:07 am

      my immediate reaction is dismay at the fear the 4 countries have, as you mentioned, should their citizens have a news resource that is recognized internationally, for quite awhile, as being a real source of information which lets the population form an opinion.
      This is a step or two backwards not just for the middle east but for us all. it is happening everywhere as we, the world, slip further and further back in history and development stops and most shocking, for me, is they got away with it. Information is the fuel that makes many things we look around these days, especially toward Trump 's America with its urge to censor even the internet. I would say, beware, we have lost something that was very important to the slow development of the feeling of responsibility for decisions and even interest among a wider segment of the population and which would have influenced very much the political picture of the Middle East.


  • 5 Trump Headlines more outrageous than the "Hamilton" Tiff
    • amazing, americans do not realize they reduce everything to money.....the first remarks that people had paid for tickets to see a threatre piece and a threatre was not a place to make the paying viewer endure anything other than what he paid for is.............historically the arts which naturally includes the threatre would and has been always the place to express views above politics and the issues of universal concern, i.e. human rights as stated in the united states constitution and bill of rights. obviously the remarks of this sort come from non-threatre goers, or they, the above, do not know the difference between a night at the movies and a night of performer-interaction-energy exchange that you hope for when going to the threatre or you would go to a movie. america these days sounds like parrots who have all learned the same phrases to recite .....i suggest if possible to try and take in a play, no i take that back, you are better off at the movies, the threatre experience would be too real and you do better with fantasy and virtual reality. it is from the stage wheather a play or even a concert that performers have historically appealed to the audience for various causes only because it is hoped, expected, that the people comprising the audience are worth being appealed to, there is a possibility that the viewer and performer speak the same language or at least understand it especially when the appeal is to uphold basic human values, ideals we used to share.

  • As Der Donald-inspired Hate Crimes grow, US Universities at Risk
    • sharon scherzer 11/13/2016 at 3:05 pm

      interesting t hought with 800 us military bases outside the united states .....the usa has been a long-term guest, then we have hawaii, puerto rico, cuba, guam, for awhile south korea, south vietnam, and on and on. where ever it is in the interests of the united states they overstay their welcome. we in europe would certainly more than ever prefer that america mind its own business. america tried every trick to drag other countries into their middle east fiasco, remember freedom fries because france would not join in. the picture of america as a kind of invader and certainly agressive has been growing and growing. i actually remember meeting a 18 yrs. old. just enlisted fellow on the train to san francisco who very earnestly told me he was off to iraq to help the people not to fight. Yes America lives a great deal of the time in a never never land, time to grow up but not with trump.

  • Top 5 urgent Climate Change/Election Stories MSM Suppressed
    • sharon scherzer 11/06/2016 at 7:17 am

      yes, 1972, the club of rome, iiasa, in austria carrying on analysis,
      words inadequate sorrow and anger.

  • Khizr Khan campaign ad for Hillary Clinton finishes off Trump
    • wright, sharon 10/26/2016 at 4:47 am

      why do you not remember the name of the president that ordered the invasion of Iraq. it was Bush Jr., he was a Republican......Hilary was in no position and by the time she was all the average uninformed American wanted to do was 'nuke' them, meaning the Iraqi and the Afganistan now, it is all Hilary's fault, the war in Iraq, oh no dear American people, it is your fault, you supported Bush after nine eleven like frightened children and still as children you need someone to blame, also wonder how much money the members of Bush's cabinet reaped in as most of them came from the big American corporations part if the republican old boy's club and for them war meant money. America invaded Iraq - it had no UN mandate - and Hans Blix of Sweden, ex-head of the international atomic energy organization who served in an honorary capacity to inspect for the united nations Bush's claim of Iraq hiding weapons of mass destruction in his final report established for sure that this was not true. so Bush, his republican advisors got America into Iraq way before Hilary Clinton arrived on the scene. Also, asked trump supported it as well but his was the opinion of a private person after the initial invasion.
      I remember, visiting America at the time and being informed as I worked with Blix, it was almost dangerous to voice any other opinion except go to war. It was the airport taxi driver who to my horror expressed the feeling of the average American, just 'nuke' them. so on that visit i just listened and have never wanted to to visit America again, or at least the America i found at the time.

  • The Unbearable Horror of Donald Trump
    • sharon scherzer 10/12/2016 at 6:38 am

      substance....what is a debate without that but a debate is not possible between two unmatched 'teams', as anyone knows who has debated. i do not live in the united states presently but have, as you, watched the mob manipulation that many americans fall for; internationally opinion has been since the bush administration that americans, many, tend to yearn for the happy end in all matters; avoid unpleasent reality for the artificial kind which they have digested since childhood. i do not blame so much the media as i do the laziness, the closing of the american mind. it is hard to imagine people who live in small communities, never left their hometown, never read, are addicted to the mind killing type of television which they do not have to watch, really, there are some good things. they are following a pattern as i am sure you recognize but they are pulling down a remarkable dream of a nation, so quickly, that is what is really frightening. a democracy is not imposed, it grows out of a need from the people in it. now i wonder about a great many of the 'people in it'. Democracy requires above all things tolerance, and responsibility and is made easier by shared cultural values, moral values,.(the basic one: do unto to others as you would have them do unto you). A huge lack of education of the masses is taking its toll......america has become synonymous with money mad. money determines any and everyone's worth as a human being takes up a lot of time to the exclusion of other to make it, how to make more, how to keep it and as trump has so proudly let us know how to cheat, beat the system, exploit even his employees; etc. since this matter is so serious and the man trump is obviously not mentally healthy and is really a danger should he make it to the white house, there must be some consideration of unsound mental health as being as real and important as a 'physical disability' which would make him prohibit him to even think of running for president of the united states. history his shown there were many mad rulers (Nero comes to mind) that went down in history as causing terrible suffering etc.....but they were rulers; the office of president of the united states does not give its incombent the divine right of kings .....absolute power, trump does not quite know or perhaps he has forgotten that fact. he must bow to congress etc......there must be a legal way to stop this farce. so far any reason or reasons i have heard are weak, surmountable if there is a will to do something. the reasons are non-defendable, i.e. from its too late as ballots have been printed ; a small group of people have alrady voted.....sorry none of these excuses justify even taking a chance of a donald trump in the white house...

  • The Presidential Debate that did not really Happen
    • sharon scherzer 09/28/2016 at 2:55 am

      Impossible to have a debate when only one candidate is prepared, is familiar with the subjects under discussion.......and who must avoid sinking to the level ignorance; while recognizing the instability and illusions governing the person with whom she trying to debate. On the other hand, these debates seem to be the only time the public gets to see both candidates in action and compare them.....the best chance so far to make clear that having as president an individual like Trump is impossible to even contemplate.

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