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  • From Kerry to Selena Gomez & Rihanna, Israel's Claims of Precision, Compassion are Dissed
  • Hyenas vs. Rhinos: Who could the NYT get to write an Op-ed on Iraq? Hmm...
    • Professor, you are too modest. Seriously. You should be on every network's short list of talking heads (sorry...).

      I found your site in early 2003, before the invasion, when I Googled "neoconservative." Interestingly, Google showed about 6,000 hits at the time. Among them was you, near the top. I don't recall what your article said that day, but the mere fact that you were anti-invasion made you important to me. I have checked your site every day since. You were right about the results then, and you have continued to be right since then.

      Please, keep going.

  • Top 6 Pulitzer Prize "Traitors" in American Journalism
    • Before he was Supreme Justice, the idiot John Roberts did what before the Supreme Court in Bush V. Gore? Despite what the Constitution says about the states being responsible for elections? And he was nominated by the grateful little W. for his unconstitutional service? I want to vomit. Every time I see his name. Good luck to you in history, Roberts. You have seriously effed yourself. I hope you like the money.

  • Director Steven Spielberg speaks at UN Holocaust Remembrance Day: "There are no Bystanders to History"
    • Bless you, Bill. I think you get the point.

    • I am old and American and somewhat media-oriented. As a result, I have seen so many media references to the Holocaust in the past fifty years that... well... I truly don't know what to say about this UN event.

      I do have a question. We all know the six million number, right? But I wonder how many of us know how many Americans died in World War II, the context of the Holocaust. Anybody know?

  • Top 10 errors in Netanyahu's Speech Demanding Iran give up 'Genocidal' Policies
  • Uygur: Bush Targetting of Juan Cole proves that NSA can't be trusted with our Personal Data
    • Given the Bush regime's destructiveness, I am not surprised that they tried to discredit you, Professor. You are a positive and constructive person, the antithesis of them. I have been wondering when this would be revealed.

  • Top Reasons Israel's Likud Really Opposes an Iran Nuclear Deal
    • Good catch.

    • Farhang,

      Juan points out that Israel wants the Litani River, and I would add that the belief of many right-wing Israelis is that they were deeded the recently discovered petroleum and gas fields off Lebanon's coast because they are part and parcel of "Eretz Israel," encompassing Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, the southeast of Turkey, Iraq, and some of Saudi Arabia (as I recall, but I could be mistaken on some regions). Any significant military threat - such as Hezbollah in Lebanon, which is actively supported by Iran - promises to upset Israel's Eretz Israel expansionist plans. And Hezbollah has indeed defeated the IDF with Iran's support.

      About your points concerning international law: good job. But it is encouraging that Western lawmakers (primarily European) are willing to risk being branded as "anti-semites" as they comment on contemporary Israel's actions. Even our own Secretary of State John Kerry has recently called into question Israel's sincerity in the decades-old farce known as "The Peace Process."

  • Elites Stick together against Us: Feinstein Slams NSA Merkel Tap
  • Iranian President Rouhani acknowledges Holocaust as Crime against Jewish People
  • American Citizen Killed by Israeli Navy
    • Hi drunken economist!

      Welcome to As someone once said, "I don't trust a man who doesn't drink." I would like to add, "I don't trust people who are drunk on Kool-Aid who say they're partying on tea."

      But I m happy to hear you state that some in your bag are "shaking their heads." That's something, at least. It's certainly more than we've seen from y'all in the last nine years, beginning with your prophet George who was asleep at the switch, allowing 911 to happen, and then invading Iraq, and then praising the genocidal Ariel Sharon as a man of peace, and so much more...

      Where were y'll partying then? Where?

      I wonder what's up with you partiers, that you're just now waking up and shaking your heads. Perhaps y'all have been asleep because of the $1.9 tri. Bush tax cut passed in April 2003 (?)... passed in Congress while America's attention was distracted by the invasion of Iraq. Did it make y'all tea-happy to have so much tax savings... while Iraqis and Americans were bleeding their lives into the sand of Iraq? Did y'all notice? Maybe y'all were celebrating, like 85% of the American population was, glad about the tax cut that further enrichened the wealthiest 1% of America...

      Unlike the partiers, we at weren't celebrating. While y'all good ol' boys were countin' yer money, we here at were countin' bodies... and watchin' the cred of the United States of America disappear into the sand. But day by day Professor Cole was calling every play, every time, all the time.

      How dare you insult Professor Cole?

      How dare you?

      Welcome to, Tea Party. Welcome.

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