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Torture:  What’s Race Got to do with It?

Torture: What’s Race Got to do with It?

By Rebecca Gordon June is Torture Awareness Month, so this seems like a good time to consider some difficult aspects of torture people in the United States might need to be aware…


Top 15 Ways Republicans Have Screwed Our Soldiers and Veterans

Republicans love waging wars, but they sure don’t seem to love America’s soldiers and veterans. Whether they’re getting our soldiers killed in Iraq or cutting their food stamps here at home, here are the 15 top ways the GOP screws those who serve…


9 Maps that Show How The GOP is Destroying Southern States

Whenever we need a perfect example of Americans who have no clue what is in their best interest, we need only look to the south. Yes, there are some great people there–and no, not everyone is ignorant. However, red state voters regularly eschew logic…