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  • Israeli soldiers shoot Italian Activist in stomach at rally, wound 11 Palestinians
    • At some point the world community will respond to the inhuman Israeli crimes against the Palestinians. The unholy alliance between the Israelis and the US is made more understandable when one considers the inhuman police attacks on black US citizens. The arc of history must start bending toward justice soon,

  • In Iran, US Choice is a Negotiated Peace Now or the Risk of War
    • The American and Israeli critics know quite well that "throwing the baby out with the bathwater" is tantamount to support for a war. That is precisely what they want. Israel is determined to find a way to start war with Iran. American supporters give the Israelis carte blanche to do whatever they choose. The world can not watch and wait much longer.

  • 'Thanks for your Service' = Silencing the Vets
    • As a veteran of the Viet Nam atrocity, this article strikes a deep, responsive chord. Veterans of recent US wars are best positioned to know, first-hand, how humiliating is the thought that our sacrifice was in service to lying politicians and the greedy, criminal oligarchs that they serve so slavishly. Then, to live long enough to see the repression and heartless cruelties visited upon US citizens by these same politicians and oligarchs is almost too much to bear. The only solace available is the thought that this strange country cannot long survive its in-bred, acculturated inhumanities.

  • Israel extends detention of Palestinian for Facebook posts
    • My imagination, or perhaps my wishful thinking, tells me that these unconscionable, police state tactics of the Isarelis are a sure sign of desperation in the face of an implacable, resourceful and enduring population. Just as the disgraceful massacre of Gaza Palestinians revealed, the Israelis have no answer other than force to the just calls for mercy and forbearance from an oppressed people. Their ham-handed attempts to repress all honest appraisals of their atrocities quite rightly lead to a more searing spotlight on the vast gap between their espoused values and the nightmarish reality of the land that they continue to steal from the Palestinians. My hope for the Palestinians is that the arc of history that bends toward justice is nearing its appointment with destiny.

  • Has the War on Terror Failed?
    • The war on terror has failed absolutely, unequivocally and abysmally. It was a ridiculous, highly politicized bit of subterfuge from the worst president in American history. All of the consequences noted in the video, except for the outlandish claims of "terrorists" caught, are clear indications of its failure. The US has suffered greatly as have all of the targets of this brutal "war." The initiation of this war for Republican political ends was the beginning of the end for the American empire. The results are just deserts for the perpetrators.

  • It's not Fergustan: Ferguson is what America Looks Like
    • The description of life in the US for black people as offered in the video is depressingly accurate. Yes, white people and their institutions have used, abused and attempted to control black people in various ways ever since the founding of the nation. What we see in Ferguson is the desperation with which whites now react to the phenomenal patience and endurance that has allowed black people to survive while surrounded by implacable hatred. Whites have been expecting revolts from blacks since slavery. Both militias and police have armed themselves formidably to prepare for the day when they will have an excuse to commit genocide. The rioting police in Ferguson, heavily armed with military weapons, facing unarmed black people with their hands raised, nevertheless show abject terror. Whites fear of blacks rots their reason and their souls. That is the America in which blacks have survived since its inception. There is no relief in sight.

  • Why Militarized Policing is the worst Response to Ferguson's Problems
    • Mr. Cocking accurately points out the fear that drives the occupying, heavily armed police forces in the US. The US media have persistently painted black people as brutish, ignorant criminals. White people have isolated themnselves from black people for so long that they lhave no first-hand knowledge of blacks. They derive their information from the media and have absorbed a genraralized fear. They demand that the police control blacks and keep them away from whites. The result is a war on drugs, a war on terror and a war on blacks in the US. The heavily armed police are predisposed to see even an unarmed black man as a lethal threat and have been given societal approval to kill on sight. Ferguson is only the most recent and most visible of the consequences of this inhumane, insane culture.

  • What do Iraq's Sunni Arabs have in common with Ferguson, Mo. African-Americans?
    • The dominant forces in three countries have adopted remarkably similar tactics. In Iraq, in Gaza and in the US as a whole, but as exemplified most clearly in Ferguson, MO, despised minorities are deliberately isolated, denigrated and ultimately subjected to attempted destruction. There must be a secret playbook being passed around among the elites.

  • Need for Tough Love: Defending the Gaza Assault Hurts Israeli, American Interests
    • Mr. Harms has provided a succinct recitation of the facts pertaining to the Israeli atrocities against Gaza. He has outlined quite clearly how the US public has been deluded by decades of sophisticated propaganda directed at a public that has been deprived of a decent educational system. The US oligarchs have been highly efficient and effective at producing a nation of ignorant idealogues, steeped in hatreds and religious mythology. One need look no further than the pronouncements of both President Obama and Hillary Clinton, the last best hopes for sanity and fair play in the US, in their support for the Israeli crimes in Gaza to see that the citizens have little hope for help from the politicians.

      Currently, for Mr. Harms to suggest that the "gathering of facts and the drawing of the right conclusions" is even a possibibility, let alone a likelihood in this beleaguered, rather pitiful and failing nation is a bridge too far.

      May whatever gods there be help us all.

  • Gaza and the struggle for Palestine: the 1930s
    • Professor Polk clearly describes a recurring aspect of societies. The rich, accomplished elite treat those deemed to be inferior as less than fully human and with such callous disregard or, worse yet, with such pitliless brutality, that there seems to be no recourse but for the desperate "others" to assume their roles as the "barbarians" who must storm the gates and destroy the society in order to survive. The Israelis need not question why their neighbors are so intent on destroying, if possible, one more such incredibly brutal society.

  • Gaza and the Struggle for Palestine: Historical Background (Pt. 1, a)
    • Thank you with all of the intensity that I can muster. The genocide that the Israelis are committing and the support provided to the Israelis by the U.S., especially President Obama and Hillary Clinton, are very difficult to accept. I will continue to follow your very welcome explanation.

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