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  • Charge that Trump had Black Casino Employees hidden from him in '80s
    • This is awful reporting. An awful news report.

      Donald Trump ALLEGEDLY didn't want to see black people in his field of vision over 30yrs ago>?

      This sort of allegation belongs in the garbage. There are many criticisms we can have of Trump - he doesn't hide his flaws --- but this sort of allegation should be reserved for National Enquirer status./....

  • The Middle East warmly welcomes Iran Deal, sees it as Step toward Denuclearizing Israel
    • Peres, historically, was in the forefront of INITIATING and promoting the settlement project in the West Bank. Pressuring Rabin.

      He was, even before that a planner of the Suez Crisis.

      He has defended the annexation of land -- so i guess we could say the only agression he has deterred was that of the Palestinian arabs to reclaim their land by Israel having nuclear capability.

      He deserved the Nobel Peace prize like Obama deserved the peace prize.

    • I wonder if this is just a moot point anyway.

      Can anyone REALLY stop Iran from developing the technology if they are bent on it.

      I think it is just a matter of time.

      How many wars and how many fronts can the 'spent' USA forces fight on? Especially, with no money ---

  • World Bank: Israelis strangling Palestinian Economy
    • I believe a viable Palestinian state would be constructive. At least they, and especially, Israel (which doesn't declare borders) would have SOME borders that need to be respected in the eyes of the world.

      To me, JMO, its the USA that is the majority of the problem. Once a USA president provides the muscle to terminate our ENABLING of Israeli colonialism - then the two states might have a realistic chance of living together.

    • I think that Israel has been a sphere of influence that we have constructed over many years. It provides protection to our interests in the middle east and maintains the status quo.

      Apparently, their own colonial policy has not been enough of an impediment to our objectives.

      I guess that only when a president feels that a complete change in middle east forign policy is warrented will we alter our relationship with Israel. But that is probably a big IF as we have invested a good deal in the country.

      Additionally, the same might be said of our support for Saudi Arabia not just Israel. It may be the most autocratic and least democratic societies of the world. Why have supported that country? Why don't we sponsor boycotts against that country?

      We have gained a lot in the way of 'energy' via our middle east policy since Eisenhower --- and we have relinquished the moral high ground? Yeah, there are tradeoffs.

  • Obama slights Palestinians, who stage Tent Protests
    • Alon, ... i can appreciate your risks. However, i think they were packed into the pie many years ago by Israeli politicians (like Shimon Peres) that decided to opt for annexation rather then a 2 state solution.

      Here, in America, Jews like me, watch in horror and amazement at the behavior of Israeli officials. For years, they have been using the pretense of defending the country to launch invasions in Lebanon, annexing W. Bank and Gazan land and incredibly oppressing the Palestinian people in plain daylight. I think the country may not only be rogue but perhaps the most despised country in the world. And its only ability to function in this lawless manner is its ability, as a sphere of USA influence, these many years.

      For us in the USA Alon, it should be understood, that we have SO LITTLE CONNECTION to the country. It has alienated us. There is no tie. All that is left is the commercial/political AIPAC group. I would guess that by the next generation --- most American Jewry will have little understanding/connection WHATSOVER to Israel.

      The only way for the Israelis, now, or in the past, to have ensured their safety was to become ONE member of the COMMUNITY of mideast countries. And one doesn't do that by oppression and occupation. Instead of building walls - and sending troops ------ they should have pulled down the walls and sent plumbers and electricians to the occupied territories. Good luck Alon....

    • Alon......its clear that in the prior 2000yrs Jews have been a microscopic entity in the region.

      Personally, i can't even listen to Obama anymore ----- just months ago he went in front of the UN and said that Palestininans DESERVE a state of their own and then advocated, personally, that he would not support a UN mandate to that effect.

      Then, months ago, he voted AGAINST even observer status. Lets face it....the guy is a politician. He even had the temerity to blame the Israeli children for the belligerant behavior of the country.

      In clear view, our president has SUPPORTED the long standing policy of ---- is there any other way of saying it? ----- ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian mandate by the Israelis - just as our other presidents have ......

  • Everybody Leaks in Washington: What the Bradley Manning Trial Tells us about a Broken System (Schanzer)
    • Mr. Schanzer -- there is an excuse why Manning was treated that way. They wanted to break him. You neglect to say that he was TORTURED.
      Additionally, how do you not know that Manning DID ATTEMPT to bring the problem to his superiors? How can you declare something to be true when its been broadly publicized that he exposed the information after attempting other formats to release it?

      I agree with everyone else here that you sound like an apologist for the gov't. You EXCUSE the gov't for CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR! but find justification for criminalizing Manning after he exposed the criminal behavior.

      For goodness sake --- he has committed a service to the country. He is a hero. Dr. Bean and others i salute you.

  • Tired of Bronco Bama & Mitt Romney: Sensible but Cranky Little Girl in Colorado (video)
    • With all due respect, i dont' think this should have been displayed. The child was 'taught' to be upset.

      How would she have heard of the phrase 'Bronco Bama'?

      Fact is, i think this is rather cruel...i actually think the child was coached to be unhappy - why would any kid be so upset about a campaign? I suppose if the parents are argueing about it and use these names for Obama/Romney - but that is THEIR fault - not the political system.... i am not justifying the political system and its length of time either......just my opinion..

  • Creepy Israeli Planning for Palestinian Food Insecurity in Gaza Revealed
    • Dan, i guess that all we can do is vote for a 3rd party candidate! Thats what i am doing. I see little differentiation between Obama's policy and his predecessor G.W.Bush

  • Dear Democrats: If you do That you have to do This
    • "If you say you care about global warming and the rising seas, you have to explain why you are praising more oil and gas drilling."
      We might want to add that this environmentally progressive president has also been the first to fund new nuclear power plants!

    • Actually, Sherm, Obama did have Van Jones, Charles Freeman and Eliz Warren in office - for about 12 seconds before throwing them to the wolves.
      All the GE CEO's and Goldman Sachs employees are still there - o well - with the exception of Summers - who Obama wanted to appoint as head of the World Bank.

    • Bruce, i think it very wrong of the democratic party - and by extension - the president - affirming that Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel.
      The USA has been - and will probably going forward be - the mediator in the final 'status' dispute. If that is true - then a mediator should be neutral as to the outcome of the status talks that are in the future.
      This country should not be making any decisions - it seems to me - that PREJUDGE the situation or place 'facts on the ground' before the negotiations. The final outcome of the negotiations are between the Israelis and the Palestinians. They should be making the determination - not an American Congress.
      It was bad enough that the democrats are in bad faith of the mideast accords but - the speaker (Mayor of Los Angeles) purposely and intentionally turned the vote into something like a Kangaroo Court. He knew the proposal didn't pass and in front of the country - passed it anyways.

  • Top Ten Ways we are Better off than in January 2009
    • Juan, i see what you mean about Obamas' initial stimulus package not contributing to the deficit ---- yet --- i think it might be possible that we are understating the debt of the USA.
      It is measured - now at 16trillion. And with unfunded future costs to entitlements its much higher.
      But i think one think probably shouldn't be overlooked. Perhaps you are correct Juan that by lowering Defense budget, ending the Bush tax cuts and Bush Medicare/unfunded legislation we can self-correct.
      I don't think so. And the reason is twofold - 1)that i think we are too far in the hole 2)more importantly, we don't have any growth. The manufacturing sector is DECREASING (and thats where the good paying jobs were). What the administration is crowing about is jobs created by the private sector. Well, we are losing public sector jobs that pay more. The private sector jobs are McDonalds/service industry ilk. The revenue is not, in my opinion, going to offset the current enormous debts and future costs to entitlements.
      Truthfully, i think the ship has sailed. I think the Titantic is going under. Radical i know, but how long can the Fed prop up the dollar? How low can interest rates go and for how long? And can they keep purchasing their debt instruments?
      One last thing - including health care, energy and food ---- i think that inflation is well over 3%. Thanks for replying.

    • Well, the enormous debt overhang is a threat to all of us - as is the many others you enumerated. Perhaps the debt is the greatest threat because at a pace of 1 trillion per yr - it will reach 20trillion fairly soon.
      A non-compliant world community that refuses to purchase our worthless debt instruments will send the interest rates SKY HIGH (just as in Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, etc) and sending what is left of the middle class - (whatever that term means now) off the cliff to poverty. Its likely the dollar will lose most of its value and that means all the pensions and 401k's worthless.
      Obama is doing nothing that the Republicans are not doing in my opinion. He is just re-arranging the chairs on the Titantic so that when it sinks its prettier. But sink it will and i agree with all you said above.

  • Top Ten Clint Eastwood Empty-Chair Falsehoods
    • I do not think that point #3 accurately portrays 'deregulation'. Both Glass Steagle and Commodities Future Modernization occurred because CLINTON signed the bill. His advisors were Summers and Rubin. Its fruitless to argue that his arm was twisted. He was never a PROGRESSIVE - only a career politician that artfully played both sides - while taking money from Wall Street.
      I might say the EXACT same of Obama. He hasn't reformed energy, banking or health care. He has played it down the middle. Preaching liberal philosophy WHILE taking tons of money from Wall St. I think he took the most money from Wall st of any president in 2008.
      I will be forced to vote for Jill Stein since Nadar isn't running. If i didn't have a free vote here in NY and i thougth the race close then i might vote for Obama - since the other side are SO smarmy and SO less representative of MOST Americans interests. But -
      Obama should be criticized for --
      1. Banks still looting money from the country
      2 Transferrence of wealth continues
      3 He had Summers and Goldman Sachs employees - just as the other presidents
      4 His record on civil liberties may be worse then Bush's
      5 He signed the NDAA act
      6 He signed the Bush tax cuts
      7 He stated he was helping the unemployed as a reason for signing the cuts but neglected to mention the 99 weekers fell off the rolls
      8 He has doubled down on the Afgan war - greater then Bush and we still soldiers/contractors in Iraq
      9 His behavior as regards the Pal/Israeli conflict is unspeakably duplicitous. He went in front of AIPAC and proudly boasted he criticized the Goldstone report. He critized the notion that the people killed on the Turkish vessel didnt deserve it. He even was the LONE vote (or close to it) DENYING the Palestinians an 'observation' in the United Nations.
      10 Lets face it - there is no choice and the democrats have sold out the progressive end. They serve only corporate interests.

  • Top Ten Repeated Paul Ryan Lies
    • That there was no downgrade the prior year(s) doesn't mean that a downgrade is not valid this year. The absence of an event doesn't, just my opinion, give credence to it ever occurring in the future.
      The truth seems to be that the USA has needed to be downgraded for many years. I think the country can legitimately be termed bankrupt. Another new instance was the steep rise in debt without any corresponding agenda to decrease the debt. Pres. Obama has not put forth a budget, has stepped up war spending, while energy, banking and health care are costing the country more and more money.
      I too believe that the Republicans are the worst thing for this country in that they don't represent the interests of progress for the 99%. And they been obstructive in policies that might have re-configured our economy. But Obama hasn't provided leadership in ending the debt. He certainly should be blamed for not 'holding the line' and standing up to the corporate interests. I think he has benefited by corporate interests as have the Republicans.

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