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  • Is the Public turning on Trump over Russia Ties, Sessions' Perjury?
    • It feels like this is part of a neocon coup. They've lost their power and are looking for an angle to undermine the new white house.

  • Trump plots to keep Palestinians Stateless forever
    • Good points. Although realize there's no opposition to Israel and the criminal expansionist actions. Where was Robert Reich or Bernie Sanders to denounce the settlements yesterday or today?
      It's too pathetic to even think how gutless the left/right is in this nation. Imagine Hillary was crowned, she would have likely had a very similar response as Trump. Although she could have floated the 2 state charade for another 4 years. The beltway is happy with that sideshow glam.
      No one seems to ask the obvious in Washington. What does Israel do for us? That answer is nada - we are their welfare check and weapons provider.

  • Ret'd. CIA Official Alleges Bush White House Used Agency to "Get" Cole
    • Well done. You know you must be doing
      something correct, if they're out to get you.

  • Top Ten Things Anthony Weiner has Said that are Worse than Sexting
    • Thanks for making this list. I was waiting for someone to make the case against this zio-creep. Baird was so patient for sitting through this man's mental tanrum's. It was very childish the way he carried on. Half the crowd saw a an unleashed zealot of zionism, the other half saw a rational congressman who was more that fair dealing with Weiner's tantrum.

      What's sad in Baird is gone and Weiner won't leave the house.

  • Mubarak Defies a Humiliated America, Emulating Netanyahu
  • 5000 Birds fall out of Sky in Arkansas
  • Obama Should Let the UN apply Economic Sanctions to Israel
    • I wonder if he will have the bravery to do this? We all want to believe in change.

      Any ideas on how Obama would be punished for this by his party, The Republicans, AIPAC, etc? I'm sure you could write another article alone on all the possibilities. He would endure the wrath of many.

      He will need many allies to make this move, and I wonder who will stand by his side and will it be enough?

  • Jahanpour: US following Israeli 5-Point Plan on Iran: Wikileaks
    • Even if they can bully a subservient Congress, via AIPAC, into providing more blanketed support, it’s a small victory in the overall success of Israel. Are they proud that they are able to manipulate the levers of their sole ally? Coercive manipulation is one of AIPAC's greatest strength's, and the lackey Congressional quislings that support AIPAC money are eventually going to come up short. They're shooting themselves in the foot. More money for Israel has underminded our domestic agenda, and damaged middle east peace agreements. But can Democrats grasp this concept? I wonder. Not with Chuck Schumer as no 2 hombre. ~or Dick Durbin for that matter.

      Support of Israel is not our problem, as they've created their own enemies, and continue to take our military technology to extinguish another ethnic group. Sorry, but that doesn't sound like a useful relationship. Settle on 1968 borders and we can stop the destructive kharybdis.

  • Settler Arsonists strike Palestinian Mosques, Qurans, as Israeli Army Belly Dancing Video Surfaces
    • "‘revenge’ and a scrawled star of David was left behind. "
      -Sounds like the settlers watched Inglorious Basterds and got all pumped up on Jewish Rage. Another Baruch Goldstein skirmish.

      In a way, the entire country has been gained by terror and expulsion of Palestinians. But the US turns away from this continued terror, actually supporting it unconditionally. Does this stem from the power of the lobby, or American support of Israel? Definitely the lobby has a strong force to block any change in policy. Look at Obama; his hands are tied from his own party. Barbara Boxer drafts letters to Obama, with the hands-0ff Israel spiel, and she is one of the supposed left wing. (Making the Cairo speech was one thing, but he's been eating crow every day since.)

  • Sanchez v. Stewart: El Error del Dia
    • from referenced article:
      "It speaks to the double-standards that exist when an illiterate Islamophobic racist thug like Marty Peretz is feted at Harvard while a Sanchez is dismissed from CNN with a quick wave. Let us really ask: who is the threat here? Which countries are being bombarded with white phosphorus and are under foreign military occupation? What was the religion of the country which dug a million graves in the past 20 years? ..."

    • phil weiss has a good post on Sanchez.
      link to

      "I must point out that Rick Sanchez, who was unceremoniously fired by CNN today for talking some trash about Jon Stewart and the Jewish ownership of networks, was one of the few network anchors to give any attention to the Palestinian side of the story. He was plainly alarmed by the Israeli assault on Gaza in 08-09."

  • On Paladino and Taking People Out
  • Netanyahu Blows off US; Mahmoud Abbas pleads for Settlement Freeze
    • sad. It's going to take years to detangle ourselves from this network of Israel and their supporters. But it has to happen.

  • Top Stories More Important than Quran-Burning Nut Job
    • What an ugly story about this dejected religious leader. Anything to avoid focusing on actual issues. It's why Americans are perceived as major ignoramuses worldwide. The news corporations see that they stay at a sixth graders comprehension level and it illustrates how pathetic the media is.
      The blogging world has more integrity and passion that any major news network. Since news anchor Brian Williams has moved up into la-la land, his primary purpose is to keep a decent tan. (Do corporate network anchors question their purpose in life when this becomes a main headline story?)

      but, shouldn't the question should be, who is whispering in Terry Jone's ear?

      How does he get to 'horse trade' at this point when his entire congregation doesn't total 60 members? Ah, but we soon find out all arrows point back to the NYC Mosque. First it was the mosque in Staten Island early this year, then it was the mosque in Brooklyn, then it was the 'ground zero' mosque in Manhattan. Now it's some wanker in Florida who got booted from a congregation in Cologne Germany for creating a 'climate of fear and terror'. It's our new Jonestown leader, but substitute the charm for hatred. Perhaps it might be more useful, for world peace, to focus on the Israel-Palestine peace process. But that's stories a week old, and we all know the ending of that story.

      Juan, the Trump headline is to plug his new season of Apprentice. I saw a commercial for the new season last night. The Don never misses an opportunity, to miss an opportunity. Just ask his no. 1 cheerleader, Regis Phiben.

  • Netanyahu Reneges on Freeze
    • Netanyahu is not the only problem, he's just the current face of Israeli leadership.
      The state of Israel has had the same agenda for decades; create the state of Israel by eliminating the Palestinians. The fanatical Israel government is focused on the enemy of 'their' state and will target the Palestinians throughout this process until they are killed or transferred to another state. This peace deal is a ruse. Only Congress can help the President, but the great majority are in the pocket of special Israeli interests.

      We are going to witness the same ordeal from Israel for years to come.

      The Israel 'peace' strategy is to make the agreement impossible for the Palestinian negotiator (currently, Netanyahu intends to restart the settlement building). After the Palestinians realize they are being taken advantage of, as they have nothing to bargain with Israel, violence will erupt out of frustration, and Israel will send the IDF into the occupied territories to punish the Palestinians and turn their society into a prison.
      Operation Cast Lead was a clear example of where Israel kills the civilian population, and it is swept under the rug in the US (Goldstone Report). It's sickening to witness how the media can act so blase, when it is crucial for the US public to understand how it government will aid and abet state-sponsored terrorism, in the illusion of fighting terrorism.

      The major problem is the US Congress: they are the enablers of this crime. If our national news media were not so biased on this single issue, there would be a growing movement to end this international crime in the Middle East, that ultimately damages the US interests.

  • Islamophobe Slasher taunted Cabbie with Rightwing Talking Points before Stabbing Him
    • Ah, the effects of alcohol combined with a pocket knife.
      Prison is going to be tough for this sweet dough boy.
      I almost feel sad for his own stupidity, but not really.

      I hope that this will helps to stifle the media's incitement in
      the big apple's newfound open hatred towards Muslims.
      Now, perhaps Pam Geller can disappear into the shadows and
      finally make aliyah.

  • Republican National Committee Slashes New York Muslim Cabbie
    • I have to agree. Democrats are spineless. They use every tactic to avoid the issue that they are the majority party. Oh, "we can stand up for the Mosque because of it's polling populatity" or "we don't want to withdraw from illegal war because we don't want to tarnish our image of being seen as weak on defense."
      I could go on, but they are so mealy-mouthed, and for Dean to try and defend his argument against Greenwald (the front of bus or back of bus Jim Crow bit) was just incredible. They threw him under the bus after the inauguration, and this is what Dean can muster up at this moment. Be sensitive to the families?

      What about all the Muslims in Manhattan fearing for their lives. Muslim women are scared of what's happening, but let the families of the dead firefighters in Staten Island grieve their whole life, and then maybe in five decades, we can consider another mosque downtown. That's what the constitution sought to eradicate.
      This fear has been brought to to fore, to scare Muslims away from this country. It's why foxman and the ADL brigade of twenty midtown desk jockeys are taking the position of bigotry over intolerance.

    • I believe this is will be downplayed in the media. If this is a hate crime,
      couldn't this aggressive drunk sue the political system? He was acting
      out of incitement from his wonderful national leadership.

      If it is a hate crime, I wonder how hard they will enforce his punishment?
      If this were an Israeli cab driver and this punk did the same, I feel the penalty
      would be twice as much. Call me crazy...even nutty, but don't call me kooky.
      It will take time to understand how hate crimes modify existing crime statutes.

  • Matthews Takes Down Lazio over Half-Truths and Scapegoating of Muslims
    • This debate is weak on both sides. Why does Matthews bring 'Jews' into the debate. 'Faisal said he loves Jews'. What was that? A bludgeon tactic against Lazio.

      Lazio is a slimy guy, but Matthews Democratic Party is just as guilty for spinelessness on this issue. But the debate goes on, this is 4 weeks now. This coverage is more important than the withdrawal of American forces in Iraq?

      There should be a debate in Washington about the success and failures of the illegal Iraqi war, but the media focuses on national opinions of how much freedom should Muslims be allotted in the US. Bait and switch...

  • An Israeli Attack on Iran would reduce Barack Obama to a One-Term President
    • This country is heading down the dark path toward a dystopian state, as they cannot see the trap that they've caught themselves in. This uptopian ideal of Israel, just does not coincide with the reality, which is why they no have strong alliances in the region.

  • The Closing of the Zionist Mind
    • Notice that Glick aims to tar & feather a larger audience of people of the left, and of course Juan and Oliver are in this class. But in the end, her guilt about her tribe passively offers and apologises. (And I am sorry I wrote this column. ) Followers of Zionism may be having a hard time believing in the greatness of this waning idea, because it is becoming very stale when you hear the regurgitated talking points. The internet debate has provided enough room to thoroughly debunk these points, where it is not even challenging to debate any longer.

      Zionism will eventually go belly-up in the decades to come, as it serves only a small ethnic group that is running out of ways to explain occupation and subjugation of people.

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