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  • Will Syria Issue derail Turkey-Russia Rapprochement?
    • How can any rational person expect someone to believe anything written about Russia on a known U.S. propaganda outlet? Is this an exercise in 'composition' absent intelligent thought? "...Russia does not have much to offer to Ankara in terms of investment, technology, defense, and trade" this is so patently absurd as to not warrant anything beyond hysterical laughter. One can only wonder at Juan's intent in posting it.

  • Tripoli Residents Protest as 80,000 Rare Books in Lebanon Torched by Salafis
    • It is merely one short step from denial of climate change, the 13.7 billion year-old universe, the 4.5 billion year age of the Earth or any other irrefutable facts of science that contradict 'sacred' scripture, to allowing religious bigots to burn others sacred texts (e.g.; "Pastor." Terry Jones) and vandalizing unwanted religious buildings in their neighborhoods (e.g.; Murfreesboro, TN) , to burning down libraries and destroying priceless historical objects (like Native American sacred sites or the Bamiyan Buddhas). Currently U.S. law allows book-burning as 'free speech' but classifies mosque-burning as arson/terrorism. If those who live in alternate realities gain ascendency, those rules may be changed and then no one will be safe from those who find them in 'violation' of 'sacred' law. The prior commenters give the impression that they don't see the same behavior here but it is; merely held in check, so far. The enemy is fundamentalism, regardless of what flavor.

  • John McCain and Lindsey Graham Want to invade Falluja Yet Again
    • Exactly how sure are we that AQ has 'occupied' Fallujah and that we're not really seeing a Sunni rebellion against the chronic oppression of the al-Maliki quasi-dictatorship? Blaming all the problems on AQI/ISI smacks of the same propaganda campaign that al-Sisi's conducting against the M.D. in Egypt.

  • Apple: We didn't help NSA put the Dropoutjeep Backdoor in our iPhones
    • Two thoughts: First, Thomas Drake's issues were with the NSA, not the CIA. Second; is Zach Carter suggesting that unrestricted, covert access to people's cellphone, computers, & whatever is okay as long as the government is 'moderate' about whom they pursue for prosecution??? By what standards is 'moderation' measured and how does that attitude jibe with the Constitutional prohibition against unreasonable searches absent demonstrated suspicion (i.e.; sufficient to justify a warrant)? Sounds to me like Zach's a prime candidate for a position in the Democratic Party... along with Feinstein, Obama, & Biden.

  • Top Five Differences between Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson and Miley Cyrus
    • Just looking at photos of them both next to each other I can come up with a dozen 'more top' differences between 'em than yours!! ;-)

  • Video of the Day: Fox News wishes you 'Happy Holidays' (War on Christmas Fail)
    • Hysterical! Just goes to show that the whole issue's ginned up to create controversy when even the corporate heads of the 'command center' of the 'war' can't even stay on message!

  • Real Time Earth Wind Map
  • The Dictator: Imagine if America was a Dictatorship (Video)
  • "I am Bradley Manning" Celebrity Support Video (Leaked Teaser)
    • I just realized, Steve, you wrote 'Hitchens' but meant 'Hedges'... Chris Hedges is still alive and is in the video ;-)

    • Uhhh... Steve, Christopher Hitchens died on Dec. 15, 2011 unless he was manifestly wrong in his atheism, I don't think he was in this video. And, yes, it was Daniel Ellsberg who say's "I was Bradely Manning". And, of course, he was.

      I urge everyone to read Julian Assange's essay "On the First Day of the Manning Trial" at: link to

      Unless people can organize as in the last scene of " 'V' for Vendetta" (remember the sea of people in Guy Fawkes masks?) the government is going to railroad Bradley into never-ending confinement.

      We must All be Bradley Manning!

  • Could Ulra-Orthodox Conscription issue bring down the Israeli Government?
    • The Haredi will '...barricade themselves from Israeli society...' Yeah,right. Right up until Israeli society stops the welfare checks and all the 'yeshiva bochers' have to stop dovining and start working!

      Regardless, while Israeli society is tearing itself apart internally, it gives Palestinians the opportunity to further organize and become more politically effective.

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