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  • Preparing for the Normalization of a Neofascist White House
    • Welcome aboard the Terror Bus 2017, Juan. Was Mussolini back so far? Did he start disappearing and killing people right off? Trump I'm sure will commit assassination by Twitter soon- nobody has ever had a pool of 20-40 mil fanatic followers resistant to fact, news, reason, science.
      THE LAST DAYS OF THE REPUBLIC?- How Far Will the Demagogue Go?
      link to

  • The Bernie Sanders Miracle: American Crowd in Brooklyn Cheers Palestinian Dignity
    • I've never been more proud of Bernie than when he defended Palestinians and snubbed the AIPAC craven-Bowl. It is even more amazing since I really didn't know where he would come down on this issue. I've been mystified where Hill's fervent love of Israel (right or wrong), as inexplicable as the fundamentalists', comes from.

      But to quibble on your facts, the Kurds are the largest stateless pop by far @ 32 million spread across 4 countries. Kurdistan is the closest they've come to their own state, but it's not official + they are still persecuted and attacked by the Turks. And wasn't the death toll from the Israeli 2006 Gaza Invasion >2200?

  • 5 Worst Foreign Policy Moments of GOP New Hampshire Debate
    • You can't really expect a dollop of sense from these clowns when the only measure of authenticity or toughness from the base base is: How many Muslims would you kill, and how would you do it?? Rubio's overweening ignorance and arrogance while getting fawning press is most annoying- I reveled in Christie's takedown. How can anyone like him or Cruz, both anti-immigrant immigrants. When we all were immigrants, at some point. Only the soon-to-be disappeared megafauna were actually natives.

  • The Letter: Top 5 Similarities of GOP and Iran Hard Liners
    • Ha ha. The iranians are more sane, rational, and honest than the Repubs on AGW. Ain't that the truth. I'm convinced we'll see the first multi-hundred million death famine from GW drought within the next 10 years. Could have questioned OK imbecile Sen. Imhofe at press conference, but saw it too late. It would have been a memorable question.

  • How the Gaza War Backfired on Netanyahu
    • Tragic madness- both sides claiming insanely that "they" won. Before the invasion, no Israelis were dead from those useless blind rockets, now 65 are- are Israelis so addled and damaged by 65 years of war that they don't comprehend the Pyrrhic nature of everything they do. For every Hamas "terrorist" they kill, they breed 10 more from the other 3-4 innocents family. They don't comprehend that their oppressive and brutal behavior to Palestinians in so many ways echoes the abuse and violence visited on Jews throughout history, and that except for America, they barely have a single real friend in the world. God gave them that land and if they have to eradicate every last person on it, they will have it all- which makes them as extreme as ISIS or the Taliban in their own way. And Hamas's continued rocketing- like stomping on an elephants tail- I think the punks welcome the overwhelming retaliation, the devastation, because it empowers them; the people will CALL for War and a more bloody response and they stay in power..

  • Hyenas vs. Rhinos: Who could the NYT get to write an Op-ed on Iraq? Hmm...
    • Some of us were screaming from the beginning:
      link to
      BUSH's WANTON WAR- Liberal Slant Saddam is a monster, but Bush's militancy is due to the '93 plot to kill his father and upcoming elections, not any imminent danger or 9-11 guilt. Punishing enemies is a family tradition, where he started his career- Bartcop 10/12/02 LOCAL Smk Chp vers.

      FIRM of MIND, SOFT on FACTS - In the News, Exclusive Liberal Slant, Bartcop ARCHIVE Bush has, with a steady stream of lies, deceptions, and propaganda, has managed to convince half the country that Saddam supports Al Qaida or even was behind 9-11. Iraq invasion historic blunder that may echo through the decades- 3-17-03 ALT WARBLOG 3/19-5/19/03
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  • Did the GOP Obsession with Monica Lewinsky contribute to 9/11? Is the Benghazi hysteria deja vu?
    • ABSOLUTELY. I've been saying this for many years (must search my articles and BLOG). Juan doesn't mention the actual trigger for Clinton's OBL destruction- the hideous twin Embassy bombings in Narobi and Dar Es Salaam only killed a dozen American but about 500 Africans in July or Aug '98. it was the absolute height of Monica-gate- and had that lame scandal not obsessed the country, Clinton would have sent in commandos to wipe out OBL- no 9-11, no Afghanistan War, no Bush, no Iraq War, no loss of liberties and freedoms, no torture, no $10 tril lost and wasted, no 8000 dead, 50 wounded US soldiers or 1/2 mil dead Iraqis. I spent 4 months of my life trying to save Clinton with an Internet anti-impeachment org I set up, STOP THE MADNESS We sent thousands of faxes, wrote articles, arguments, collected tens of thousand of petition (to fire Starr) signatures, and finally printed it all in a pretty professional 1" book that we distributed to 22 Repub Senators and some Dems. I think we swayed 3 votes, but the prevailing sentiment (even among editors) was that Clinton was scum, so I actually did it all under a pseudonym, afraid it would ruin my journo career. The Smithsonian even wanted my site for some archive about the Impeachment but I didn't do it. Duhhhhh

  • As Putin recognizes Crimea, his other Client, Syria, Goes on the Offensive
    • Of course, Vlad doesn't care about Shiite vs Sunni, though they have historically supported Shiites as the disadvantaged rebels easier to supply with insurgent training and use as terrorist agents. And the Sunnis have been pretty anti-Communist. Ok- Vlad is patron saint of Shiites, but you could say US was too- in Iraq, except for.... ah.... the 400,000 killed

  • It's Getting Hot in Here: Global Warming Turning Point in only 34 Years (Germanos)
    • "Climate departure" is a lousy name that doesn't convey the stunning scope of their predictions- "The old maximum becomes the new minimum", does. A climate entirely outside of the current range of temperatures!!! Punch a Global Warming denier in the face today- do it for Mother Earth.

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