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  • Has a European Boycott of Israeli Colonies in the Palestinian West Bank Begun?
    • Or they could just bantustan it, grabbing all the water and forcing Palestinians into impoverished and isolated 'independent' enclaves where survival depends on servility and a job in the Israeli colonies.

      In other words, the present policy which they have followed since 1967 with the compliance of the West..

  • Presidents shaking Hands with Dictators
    • I know the man runs a secret police force that extensively spies on his own civilians and exercises the right to imprison or murder these same civilians without trial but isn't calling the man shaking the hand of President Castro a dictator a little harsh?

  • FBi Laptop Camera Snooping and Orwell's 1984: Side by Side Comparison
    • This must be done at a low level, either the operating system or the hardware itself - which implies Microsoft or chip makers are complicit at the spying of citizens worldwide.

      How long will it be before some nations ban American designed software or hardware for any government use? Stuxnet and widespread espionage show the vulnerability of using foreign controlled computer systems.

  • GOP: No Climate Change because, Bible
    • In any other country, a wave of laughter and mockery erupts when politicians speak Biblical inspired nonsense, Why are so many Americans religious crackpots?

  • Sunni-Shiite Tensions soar in Lebanon; Hizbullah accuses Saudis in Iran Embassy Bombing
    • Of course state sponsored terrorism is no big deal as long as the bombing has the approval of the West.

  • Egypt's Counter-Revolution: 21 Women and Girls Harshly Sentenced, Liberal Bloggers to be Arrested
    • The whole world is not run like California. Calling for a recall election when there is no legal or constitutional way for an election to be declared null and redone under Egyptian law is the same as asking for a coup because the only way - in Egypt - to remove an elected government is at gunpoint.

      And once you have cheered in the streets as Egypt's legitimate president is arrested and protestors you didn't like are shot, it is a bit late to complain the same goons do not respect human rights,

  • The Middle East warmly welcomes Iran Deal, sees it as Step toward Denuclearizing Israel
    • This deal kills one more International treaty and sets back arms limitation and disarmament initiatives. In particular the nearly 50 year old Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons which aims to 'prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and weapons technology, to promote cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and to further the goal of achieving nuclear disarmament and general and complete disarmament' has been ignored and shown to be completely useless.

      What we now have is world rule by the security council members. They decide which states can develop nuclear weapons with impunity and which states will be punished for enrichment, although enrichment is allowed under the NPT. Implicit in this is which cities can be threatened with nuclear attack and which cities can not – Tehran and Tripoli can be bombed but not Tel Aviv. There is absolutely no international law behind this and it is shameful this victimization continues.

      Why should any nation now abide by the NPT? The nuclear states will not disarm and allow their client states to flout and ignore the treaty.

  • US-Iran War Averted by Agreement to Negotiate on Nuclear Enrichment
    • A triumph for American even handed diplomacy.

      A nation which last launched an aggressive war over 200 years ago, a signatory to the NPT, a nation which allows nuclear inspections and which has never been shown to have breached NPT protocols narrowly avoids the disaster of an Iraq style invasion. Of course a dirty war of murdering scientists, launching cyber attacks and a financial blockade continues.

      Meanwhile Obama's ally last launched an aggressive attack on a neighbor last month and refuses to either sign the NPT or to have its suspected arsenal of 200 nuclear warheads inspected.

  • Tim Berners-Lee Warns "Tide of Surveillance and Censorship" threatens Democracy
    • Remember when we were children and we were told not to take candy from strangers?

      Then along came the internet and offered free goodies. Free email, free porn, free newspapers, free everything....And like greedy little children we jumped into the car assuming the stranger was giving it all away because he was a nice man. Perhaps there was a catch but we put that thought away because we were all thinking about the freebies.

      Now we have just realized our pants around our ankles and that man had nasty plans or us all along. There is a price for free and as long as greedy people trust strangers not to harm them there will always be predators out there.

      Putting your real name on Facebook or an email address? Telling the truth in all those forms? Allowing all our private emails to be scanned so we can have targeted ads? What the hell were we thinking?

      Party's over. Assume everything you write or look at on the internet is tracked, fed into NSA and analyzed. Tim's dream is dead and even encryption and TOR are only stopgap and ineffective solutions.

  • Tony Blair let the American NSA Spy on Millions of Britons and Store their Private Data
    • Meanwhile another of the 'Five Eyes' has their own little problem.

      The Australians used their Jakarta Embassy to spy on Indonesia's President and other leaders. The Indonesians are furious and demand an apology as well as a no-spy agreement.

      The Aussies are unlikely to stop eavesdropping but the Indonesians are already curtailing their attempts to stop people smuggling in the region. If they turn a blind eye, there will be thousands of refugees heading by boat to Australia through Indonesia's archipelago. The boat people is an immigration problem which has already decided Australian elections and could get a lot worse.

      The classic rock and hard place.

  • 43 Dead, 500 Wounded in Tripoli attack by militia on peaceful Protesters
    • " The degree to which the West has for the most part abandoned Zeidan is also evident."

      Would the role of the West be to train the militias to crush peaceful protest without using machine guns? Should we send in troops to keep the factions apart? Or should we return to just bombing and strafing the bad Libyans so the good Libyans can be freed?

  • US loses UNESCO Voting Rights: How Kow-Towing to Israeli Policy Weakens America
    • So the US pulls out of international forums whenever Palestine is admitted? Interesting information.

      The precedent I was thinking of was when the Soviet Union refused to attend the UN Security Council in 1950 because of some long forgotten slight. The US then pushed through UN security council support for the South in the Korean conflict, and the Soviets were unable to veto it.

      Perhaps the fit of pique by the US opens possibilities.

  • Elites Stick together against Us: Feinstein Slams NSA Merkel Tap
    • I would imagine the British, Chinese, French, Germans, Israelis, and Russians do the same spying - to their enemies. Eavesdropping is a hostile act.

      Go ahead with what the rest of the world regard as illegal intrusions on our sovereignty - we can't stop you. Just don't expect co-operation from the rest of us when you next are pushing yet another half-baked foreign policy and don't whine about anti-Americanism when we say we think.

    • There is a very big difference between working and middle class Americans and the peasants in the rest of the world. Working and middle class Americans vote and elect your mendacious and war mongering regime. You pay your taxes and you and your children are part of its military machine and global Stasi spy network. Working and middle class Americans cheered on the invasion of Iraq and protected war criminals in your 'War on Terror'.

      The peasants outside your country do not have any legal or constitutional right under American law. Every conversation can be sucked up and drones can drop bombs anywhere at the whim of your elected leader.

      The perpetrators don't belong with the victims.

  • America's Secret 4th Branch of Government: The NSA kept even Obama in the Dark
    • Perhaps the NSA have the Prez's real birth certificate?

      Seriously - Obama has been at best letting his underlings doing the dirty work and letting them taking the blame when he is caught out. There is less and less to like about the current US President.

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