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  • MSNBC Sidelines Melissa Harris-Perry, hires Cruz Campaign Figure fired for Lying
  • Top Ten Most Distasteful things about Romney Trip to Israel
    • As far as I know this still applies:

      DC JURIST - Paper Chase: DC Circuit upholds ban on foreign campaign contributions

      link to

    • Mr. Cole: Thanks for writing this piece. The fact that Romney has been attacking President Obama while on his tour greatly disturbs me.

      It is also disturbing that the excuses for media in this country are giving Romney a free pass.

  • Top Ten Catholic Teachings Santorum Rejects while Obsessing about Birth Control
    • Billie: This is such claptrap comining from you.

      What do you and the bishops know about the effects of birth control? Are you a physician? Or scientist? Have you done any research? Or you just parroying dogma that has been passed down by someone else who has no clue?

      Can't you think for yourself?

      Obviously not since you are a Santorum supporter.

      On question for you Santorum supporter: why is it ok for Mrs. Santorum to have a pregnancy terminated when her life is at stake but other women in the same situation can't?

      The Obamas minimum net worth = $2,802,012 with a maximum net worth of $11,830,000. The Obamas donated $329,100 to some 40 charities and the full amount of $1.4 million Nobel Peace Prize to 10 charities.

      Also, too, you can be sure that not a single penny went of any racist or homophobic organizations whose purpose is to discriminat againt others.

      And please, plese explain how little Ricky donated $13 million when his 2011 net worth was less than $3 million?

      Home schooled were we?

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