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  • Why is this Man Smiling? Iranian Officials say Confidant of US Deal on Nuclear
    • to those who wonder why Iran needs nuclear tech: because a sovereign country should have all options on the table. Iran is not just a country it is a country that has existed for 3000 years and has more rights than others. nation-state is a new concept for Europe but has been established fact in Iran since Sassanid empire (200 AD). The reason that Iran has survived Arab, Turk and mongol invasions is the fact that it was a nation-state before these attacks even happen

  • Netanyahu's Nuclear Hypocrisy on Iran; In fact, Everyone in the ME needs to Disarm
  • Mosul’s First Death By Stoning: Extremists Distract With Displays of Savage Justice
    • People of Mosuel need to learn a lesson. They chose to embrace ISIS so now they have to bear the consequences

  • Can Iraqi forces take back Saddam's Birthplace from ISIL?
  • Obama's budding Cambodia Policy in Syria
    • Your example from history is funny : Which one was war criminal (other than Hitler)? Stalin or Churchill? I think both were. For the current crisis US is as much war criminal as Assad (US starts bombing countries in ME , supporting all dictators for the last 100 years, supporting rebels, supporting Saudis, overthrowing any democracy in ME ....)

  • France Crashes the Geneva Party, Scuttles Iran Deal
    • Is there any section of NPT that prohibits Iran of having a heavy water reactor? If not then Iran will not concede to arrogant demands that Iran should not have one. If France can't live with that then be it. As an Iranian, I think we will either have a fair deal (based on laws not demands) or no deal; and the later case is not a big problem for us. Sooner or later, west has to come begging for Gas and Oil and in the meantime we can improve our self-sufficiency and also develop our nuclear infrastructure.

  • Iran Bazaar Strikes signal Misery, not Sanctions 'Victory'
    • "Moreover, while they are blaming Ahmadinejad now, they know that the US, the EU and Israel are behind their deepening misery, and they are likely to come to hate their torturers."

      That's why Clinton tries to put all the blame on Ahmadinejad and not on sanctions.

  • Divided Arab League Won't Call for al-Assad to Step Down
    • Number of Arabs in Iran is around 1-3 million ,moslty living in western part of Khuzestan. Even in Khuzestan most people are Persian or Lurs and also Turks. I know many of them personally.

  • Changing Iran's Nuclear Calculation with Green Energy: Buonomo
    • Any solution that does not includes Iran's right for enrichment and Nuclear energy will not work. we don't care if it is economic or not but Iranian will never accept to be treated like second-hand citizen and prevented from their rights.

  • Iranian Students attack British Embassy
    • with all respects, these mob were basijies not students.
      Another theory: I think there are some people in Iranian regime that work for UK/US. They organized these kind of events in order to make problem for Iran

  • Karzai: Afghanistan would Side With Pakistan in War with US
    • Iran has mobilized its missiles for a long time so they could not targeted easily (Iran developed solid-fueled missile like Sejil which are highly mobile) . It has also use all kind of deceptions ( false targets ...) to reduce the cost of any attack on its missile systems. Saudis want US do the job for them without any direct involvement. I think by considering the geography, this is the MAD policy played by Iran and it seems that it is working very well. US can not effort even a slight possibility of total destruction of the world economy. In event of a war Iran will be destroyed for sure but there is very good chance that world (economically) destroyed too. It will eventually lead to WWIII because of the resulted disaster.

    • Don't be so sure... if Persian Gulf countries do the mistake and let US use its base in those countries to attack Iran then they will give Iran the legal reason to attack all oil/gas facilities of those countries. In fact Iran WMD is to destroy all oil production capabilities in the region in case of an attack , it is not and has never been Nuke. Nukes are completely useless to Iran and Iran does not need them, However, iran has more than enough missile to destroy all oil facilities in the whole middle east and guess what in that event the world economy will collapse completely.

  • China and Iran, Green Together
    • There is just one problem with your reasoning. I agree that right now Iran is not seeking nuclear weapon, for several reasons but most importantly because they actually decrease Iran's national security now. But Iran like to have the technology so it could be used later either as a weapon or in some other fields ( small reactors for future ships,plans,...) Anyway, it is a key technology and prevent further discrimination that country faced during past decades (Unfortunately, it is true, no one sell you sensitive techs so you have to work on them yourself.)

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