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  • Top 5 Reasons "Labor Day" isn't for Laborers Anymore
    • While JTMcPhee makes some interesting projections, they stop short of the ultimate goal of employers: ownership of the employee.

      We are rapidly reaching a condition where people will be willing to work for sustenence. Nothing else makes the greedy corporatist drool so voluminously.

      But to ensure that no one messes with this gravy train, they will be expecting SCOTUS to rule that when an employee is taken on, said employee retains NO rights whatsoever which are not granted by the employer. The employee is declared to be property, and will be used and/or discarded as "business conditions" indicate. The weasel wording of the dominant opinion will claim that this isn't slavery, but a "voluntary" renunciation of personal rights as no one human was forcing the employee to agree to employment.

      And the FOX fools who increasingly dominate the body politic will never see anything wrong with this racket.

  • On D-Day: Remembering the Muslim Troops who Fought the Axis
    • When I was a kid, WWII was nothing more than Pearl Harbor, D-Day, and Hiroshima (although it was usually the photo of the Fat Man which was used in the textbook). Not a word about the Russian effort to oust German invaders and the costs they paid doing so. Not a word about how the Japanese completely ended any chance for the restoration of European colonialism and how helping Ho Chi Minh would have avoided the Vietnam War.

      Our own fascists have staged a comeback, and many pull Obama's strings. It can thus be said that WWII didn't really end. It just slowed down until a new rationale for war caught up with the means to fight it.

  • Is the Prisoner Swap Hysteria a sign of GOP War withdrawal Symptoms?
    • Since its inception, the Republican Party has been in favor of war.

      Initially, war was to open the American plains for EuroAmerican economic exploitation, but quickly pivoted to eliminating the economic power of slave-owning rivals preventing this.

      Once the American First Nations were defeated, the aims of the War Party sought to become a world player, taking the colonial empire of a collapsing Spain so as to gain entry to the club.

      China was the next focus but too many other nations got there first. Half of these were cast out after WWI ended, with those nations seeking to reclaim their former colonial status by fomenting the next global war. All of this was good for the War Party, because their factories armed both the effort to do so and the effort to prevent it.

      A coup was plotted against FDR, because he stood in the way of what was to be a very profitable goal: carving up the formerly-isolated Russian Empire and exploiting the raw assets suspected (since proven) to exist there, but which couldn't be tapped due to the ossified Russian aristocracy. Wall Street only lined up behind NSDAP once it became clear that Russian Communists didn't follow the laws of business.

      And so on.

      Without war, the Republican Party has nothing to offer the world. Without war, people won't be frightened into seeing the GOP for what it is: a cabal of greed seeking to do what those they oppose are allegedly seeking to do. All that matters is that the GOP wins the contest for global domination. Little will be given to those who make it possible, for their usefulness will have ended. Keeping people from realizing this is key to achieving the goal.

  • Pastor Hagee: It's not Climate Change, It’s The Return Of Christ
    • Yeshua would mildly chide Hagee for being a dominionist instead of a follower of His. Hagee would then be dismissed with the admonition that he go forth and sin against humanity no more.

  • Mr. Kerry: Why Snowden can't "Make his Case" in "Our System of Justice"
    • "I can’t imagine for the life of me why. Kerry is either amazingly ignorant or being disingenuous when he suggests that Snowden would be allowed to “make his case” if he returned to the US."

      Professor, Mr. Kerry married into great wealth and has forgotten who he once was and what he once stood for. How much of his Winter Soldier testimony would he now offer up on the topic of Edward Snowden? I suggest that he wouldn't not offer up a single word even though the crimes of the NSA match those of the Vietnam War he orated against.

  • Dark Triad: Right wing Conservatives far more likely to be Sociopaths
    • Unfortunately, as long as the American people have TV, pizza, and sugary soft drinks, they aren't going to care who runs the world. Deprive them of these things, and no one will contain their deprivation rage.

  • No Sense of Urgency: Obama's New Solar Energy Commitments are still Just Baby Steps
    • The only things Obama has shown any enthusiasm for have been advancing the Republican agenda, persecuting whistle blowers, deporting Mexicans, and pissing on his voter base.

  • Did the Supreme Court just Kill Dirty Coal Plants & Save the World?
    • One can only surmise that "Clean" Coal didn't put enough money into the tip jar of the Best Judicial Scam Corporate Money Can Buy. They should have heeded the example set by the health insurance profiteers in regards to Obamacare to ensure that the legally-mandated profit stream wouldn't be interrupted. Since Reagan, corporate America pays to play, or it goes away.

  • New FCC Rules Will Put "Stake in Internet's Heart"
    • There is but one strategy the average American can use against this growing threat to our Internet access: learn to live without it. It is only going to be turned into yet another avenue of incessant corporatist propaganda and the advertising of the conspicuous consumer industry. Why fund your own oppression?

    • If this is the best Obama can do, sacrificing us to corporate greed, then he'd better expect the Republicans to take control of the Congress and begin impeachment proceedings against him. He has no more allies to throw under the bus.

  • Can America's descent into Plutocracy (Rule-by-the-Rich) be Reversed?
    • There is no reverse on this runaway train. All of the mechanisms which could stop this are in the hands of those who caused this runaway in the first place. Few are willing to sacrifice themselves in the service of greater humanity to end this.

  • The Cost of Whistleblowing: Being consigned to the Minimum-Wage Underclass
    • Capitalism is working to put all those not part of the elite into a servile condition. While we are now meagerly paid for our labor, we aren't far from a condition in which we all labor only for food. Those who don't please Massah won't be around long to do it again.

  • Is Obama right that America's Future is in Asia, not the Middle East?
    • Obama is correct about Asia being the future of the world. It is the only place any realistic leadership comes from anymore. "Capitalism" has abandoned the non-wealthy to a cruel and deprived fate, leaving only the State fascists of Beijing to do anything which in the slightest benefits the little guys.

  • FCC Plots Murder of Blogs on Behalf of Billionaire Media Lords
    • There is but one way to deal with this power grab - prepare to not use modern technological communications. I have no cell phone, and while I still use the Internet, I have plans to do without that as well. I cannot afford to support my U6 relatives and have all of the communication "blessings" of modern corporate servitude at my immediate and expensive call.

  • Hope for Ending Gas and Coal: US Wind Energy Is Breaking Records
    • News like this disturbs the climate deniers who will continue to soread the lie that wind power is not an economical alternative to the carbon and radioactive polluting profit generators which are killing us all.

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