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  • Is the Arab Spring Coming to Palestine?
    • Dr Cole, as ever a great blog and well informed extensive knowledge but how do you keep it up?

      I regularly read your thoughts on ME affairs but too much writing, you should get out more, go for a walk, take a stroll around the park get a tan, go fishing. Leave the keyboard behind.

      All work and no play make Juan a dull boy.!

  • Top Ten Mistakes in the Libya War
    • Fine piece that avoids hindsight. More of a wish list. Thank you for your brilliant blog.

      Plain English is always a bonus and I am startled by your use of 'eventuating'.

      What's happened to happening?

  • Carbon Emissions Record, Food to Double in Price
    • In asking us to read this story and despair and hope for change you are asking us to totally alter the global capitalist system from the top down. Change powerful economies, change established status quo, alter mind sets, confront vested interests, in short confront 'power' in the philosophical sense.

      I don't think the odds are in your favour.

  • NATO Strike on Command Center kills Qaddafi Son
    • The release from Gaddaffi must be firmly aimed at shoring up sympathy at home in Tripoli where he needs popular support.

      I believe that when his government/regime falls an uprising by the people who currently appear supine and open to manipulation will still occur.

      Remember Ozymandias.

  • Corporate Welfare Royalty
    • Very pleased that this 'Royalty' post bears no reference at all to the Royal Wedding and, to which, all correct thinking well balanced individuals could not give the tiniest shit.

  • Obama on Libya vs. Trump, Palin, Bachmann, Romney, Gingrich and Carrot Top
    • Thanks Dr Cole for an informed perspective.

      1)With your critical eye a small piece on Tunisia and Egypt would be timely. The Egyptian economy falters and at some stage the 'honeymoon' of revolt must come to an end and the hard facts of living with a stuttering economy and high unemployment will have an effective on the aspirations of these countries.

      2) As regular reader of your blog and associated comments I gain great insight on the desperate state of American internal politics. I wish your hopes for the future never become as desperate as your despair.

  • Rebels take Back Oil Centers as Tripoli suffers Gasoline Crisis
    • Here in UK some anxiety in broadcasts over the 'protection of citizens' aspect of 1973 resolution with Paddy Ashdown - ex Bosnia and ex leader of the Lib Dems voicing some concerns on NATO activity and future roles of the West.

      I just don't get it why they don't geddit?.As soon as Gadaffi stops hurting his own people it stops. The entire operation and any future path is completely down to him. He stops it stops. He negotiates it stops. They agree a peace it stops.


  • An Open Letter to the Left on Libya
    • Like the UK, Americans would be able to 'feed their own children' if EVERYONE paid their way. Arguments concerning Libya are the same here as with the USA. One tomahawk missile strike costs the equivalent of 50 public libraries due for closure due to cuts. Astounding statistics.

      Meanwhile some snotty 'socially useless' ex investment banker who's actions reduced RBS to ashes has the gall to put out a superinjunction forbidding the press to refer to him as an ex banker because of the smell. The rest of the establishment can evade or avoid paying the correct tax rate purely because of the status quo.

      Perhaps if EVERYONE did the right thing at home as well as abroad your children and mine would be fed without problems.

  • Libyan Liberation Movement Strikes Back as NATO Comes to the Rescue
    • Excellent reportage. I think both you and Al Jazeera are miles ahead of the rest in quality updates and journalism.
      Will stand you both in good stead.


  • It's the Popular Sovereignty, Stupid
    • That's the problem with the intelligentsia. When a basic statement of fact is presented to them they over analyse the situation looking for hidden agendas, conspiracy, spelling mistakes, theories, vested interest activity and smoke and mirrors.
      In the case of Libya a bloody massacre has been avoided by the no fly zone. End of.

      I see no one stealing anything from anyone. No military intervention by greedy imperialists.

      I see the Arab league asking for help and receiving it.

      I see Gaddafi out hopefully and eventually and the rebuilding of a nation with a gradual withdrawal allowing citizens to govern themselves.

      Any other 'script' interpretation is really a sad form of intellectual masturbation.

  • Top Ten Ways that Libya 2011 is Not Iraq 2003
    • Must be a non english/american speaker. Who the hell do they think they are coming on here, taking our women and using bad grammar. Should be a law

  • More on Arab League Call for a Libya No-Fly Zone
    • Come on Dr Cole. You're the expert observer and informed commentator here. Faced with the facts as YOU see them tell us what the outcome in Libya will be one month from now and put us all out of our subjective misery.

  • Arab League May support No-Fly Zone, as Qaddafi Retakes Territory
    • Your wire services must be different to mine as all bulletins on BBC in the UK have highlighted how the Arab League will consider a no fly zone but the chances of agreement are slim. Syria for one is named as a country that may not agree.

      I feel that the Libyan revolt is tragically a lost cause.
      The earthquake in Japan has eclipsed North Africa in the news and while the talking heads of the West kick the can down the road Gadaffi moves Eastwards.

      A massacre of Serbian/Bosnian proportions is the only 'media event' that can capture decision makers now

  • 30% of Libya in Hands of Youth Movement
    • Atrocities are taking place in Tripoli there is not doubt and the horror of what is going on is only matched by the ineptness of governments in the West. I hear on BBC World Service that as the stories of airplanes 'bombing' citizens cannot be verified it has been discounted as a lie.

  • Qaddafi's Bombardments Recall Mussolini's
    • I don't see the value of sneering at the British after nearly 100 years. All nations are duplicitous and hypocritical and it is naive to think otherwise.
      Nothing is added to the debate or the quest for solutions to this crisis by finger pointing.

  • Revolutionary Situation in Libya
    • Your writing is essential reading on these issues giving me insight and explanation. Thank you. It appears that old 'truths' are quickly unravellingin North Africa to be replaced by new and hopefully honest and sincerely democratic ones.

  • Million-Person March Planned as Elbaradei made Opposition Leader
    • I also would like to know your opinion of the US news coverage on events in Egypt. Is it balanced? Is it stoking up some fear of the Muslim Brotherhood? Does it give us a clue as to where the policy will go?

      Thank you for your thoughts

  • New Wikileaks: US Knew Tunisian Gov. Rotten Corrupt, Supported Ben Ali Anyway
    • The revolution/action in Tunisia has no Islamic SLANT to it. Rather it appears to be the result of a movement of the will of a society against oppression. DISCUSS

  • Political Cartoon: Obama's Stitches
    • Excellent informed comments here. In the light of more leaked documents from Wikileaks web site do you think the US approach to foreign policy will change much?

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