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  • The Age of Total War in Syria
    • Thanks Larry. The painful reality here Larry is I don't know what the solution is. I don't have any answers as to how this should be approached, the AQ linked militants have to be taken out, but how? So much suffering, yet how do we end it? There are no easy answers. What needs to be said is that we need a reformation in our international justice systems like the ICC and the UNSC so that they are able to act against anyone that violates int'l law, regardless of who it is, such institutions should be free of influence from the great powers.

    • Alec, I understand the need for Syria to take back areas under Al Qaeda and their allies. The use of indiscriminate tactics in my view though cannot be justified. I am aware that there has been a great deal of propaganda from the white helmets and the western media. I however do not think we can dismiss every report from every human rights group that states the use of indiscriminate tactics. These human rights groups also report on Israel's indiscriminate bombing of Gaza and Saudi indiscriminate bombing of Yemen, so I am inclined to think they aren't reporting on this with a political agenda in place. Taking back the country from terrorists isn't the debate that's being had, it's the tactics that are being used. And while it is also true that the Syrian uprising was hijacked right from the early days with fundamentalist groups backed by the gulf states and people from other countries also flooded in through the Turkish border to fight, it is also the case that Assad allowed the discontent to grow through increased repression way before the war began. When you use repression, you risk radicalizing people. In fact the US sent people to Syria to be tortured because Syria agreed to cooperate with the US on their rendition program in the "war on terror".

  • Turks Threaten al-Assad if he sends Army to Defend Syrian Kurds
    • I'd like to see justice everywhere, no one's hand in this war are clean. The US has killed plenty of civilians in Syria too and elsewhere all over the world. Russia has killed civilians too. The Saudi, Turkish funded rebels have too. If we seek a true just solution to this conflict, everyone must be held accountable not just the regime and its backers. While we're at it, we should hold Netanyahu accountable for what his army did in Gaza in 2014, and King Salman for what they are doing in Yemen. I'm all for accountability, but the way it is painted in the western media, it is all about vilifying one person, while turning a blind eye to people on "our side". I reject that premise. Let's have accountability, but let's cut the hypocrisy.

  • Syria: Deir al-Zor attack on US Troops, allies, Shows their Vulnerability
    • As immoral and disgraceful as the Assad regime is, this attack is a clear violation of int'l law, the US has no authorization to be in Syria, because it needs permission from the Syrian government, which is the only legitimate governing entity in Syria right now, and even though this is a reality many may not like given the atrocities committed by the regime, it is one that ought to be recognised nonetheless. I find it quite funny that the US can simply now use the powers it gave itself from the declaration of the war on terror to target "terrorists" however it defines them wherever it deems fit and if they then have to attack the legitimate government of a country later it is perfectly deemed acceptable. In fact they even call it defence when illegally present US troops are attacked by the government of the country they are in. It amazes me that many seem to fall for the humanitarian aspect of this, i.e. stopping the Assad regime from killing kurds but given how many dictatorships the US supports, that it allies itself with a country that's creating the largest humanitarian crisis in the world in Yemen and a country that is one of the last settler colonial states in the world. How can such claims of humanitarian intervention particularly among circles on the left be taken seriously?

  • Jordan's King Abdullah warns Pence-Trump of Major instability over Jerusalem
    • I find it quite surprising that no one raises a question to US officials about what Israel's borders actually are. As far as I know Israel has no constitution and has no well defined borders, this isn't just about Jerusalem, Israel has attacked Lebanon and occupied it for 18 years, it only let it go when it assessed that the cost of doing so was very high because of the rise of Hezbollah. Israel also is apparently on an effort to increase its presence illegally on Syrian territory. Beyond the Golan, they've built up a security zone in Quneitra, and they are looking to expand this into Daraa now as well. They are looking at building a 40 km buffer zone. If you notice, a lot of the weapons being held by some of the "rebels" are provided by Israel. The middle east will never find any peace so long as the US does not move away from its morally bankrupt Israel policy and of course Israel isn't the only reason for instability, I think all countries are far from innocent, but our involvement in Syria is only because of our one-sided policy toward Israel, otherwise what strategic purpose does Syria serve? None! Israel was certainly a factor behind the Iraq war, perhaps not the most important factor, but it definitely was a factor. Why do we continue to isolate Iran and make threats of war against them when really it should be our ally at a time when we and most of the world have a common enemy that Iran has been heavily involved in fighting. This really has to end. Enough is enough.

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