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  • Qur'an-burning Protests Spread, Santorum calls Obama Weak for Apologizing
    • It's easy to see a cynical side to this, after all, these military personnel are thrust into a country, where the inhabitants don't want you to be, try to kill you, as well as look alike. As for the religious aspect of the Military members, the western sects don't seem to respect any but their own sometimes. This is another reason for the West to stay out of the M.E. or any other country that's not of the same religious dominance as the so called conquering army[s].

  • At Oscars, Director of "A Separation" Slams War Talk
    • Do you also consider the remarks that Santorum makes about the "O" as cheap shots?

  • General Assembly Condemns Syria as Regime Bombards Homs Again
    • In Thursday's 16Feb12 issue of Veterans Today News Report, they had a very interesting version of what is taking place in Homs, not being what we are told by the M.S.M. or our own Government It should shed light on what is being fed to everyone.

      As far as the weapons, well, didn't the al-Qaeda clean out the arsenal[s] in Libya, with the blessings of the West, taking them to who knows where? Again, isn't as-Qaeda a CIA client?

      As for Saudi Arabia being the author of this statement submitted by the Arab league, it puts a different slant on things here. After all, who has the most to gain?

      I might also ask, what will Israel do to stop the weapons arsenal that exists today in Syria from getting into the hands of Hezbollah, in the event that President al-Assad falls, invade Syria too, bomb Lebanon, both? Food for thought.

  • SOPA goes Down: Moulitsas on Olbermann
    • "Don't know if we could get the consensus, but would sure like to try", says a whole lot about what ills the country, indeed, the world, IMHO. Stepping out of the dark ages, to coin a few words from the past: "That will be the day" uh hum!

  • Conservative White People's Primary
    • Perhaps the answer to your "Q" has to do with the one not getting a bigger slice?

  • 2011: End of US Hyperpower & its War with Islamdom
    • My 2 cents, I would like to see Dr. Paul run against the "O", with that perpetual gadfly somewhere in the mix, Ralph Nader who I'm speaking of. But this time, the "O" will have to put up or slink back into the shadows, from whence he came. The U.S.A. can no longer afford to be the cop on the bear, regardless of what the neoconservative & Israeli politicians & their U.S. sycophants in Congress think. These people need to realize that the other 300 million citizens of the U.S. want a life to live in which the plutocracy can't give, due to the greed factor that they have adopted. The Police may have won the present rounds by ejecting the OWS from the parks, but they don't stand a chance in the coming year when the heat gets turned up. "O" should consider doing a Texas two step, like LBJ did in 68, by getting out while the getting is good. The plutocracy attitude of let them eat cake, will bring the same result that occurred when "Marie" uttered those words. Of course, it might feel good to see how they react when the roles are reversed, and reversed they will be. Let's just hope the destruction isn't like when the Bolsheviks did their thing.

  • Top Ten Myths about the Arab Spring of 2011
    • Nice post Professor. As far as my 2 cents worth here, The U.S. should pull all of its Military out of the M.E., the rest of the known world. Let the natives settle their own differences, rebuild the U.S.A., then rethink the world. I do wonder though, during all this past year, just how much treasure from these countries have been siphoned off by the Financial Criminals? Food for thought.

  • Syria Teeters: 25 Dead in Protests, 40 Killed in Bombings
    • I read this morning that the "Syrian Muslim Brotherhood" was claiming responsibility for the bombings. Also it was said that only Government employees were the victims, not civilians. Needless to say, it's one of the terrorist groups fighting there in Syria today, most likely linked to the C.I.A./Israeli/U.K. band of mercenaries.

  • OWS under Pressure: Banks Bailed out, People Sold Out
    • J.A.S., you're assuming that the "O" might engage the powers of the office to serve the people of the country? Do you honestly believe that he might do so? You have to remember that he grew up in a wealthy family, that he went to Harvard, flim flamed his way to become P.O.T.U.S., and the rest is history. Oh yes, he also became the 1st, probably the last too, so, why should he carry out what you suggest?

  • GOPers Promise you War on Iran & Torture & Poverty
    • Until the corruption of our political system is taken out of the equation, then this "KABUKI" will continue. If the money angle is removed, then the field of fools will be eliminated. After all, that's the only motivation that draws them out into the public arena. Power may play a roll too, but as we've witnessed since Nixon, it's the shadow that pulls the strings. It's time for a new system, one without the "Godfather" aspect, for even it has been corrupted beyond any sense of fairness. There are just too many people in the world for the old ways of doing business. We need one that is fair, that doesn't make those who are not in the top echelon, slaves for such. Greed has been allowed to corrupt, the law has taken a back seat, if not eliminated. Control is at the barrel of the gun, those who have the gun, control those that don't have one. Perhaps, the time has come, for human kind to become extinct, which probably will happen, especially if one of these fools ever get the seat of P.O.T.U.S.

    • These fools are nothing more than an embarrassment to the people of the U.S.A. Trying to out-stupid each other, is mind boggling, to say the least. I wonder just how much money these idiots are raking in with all these debates, as well as the suckers contributing to their campaigns? Only in America!

  • The Little Iran Nuclear Report that Couldn't
    • With all due respect to Ms Rofer, who herself worked for the U.S. in the weapons world @ Los Alamos, her take on the above has to be given much weight. Good to know the opinions are based in factual content besides mere speculation.

  • This is the Way the Iraq War Ends, with Bangs and Whimpers
    • Shades of Vietnam. Two major failures of using the U.S. Military to fight wars that benefited nobody but the Military/Industrial/Financial cabal's in this country, at the expense of every taxpayer, as well as those that fought in combat. One has to ask why the Military embraced the corruption & greed that has swept the political ranks? Perhaps it's their way of thinking that they better get theirs while they can?

  • A tale of two Afghan Leaders, before and after 9/11
    • One has to remember who is running the operations in Afghanistan, from the beginning to the present time. Also, who is the presumptive head of the C.I.A. today! This has been perhaps the most profitable adventure in its [CIA] operations of all time, even when Air America operated in the Vietnam era. Of course, as the saying goes, "they never looked back". Far easier to get away with corruption in other countries, though the U.S. has made gigantic strides in catching up. Today, there is just too much money involved, along with the fact that no one is going to prison.

  • Turkey Crisis Provokes Israeli Army Anger at Lieberman
    • "With a buffoonish Israeli leadership, it seems like low-hanging fruit to pick on Bibi & Lieberman". Interesting description! It would appear that the phrase refers to the two individuals, the Israeli Parliament, or both. Either way, they are in the position to cause deep trouble in the M.E., especially with the backing of the U.S., which I would say that the stated phrase describes what is taking place today, in Washington D.C., as well.

  • Qaddafi was a CIA Asset
    • Well, Qaddafi is/was a C.I.A. asset? Then the N.A.T.O. group, brings in the Al Queda squads after the fall of Qaddafi, at least that's the story. Truth be known, they were already there, but of course, no one will believe so.

  • Historical Question for Governor Perry
    • Super390, thanks for the insight, I knew there was something about the guy that was odd!

    • I guess I'm missing something here, but didn't Perry want to secede from the U.S.A.? Now he wants to be P.O.T.U.S.? He's either a mental case, delusions of self come to mind, as was mentioned, wants to peel off votes from Paul, or perhaps it's to get him out of the way in Texas? When it comes to politics there, (Texas), flim-flam is the rule, 24/7. Not to take anything away from those living in Texas, but I suppose the all those rocks will vote for him, Perry. Just what this country needs, A Repuglicon "slick willy".

  • President Bachmann as Mideast Prophet: Cole/ Truthdig
    • How naive, stranger things have happened, especially in the political arena in the U.S.A. In case you think otherwise, look around you, do you feel safer with out your privacy, that some whatever you want to call it, reads every E-mail you send & receive, every comment you make to a blog such as this one, that you are being cataloged according to what you right or what others write to you? Before you say this is nonsense, do your homework and you'll find this is only the beginning.

  • 50 US & NATO Troops Killed in Afghanistan in Past Week
    • The headline above containing the deaths of 30 Americans aboard the helicopter, is causing quote a stir in certain circles, namely why were they all on one Chinook? Also, weren't they the ones who "killed" OBL? A mystery indeed!

  • On Panetta and Defeating al-Qaeda
    • Mr Barkell, Yes, I am an ex-United States Marine Corp Veteran. As for the Government scorns the returnees, Check your V.A. history. Check the Army's view towards those individuals who have P.T.S.D., the active duty treatment, not whether or not they get their meds, but how they are treated. Check out why Employers refuse to hold jobs for reservists & National Guard members who serve in combat, wont hire those. Why the Government treats ex-members the way they do. I won't go into the reasons the Wars have been fought, history is doing a damn fine job of that. You want sited facts & figures? I'll let you do your own home work. Oh, you might also ask all those Congressmen/women why the won't provide the funds for the V.A., but continue to fund the War machine. It's time to close down the wars, the bases, bring all the military personnel home, cut the Pentagon budget by 60% and then rebuild the U.S.A. By the way, what country do you live in?

    • Interesting back & forth. The one issue that seems to be missing in all the arguments, is the welfare of the non-combatants. Resentments, can be overcome, though some will probably take them to their graves. If one considers that since the Palestinians were excluded from their homes/land, especially after so many many years & generations, they should have a legal right for redressing the issue[s]. As for radicals, well, exactly what do you call the Israelis, especially the present leaders?

      Perhaps some of the readers can look at the U.S.A., how the Europeans settled, stole, pillaged, killed the American Indian, shoved them onto reservations, only to then steal the mineral wealth, by government blessing, which continues today. Look at how they have been marginalized. Isn't there a similar comparison to what is taking place in what was Palestine/Israel today?

      In War, it's the innocent, civilians, children who become the victims. The leaders, the ones who are the cause of the war, use its own citizens as shields, which the crusading forces against the Warring leaders, kill by the multitude. Victims, they are the forgotten ones. It would do many to try and reverse roles, put yourselves in the victims place, try to feel, understand, how you would feel?

      One last comment, how many of those that comment, have been in war, killed others, discovered that what you were led to believe, was really not the reason? How many carry the mental images, the feeling of why did my buddies get maimed/killed, while I survived, am alive, am scorned by the very government that sent us to fight that war?

  • House Libya Vote: Anti-War or Just Anti-Obama?
    • As long as the sheeple are engaged in the minutia of what ever it is they are engaged in, then the main crux of the act is hidden, able to move forward. In today's atmosphere, it's smoke & mirrors. This goes way back in time, but it seems that no one wises up. How does the saying go; "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me"? After awhile, the majority will believe what ever B.S. is produced. With Trolls & Apologists in abundance here on the web, the subterfuge continues.

  • Pakistan Arrests CIA Informants in Bin Laden Case
    • The mention of spies operating covertly in the U.S. by allies wouldn't be tolerated, misses the Israelis doing just that. Also, the discovery & conviction of civilians working towards that end, has taken place. Yet, even with the Israelis now selling American made & provided military technology to the Chinese, the U.S. Government still backs them, the Israelis. They are not friends of the U.S.A., nor are they friends of the American Jews, who give financial support.

  • Under Punitive Israeli Blockade, Gaza Unemployment among Worst in World: UN
    • The fact that Israel has gotten away with what are viewed as illegal actions by most of the civilized world, has led to where we are today. As far as Washington is concerned, they live in a bubble, one that is financed by Wall Street & AIPAC. The corruption of Congress boggles the mind. The recent performance of Netanyahu during his visit to the P.O.T.U.S. and Congress fawning over him, is very telling. A quite disgusting performance by him towards both the P.O.T.U.S. and the Congress. I really wonder if the American Jews can continue supporting what Israel is turning into? Can the U.S.? That should be the question on everyone's lips today.

  • Which Headline Doesn't Fit?
    • Smurfs, hands down. If course, one has to take into consideration the motives of the carrier, Yahoo.

  • Time to Begin Leaving Afghanistan
    • Until the corruption that permeates the Congress of the United States of America is eliminated, along with the prosecution of those very Companies that gave brought this country to the position it is as of this day, and when the P.O.T.U.S. cuts of the petty tyrants that think they can dictate how the U.S. should be,. . . . . . . . . . etc, then we will continue down this slippery slope to ? ? ?

  • G8 'Marshall Plan' for Arab Spring Nations Falls Short
    • Let's see. They overthrew the despots, so, considering that they (the despots) are the ones who got the loans, then, the new democracies, should just say NO. Let the World bank/I.M.F. collect from the overthrown despots. That's a fair deal. Why should the everyday people, who have suffered enough, be subjected to more of the same? Jumping out of the frying pan into the fire, is the most stupidest idea I've ever herd of.

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