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  • India joins 20 Muslim Countries in banning 'Instant Divorce'
    • It is certainly a cruel way of divorce lacking any form of empathy and human concern. Indian Muslims are generally backward in their following of Islamic teachings which seems to be a hegemony led by a few chosen clerics. But then Hindus are no better . in this modern day and age they incorporate pagan beliefs seen in their rituals a and their daily actions in life. Hindus in India is quick to be concerned about injustice towards Muslim women. They would do a little better if they look a little deeper into their own society that is fraught with the most appalling injustices against women like child marriages,alarming dowry demands,bride burning because of this, abandonment of widows and unstoppable rape. This Hindu government should also look into the problems of Muslim mothers whose children get murdered by Hindu mobs. Or the wives who are waiting for justice from the supreme court for their murdered husbands by communal Hindu mobs. Justice should be everywhere and not selective only.

  • US Media outraged by Russia, won't Notice Israeli plot on UK Parliament
    • This is how these Israelis are. No surprise. But they get away with everything no matter how serious the story may be. This is treachery in every form and action must be taken. But they say 'the case is closed'. Despite clear proof. Why is israel let off for all its violations whether its Palestine or violations of international protocol? This pampering should stop.

  • No, America, it wasn't Russia: You did it to Yourself
    • Bad sport. Would never own up their wrongs. It's always Russia or China who are wrong. The US is pure as milk isn't it? Ahem. Your political history and record please !

  • Trump-inspired felon allegedly torches Ft. Pierce FL Mosque, says "All Islam is radical"
    • The force to educate the Christian bigots of America is unfortunately is not strong enough owing to the powerful. Islamophobia,industry headed by evangelist preachers ,bigoted politicians, propagandist activists like Robert Spencer,Brigitte Gabriel ,Pamela Geller ,just to give a few names. Muslims are not able to counter attack. Also such things are not allowed in their faith. The great example of the Prophet's sense of patience who bore insults,humiliation,physical hurt ,threats to life for a good thirteen years. Christian bigots should be made to understand that the Torah,bible and the Quran are not much different from each other. the name of Jesus is mentioned in the Quran far many times compared to that in the bible. A whole chapter on the Virgin Mary titled Miriam is devoted in the Quran. Apart from this Muslims believe in every prophet the Christians do ,starting from Adam,Moses,Jesus (son of God in Christianity) David, Noah,Solomon,Jonas and all the rest. Christian bigots are ignorant and should be seriously educated. Muslims of the US must take this as a sacred duty to educate the ignorant masses of the society that are harming america's image as,a violent,intolerant bigoted country when its not. These trouble makers who spread false propaganda against Islam and Muslims should removed from media and their books banned and they should call be arrested. Muslims run mosques to bring harmony ,to give charity,to give succour and hope for the hopeless. Mosques,are humanitarian places like churches offering sanctuary and hope for the lost. So why burn them. These things dont even happen in third world countries. These bigots are bringing nothing but shame to a great democracy like the US.

  • Nice, France, Attack: A Gandhian Response to Serial Killers
    • Prof Cole is well meaning. But judging from the aggressive stance of the French politicians against countries of the middle East and north Africa and also the general racist attitude of the French towards north African migrants this noble suggestion would most likely fall on deaf ears. Countries like Iraq,Syria and Libya did no harm to France in any way. Yet France was the most eager to bomb them. Muammar Gaddafi always wanted cordial relations with Europe and the UK. He reached out in friendship especially to the u
      UK when the prophet of death Tony Blair visited him in Libya pretending to be a friend. Gaddafi proved his loyalty of friendship to sarkozy by donating millions for his election campaign. Sarkozy repaid gaddafi by being the first to bomb Libya and saw its destruction along with the US and NATO. Why was Libya destroyed. Who gave the right to kill Gaddafi? Which international law gives the right to invade a sovereign state and kill its leader. It was done in Iraq as well as Syria and Libya. Fortunately despite its destruction Syria's leadership survived owing to help from two other great powers. Sadly Iraq nor Libya did not receive such help. So France brought it upon itself. It has brought hatred on itself by unneccesarly and sadistically meddling in the Islamic countries of the Middle East as well as those of north Africa. When is Europe and the west going to understand that bombing and killing people of other lands would only invite violence on their shores. As for following Gandhiism guess the western mind is not quite made for it. So just don't complain.

  • As Putin Slams NATO, Russia loses Patience with US-Backed Rebels in Syria
    • Putin has always been sincere in his efforts to cooperate with the US in fighting against the Isis. Sadly the US has another agenda. That is to provoke Russia into a war.

  • Trumping Terrorism with Torture?
    • An article based on questioning of honest government. It shows concern for the violent temperament and sadism of almost all US political leaders. The latest ,the worst. The author has a point when she says that these sadistic minded politicians should have been put on trial for violating human norms and military honour. But these kind of thoughts have been expressed by many good thinking people in the past and in the present. Journalists like John pilger,Robert Fisk, Scott Ritter, mark danner and many more have expressed similar views in their books,articles and bold uncensored documentaries. Noam Chomsky,howard zinn,David standard and now Oliver stone have come out with some startling honest facts about the 'untold story' of the US political history of the past and the present. But despite all these efforts does anything ever happen at all? Is there any form of regret or a promise of revival of US foreign policies. Not at all. Things get only worse and worse. There is no human conscience here. Only arrogance,defiance greed and a bullying sense of sadism. Nothing ever changes. All these books,these articles,these discussions are sadly such a waste of time and effort. Because there is an already planned deep seated agenda by any leader and his accomplices who come into power.this has been proved again in the past and now especially with people like trump encouraged to come into power by an equally villainous public.

  • Kerry warns of break up of Syria; but is that Realistic?
    • Why do western politicians have such a passion breaking up territories that don't belong to them is intriguing. The entire Arab nation was divided into different nations. Further still Lebanon was divided as Syria and Lebanon. Now they want to divide Syria again? As if division of Iraq was not enough further carving up of the ME still remains a passion. In history countries of asia were also carved up like India,Korea,Vietnam and so on. Bomb,destroy and divide the world to suit western interests is all this deadly politics of the world is about. The powerful bullying the weak and playing the insidious 'divide and rule game'. A shame indeed.

  • Huckabee's virtual Genocide: erases Palestinians from West Bank, declares it "Israel"
    • Mr Huckabee. Would you advocate the same theory to the same theory to the Native American whose lands you have ignominiously occupied after committing the worst holocaust in human history. You and your likes should if you have any sense of human decency still left go back to where you came from. Britain probably or any other part of western Europe you can't have one law for one people and another law for another. According to you there is no such thing as Palestine . well according to the Native American you do not belong to America either. As for 'Jews marching to the oven' comment when are we going to stop using and industrializing the holocaust history. Don't you think its getting a bit boring? Study your own history of holocaust first.

  • Al-Qaeda in Syria rubs out 23 members of Druze Religious Minority, Persecutes Others
    • Come to think of it the world would have been better off without religion. Man's emotions and nature is what actually makes up his religion. The rest is just myth abstract or imagination often based on ancient Mythical beliefs historical truths or untruths

    • No. Juan surely meant ordinary sunni Muslims who merely follow Islam as a simple way of life.

  • Netanyahu Doesn’t Speak For These Jews
    • From Netanyahu's speech it is clear that the dream of 'Greater Israel' as so brilliantly described by Yinon Oded is getting closer and closer. Thanks to US-Israel collaboration the major countries of the Muslim Middle East are today in shambles starting from Iraq. Syria is the last of the Arab countries that is soon going to be finished too. It cannot be a co-incidence that all the countries that were bombed to hell were those opposed to the policies of Israel towards Palestinians. Now the greatest hurdle is Iran. Neyanyahu could not control himself when he realized that the US was adopting a lenient stand with Iran and pursuing talks. This approach was wrong as Iran too should e bombed. So Netanyahu rushed to Washington to 'alert' the US of Iran's 'danger'. It is incomprehensible how a country that is iin possession of some 500 nuclear warheads apart from the most sophisticated war machinery is scared stiff of a cou7ntry that has not produced an atomic weapon and has constantly proved that its pursuit of nuclear program is only for energy purposes. Iran has actually signed for the non-proliferation treaty while Israel has not. So who is honest and who is not is obvious. The AIPAC is a solid advantage for Israel apart from its 40% Israeli-American members in the government who make the rules always in favor of Israel. Despite a few mild criticisms here and there to hoodwink the public the US government welcomed Netanyahu including Obama who had pretended otherwise.
      Finally it looks it is Israel that is ruling the US that appears weak and helpless before this notorious ally.

  • Do Nigerians Matter to World Press? - 2,000 feared dead in Boko Haram Attacks
    • This only confirms the stark uneasy truth that racism is always the deciding factor for any opinion in Europe and the WEST. The west has to be always first.

  • Michele Bachmann (R-MN) declares Christian Jihad on all Muslims
    • coz people around her love it and the politicians encourage the media to project such ignorant fools. Such an immature,truly uneducated statement is published and there is a subtle appreciation of it by the people who publish her sayings. Imagine if this piece of nonsense was uttered by a person with a Muslim name regarding the Christian or Jewish community?!! God hell would have broken loose. Muslim baiting is fair game anyway.

  • American Studies Association to Boycott Israeli Institutions in Historic Vote
    • This should set off a new sense of awareness of Israel's brutal policies against the Palestinians which have been subtly encouraged most unfortunately by the US,UK and other countries of the West who chose to look the other way. The Arab countries that could have helped did so only half heartedly while some like Egypt during Mubarak's regime actually helped Israel. But this is not enough. Israeli businesses too should be boycotted and sanctions should be imposed. Israel's nuclear arsenal should be probed and non-proliferation treaty imposed. Israel should be made to pay for her crimes
      Hope this is the beginning of a new historical era of Human Justice on this earth.

  • Egypt's Transition Has Failed: New Age of Military Dictatorship in Wake of Massacre
  • Are Extremist Buddhists in Burma attacking Helpless Muslims? (Walton)
    • Very strange indeed. The anti-Muslim rhetoric of the Buddhist monks seems so close to that of the Hindu Nationalist parties of India. They appear to say the same things about their Muslim citizens. This cannot be a co-incidence can it? Just before the massacres in Gujarat during 2002 the same rhetoric was used.

  • Egypt Constitutional Crisis: Morsi to Meet Judges as Weekend Clashes leave Two Dead, hundreds wounded
    • Just can't get it. Just when it seemed that Egypt had achieved the impossible by removing Mubarak, it is soon enough faced with another problem. Could it be that the same Syrian scenario is going to be played out here now. Hopefully not for that would be the end of peace in the Middle East. For all we know this could be a well planned conspiracy judging from the recent events if we care to trace them back.

  • Drones, Drones Everywhere, and now we've given them to Iran
  • US Interventions in the World since WW II
    • Writers like William Blum,Howard Zinn, David Stannard have by their intense research so boldly revealed the horrors of US history and politics. Yet US politicians of today have learned nothing from history and their past grave errors and blunders. Do these guys ever read good stuff? Dont think so.
      The situation of the world remains pretty much the same or even worse. During the fities and the sixties the target was North Asia, South East Asia and the countries of South America. Today it is the Middle East. It is like one colossal monster trying to swallow up the smaller fish. Unfortunately this colossal monster is being controlled by a midget monster situated in the heart of the Arab Middle East. We all know who.

  • Indian Investigators do not Suspect Iran in Israel Embassy Blast
    • Blaming Iran is just an excuse to hasten the bombing of the country. The US and other leading governments of the world should know better than to believe the insidious and mischievous logic of Israel's political leaders who are just itching to attack Iran. Thankfully India has come out with this statement in spite of its close friendship with Israel which is going to prove dangerous one day for sure.
      Israel is owever hated by most countries of the world because of its unfair policies towards Palestine ,its occupation,and brutality .But they cannot do anythking about it because Israel is fully backed by the greatest military power in the world.

  • South Carolina & Gingrich, Egypt & the Muslim Brotherhood
    • True. Double standards is nothing new in US politics.Nor in Western politics in general.One rule for them and another rule for the rest of the world.
      Without any political bias it should be understood that the Muslim Brotherhood of today's Egypt is different. It is more progressive ,honest. caring and well organised. Those who are dismayed at the victory of this party are those who are corrupt,love to be the puppets of the West and even act as a fifth column in Egyptian politics. Israel's mischievous propaganda against Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood is hugely responsible for this paranoia being created in Western press.

  • Would Obama Greenlight an Israeli Attack on Iran?
    • Apart from a highly impressive rhetoric Obama has shown nothing so far to impress the world. On the other hand people outside the USA and many in it too are totally dismayed at his rash political decisions, his penchant for bombing other peoples of the earth. Whom is he trying to impress and what is his ultimate aim remains suspicious as ever. He is certainly working to please someone. We know who.But as a responsible head of the world's most powerful empire he is dangerously out of touch and frighteningly misinformed,ignorant of historical facts and shockingly biased.So like a killer dog he might even give the green signal to attack Iran a pride of an ancient world's civilization just like Iraq was. This would be a tragedy for the world as soon afterwards it will be controlled by power hungry Obama like creatures who will continue with their ruthless bombing campaigns on weak peoples of this earth.

  • Dear Rev. Graham: Obama was not born a Muslim and neither is anyone else
    • Franklin Graham's likes are the creators of Al-Qaeeda. At least Al Qaeda keep saying they have political motive. Franklin Graham is just a crazy,misinformed ,ignorant bigoted fundamentalist imbecile who is not only a waste of time but someone who should be weeded out of the American society. In fact this guy is an embarrassment and an imminent danger to all right thinking intellectuals of the country and of the world.

  • Erdogan vows that Turkey will not Let Israel Get away with Flotilla Attack
    • This is a test for all countries of the world. Either let Israel get away with this crime just like it got away with all the crimes against the Palestinian people all along or bring it to justice. Providence has provided Turkey with an opportunity like a blessing in disguise. Turkey should never ever let this chance go. Go Turkey go.

  • 80 Dead in Twin Ahmadi Mosque Bombings
    • This is indeed shameful.To use religious difference as an excuse to kill is simply abominable. These things used to happen not so long ago in the Irish Republic between Catholics and Protestants too.
      In the early period of last century Jews were persecuted by Christians throughout Europe simply because of being Jews. This as we all know culminated in the holocaust. During the Spanish inquisition Muslims were slaughtered in the name of Christianity with hardly anyone left.Jews were slaughtered too but mostly expelled seeking sanctuary in Islamic lands like Morrocco,Turkey,Egypt,Iran and Syria where they still live today in complete prosperity. (A point to be remembered by Israel today that does not hesitate to slaughter the Arab Muslims at the slightest pretext.)
      Those few Muslims who survived the inquisition were forced to become Christians. These survive till today and call themselves 'Moriscoes'.
      The Portuguese and the Spanish in their enthusiastic mission to spread Christianity or Catholicism annihilated two empires in South America by destroying two ancient civilisations namely the Mayas and the Aztecs.Populations of the Native Indians were wiped out without any qualms of mercy.
      The religious far right Hindus in India slaughtered some 2500 Muslims in the State of Gujarat in the year 2002 and displaced some ten thousand. The killers have still not been charged and still hold high official positions in the government of Gujarat.
      In Iraq Sunni-Shia killings became a common thing ever since the invasion of the country by the US and allied forces.
      The US too is a very religious country and Christian Evangelists have their broadcasts regularly on some 100 radio stations everyday spewing hatred for other religions. Gerry Falwell was one of the leading exponents in this art.
      Religion minus bigotry can be a beautiful thing. Unfortunately intolerance is the second nature of man.
      Religion also brings unity and a system to the life of humans though it is unfortunately exploited by bigots due to perversion of the mind. Can a non-religious society be an answer? They experimented with Communism and the world saw the unprecedented slaughter of humans on a scale never seen in the history of mankind.
      So guess one has to live with the hope of a metamorphosis of man's mind like the constant changing particles of the universe.

  • Police: Shahzad has no Links to Taliban; Clinton Remarks Produce Firestorm in Pakistan
    • Even before anything disastrous happened so much drama is being created. For all we know the bomb was just a hoax by this young guy who probably did this to vent frustration at what the Us troops are doing in his homeland namely maiming and killing innocent civilians by the hundreds near his home town. Has he not got any right to be infuriated or bitter about these US drones that kill without precision people who every right to live. First of all there is no real proof that Shahzad is involved in any terrorist group. This appears highly unlikely.But before anything has been proved Clinton's erratic statements only speak of her immature and ignorant political assumptions. She could prove disastrous for this government and for world peace.
      Already the US drones have started doing their job since a week. Hundreds of civilians are being killed on mere assumption in the NW regions of Pakistan. In fact pregnant women,children and old men have been the victims. So are the real terrorists now? What right has the US to invade the airspace of a sovereign country and bomb her civilians? Yet one small unexploded bomb is seen in a car in Times square all hell broke loose. Talk of war is on.Is this human justice? The US is supposed to be fighting for human rights and social justice or democracy in this world. People of this world must be stupid to even believe them. These are just bullies who sadistically wait for an opportunity to use their deadly weapons on poor third world countries.

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