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  • Upshot of Mueller Probe: Putin did to US what we did to Iran and Iraq
    • forget Iran and Iraq - we did worse to RUSSIA ITSELF in the 90s. Our interference that turned a Yeltsin defeat into a victory was vastly worse than anything Russia's accused of today.

      Stephen F Cohen is my authority and voice of reason on Russia, in an age when democrats are sounding like Jesse Helms on the USSR in the 80s. I wonder what Cohen will say in response to yesterday's news.

  • Solar: Elon Musk already got a San Juan Hospital running & more to Come
    • do well by doing good? i suppose it's only Shock Doctrine if it's something the people DON'T want.

  • Terror and Geopolitics: Manchester 2017 and 1996
    • I was under the impression any group with a chance of replacing the Saudi Regime would be an improvement. Give Saudi Arabia an Arab Spring, no? Please improve my understanding of why that would be bad. I assumed most Saudi dissidents yearn in a progressive liberal direction, relatively. feminists...democracy activists... is this wishful thinking?

  • Trump calls Special Counsel a "Witch Hunt": But what is his relation to Russia?
    • if anything, i see RT as a healthy antidote to the pro-US propaganda found on every major American news network. i avoid them and watch democracy now and RT with maybe a 70/30 split

    • I'm a big fan, Professor Cole. I follow Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill, DemocracyNow...

      But i also like several RT shows.

      Chris Hedges, who has my greatest esteem, recently got a show on RT. I've read his books for 10+ years and listened to countless lectures from him prior, and I detect no change since he went to RT.

      Thom Hartmann was a Bernie fan and runs his show on RT in kind.

      They've done some great documentaries on America.

      I'm not their shill - they just seemed good according to the same standards i apply to your blog.

      yet RT seems to be treated differently, with more negative suspicion, than other networks. "propaganda" you say? what's up with that.

  • Why the White Working Class Rebelled: Neoliberalism is Killing Them (Literally)
    • I find your assertion hard to believe, becuase it implies if the economic times were great, whites would still be upset because losing white control is aggravating even when everyone's high on the hog.

      that just doesn't pass the sniff test. if society was economically secure or even prosperous, i'm sure no one except a tiny fringe would care about race.

      but IF things get economically bad, people get tribal and selfish and circle the wagons, and only then is the race issue widely deployed since it's such a time-honored way to divide people. but i don't think it works as much these days, if times are good.

  • Why the Boeing & Airbus Sales to Iran are a Big Effing Deal
    • false characterization. iran gets along just fine. it's the US with the psychopathic impulse to punish those who don't cowtow, combined by the reach of its dictat, that's putting civilians in danger. as an american, i say my nation's culpable. chomsky explained it best: like a mafia. the punishment given to the corner shop owner who doesn't pay protection money is way out of proportion to said money, because it's the successful defiance the don's upset about, not the tiny amount of lost money

  • Top 7 firsts in Women in US Politics
  • Did Trump-Style Islamophobia break up the European Union?
    • What about leftist idol Tariq Ali? He was pro-Brexit because the EU makes certain leftist goals impossible.

      I'd been thinking Brexit exclusively meant a win for racists, so it was instructive to see the far left case.

      Here's Tariq's 1-minute statement: link to

      Here’s a 12-minute version: link to

      maybe if you're a "glass half full" person you heed Tariq Ali, and if you're a "glass half empty" person you heed Nigel Farrange.

  • Apartheid Forever: Israel's Netanyahu rules out Palestinian Citizenship Rights
    • Chomksy - one of the greatest critics of Israel and one of the greatest advocates of the Palestinians - agrees the word "apartheid" isn't quite right.

      but what's his reasoning? because it's better-than-apartheid within Israel, but worse-than-apartheid in the occupied territories!

  • Palestinians ready next Move as UNSC rejects end of Occupation
    • on most issues you're right, but not on this one! there's near unanimity in "the world" on this topic, which is why Cole said the general assembly would strongly support such a measure if it got the chance. watch Chomsky's recent speeches on the topic, such as the one at the UN on 14 October 2014, linked below. His recent speeches start by saying many problems in the world are prohibitively complex, without obvious practicable solutions in sight. But israel-palestine is not one of them.

      link to

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