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  • Islamophobia Kills: German Munich shooter admired Breivik, Killed Turks
    • "But to the extent that he was driven by ideology, it was the.......that of the Islamophobia Network."
      Dropped word there.

  • Not the Onion: Trump: 'No California Drought & I will Solve it'
    • So you can read the Prof. Cole's intent?
      The video called evidence to support what the article stated, where anyone can see the source of the comments which were at the core of the article.

  • Will Climate Change make the Mideast Uninhabitable & trigger mass exodus?
    • Thanks for this observation, Professor.
      I have been saying this since last summer when Bandar Mahshahr, Iran had an incredible heat index of 163 degrees on July 31. Heat indexes in the 150 degree range were spread throughout the general region in late July, 2015; Baghdad hit 124 degree F and the govt. declared a 4-day holiday because no one can operate at that temperate. (I keep up with because I like weather, and this era of climate change has serious possible political repercussions.)

      The second part I relate to people is that KSA would have known about this since the '70s when the oil companies have been documented to know that growing petroleum usage with have increasing effects on the atmosphere and climate and the certain dangers that can engender.

      So, the question I pose is this: Did KSA formulate a long-term strategy to abandon the Saudia Arabian peninsula and move to a more moderate place in their anticipated future? Was this for everyone or just the royal family?

      The implicit problems you related in your post would cost vast sums to maintain a sense of normalcy, and eventually it would seem political instability would be the order of the day. Is what we're seeing there now a prelude?

      It would be ironic - and genuinely biblical - if all the fighting and dying led directly to a time when the whole place just naturally became uninhabitable for most anyone, like the Nefu, a slow but determined holocaust of drought and searing heat that would have happened anyway as long as the world stayed on its petroleum-inspired course. The trillions of dollars and the millions of lives were just evidence of the stress and, for the greater part, essentially wasted.

  • Not al-Qaeda: Abu Zubayda as Bush's Mengele Experiment
    • This info is not that's from December, 2014. from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence's report. There's also a link to a Guardian story at that time.

      The crowing of one D. Trump brought this up again...not to mention the continuous usage in American media that Zubaydah was Al Qaeda, etc. As a matter of fact, after I had read this over on Tom Englehardt's blog that generated Rebecca's story, the next day an Associated Press story had the same repeated lie again deep in a MSN released story.

      It's not that the fix on that shenanigans is in, it is in deep across US media even though the official US position is the opposite. This is not a spirited defense, it is a reiteration of the facts of the case from the SSCI and, strangely enough, by CIA's own admission.

  • What GOP New Yorkers just voted for: Torture, Syria Intervention, murder of innocents
    • Trump is popular became he gathers the lion's share of the broadcast media's attention and he's agile (as a campaign) on social media, using it as a weapon to create more attention.

      When the corporate media doesn't question all these things, they, too, are complicit in the shenanigans. As they have been for several decades following the start of consolidation in '83 under Reagan and again in '96 via Clinton.

  • Syrian Ceasefire in Tatters as al-Qaeda & allies attack in South Aleppo
    • At around :38 in the video, you can see a full moon (or near full). The full moon was on Wednesday, March 23, over a week ago. It was a waning half moon on March 31.

      So, this piece of video is probably not contemporaneous with the report of fighting near Aleppo.

  • Evangelical Militarism & Islamophobia? Does the Wheaton College Hawkins case signal a Problem?
    • I wondered how many Evangelicals there were in the USA, and if this was a tempest in a teapot or something larger. One search found a piece from Wheaton which put an estimate at 30-35% of the population, 90-100 million US citizens, a large number. However, I don't think it broke out black Evangelicals, which are not as militant or nationalistic as white Evangelicals (in general). But the piece did make me realize that the authoritarian push from the right gets sustenance and strong support from white Evangelicals. (Source: link to

      I don't seem to see any resolution concerning the peaceful teachings of Jesus and the militarism of the Evangelicals, which seems to me a rather deep chasm.

  • Kurdish Fighters cut Road between ISIL centers of Raqqa and Mosul
    • Traditionally, about a 10-1 ratio of attackers to dug-in troops is needed, exp. if the defenders have food, water and ammo. This siege ratio goes all the way back to Chinese general and tactician Sun Tsu around 500 BC (The Art of War). Sieges take time and many resources to complete. Remember the Alamo, where 189 defenders held off a force of some 1,500 to up to 4-6,000 in the end for two weeks. It's a deadly game and those with cover, a range of booby traps and clear shooting alleys can hold out a long time.

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