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  • It's not Fergustan: Ferguson is what America Looks Like
    • Doesn't surprise me at all. The fact it doesn't surprise me puts me in the minority section of whites. The same type of racism is rampant towards Native Americans. I live in northern Minnesota in a county with part of three reservations. The racism is extreme and very tightly clung to. Americans have the opinion that laws change things which they do not. Unfortunately, America was founded on a platform of racism/genocide from it's very beginning.

  • Border Wars in the Homeland "Stop Stepping on the Pictures"
    • I wasn't in but worked around the legal system for many yrs. Did not take me long to become very frightened of cops. I saw and heard things I couldn't, initially, believe. Lower classes have always been roughed up, falsely accused/convicted and harassed. For me the article is true to form.

  • How Reagan subverted the meaning of D-Day & the New Deal of the Greatest Generation
    • To me Reagan was what Americans love most ie bullshit delivered with promises of an infinite future. The guy didn't have an opinion and was simply another paid for politician spouting what he'd been paid so spout. Hollow shell of a man.

  • A New Crimean War? (Update: Stuff's Getting Real)
    • I love patriots where ever they are. So gullible, so na├»ve and simplistic. Putin's heavy handiness? What's new? So we ignore US involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam and countless other involvements we know nothing of. But of course, no heavy handiness there. The reality is the powers pick at each other in ways the commoners aren't interested in. But it is the commoners who buy the patriotic fever and die in the trenches. Old, old story played one more time.

  • Let's See: Major Droughts in Drying West; Fracking a Water Hog and Causes Drought...
    • I'm pleased it took a "study" to determine excessive use of water in dry areas depletes the water. I'll bet it took some PhDs to figure that one out.

  • McKibben: Crunch Time for Obama on Keystone XL
    • Unfortunately, the "stop the pipeline" people are living in a fools paradise. The oil will get to market one way or another. Personally, I think the whole "we can solve" this hype is just that, hype. No one even begins to consider the social upheaval that would result from any serious effort to stop the ever accelerating runaway train we're one. Don't get me wrong, wish I didn't think this way but can't see it any different. The human animal is going to do this period. And blaming the government is simply a way of avoiding our own responsibility. In fact, I find the issue of blaming the president, whomever it is, an exercise in ignorance and a total inability to face reality. It's America and ALL Americans who are responsible for the situation. But if you want to hide behind a partisan rant press on.

  • India Flap derives from America's Gulag Practices and Far-Right Supreme Court
    • I find my fellow Americans oblivious to anything. We are a compliant people totally devoted to being told what to do. Good bull shitters though.

  • Almost Human: How Robots, Race and Neoliberalism killed Detroit and what it Means for You
    • I think the details of our demise are complex and far reaching. For me, we were greedy, arrogant and entitled from the get go. We created a mythology without a shred of truth in it. In one way or another we annihilated the people who were here and rightfully owned the resources. We imported slave and semi-slave labor from all over the world selling them on the idea they would become rich/famous by coming to America and some (very few) did. All others were inferior and had been put here, by god, for our amusement. After WWII we had the world at our feet and took full advantage of it. Throughout it all, the masses dreamed of becoming rich. In the end we simply tried to use credit cards to obtain all the trappings of riches. And now it's all ending. In fact, the end began long ago. All we have left is the lies we tell ourselves of how wonderful/god chosen we are and, of course, blaming everyone but ourselves.

  • How America's Global Surveillance Empire made it a Helpless Giant (Engelhardt)
    • Actually, we've always been a paranoid gun nut holed up in bunker. Took me a while and a bit of studying to understand this is not a new phenomenon.

      2-300 yrs ago, we came to a "wilderness" which it wasn't, filled with "savages" which they weren't and convinced ourselves that an angry, vengeful god had given all this to us due to our heaven given "goodness".

      Underneath is a frightened people for whom a nation full of guns and more military than the rest of the world put together cannot make feel safe. Fear is deep, deep in our souls. We are, truly, a dangerous people.

  • Why the US needs Electric Cars: Saudi Arabia threatens Pivot away from US
    • Reality check: Most Americans drive 5 miles a day. That's 1825 miles a year or 18,250 miles in ten yrs. Not what I'm seeing. In fact, I, routinely, see 5 yr old cars with 75-80 thousand on them. I'm retired and don't drive much anymore but drive 10,000 a yr or 28 miles a day. Electric cars will fill a niche market of a particular type of person.

      John Wilson has some very valid points. One, limited, example. I live in northern Minnesota where the local economy is extremely dependent, as are huge areas of America, on tourism. It's 220 miles to Minneapolis meaning several four hour charges just to get here. Unfortunately, I think Mr Cole is decades behind in his understanding of the driving patterns of the real America. People do far, far more with their vehicles than just drive to work.

  • Top Ten Climate Change Threats being ignored by your Television News
    • I don't deal much in the endless speculations of a people who refuse to face reality. I don't care much for predictions of what MAY happen at some future date. It's a nice, simple way to avoid. Words like may, perhaps, might, etc are the words of avoiders.

      What I SEE is massive bark beetle kill from Mexico to Alaska. Canada has the guts to state, on roadside signs, that the 30+ million acres of dead British Columbia pine are a consequence of climate change. Pacific Island people are trying to find a nation that will take them as they are being forced off their ancient island homes. India is building walls to keep out climate refugees from Bangladesh. I have watched Alaskan glaciers retreat for 30 yrs. I have watched the devastation of melting permafrost. I have talked with North Dakota farmers who have seen the growing season extended by 21 days but planting times dramatically impacted by an erratic climate. Daily I pull up the changing northern hemisphere jet stream which is changing the climate in the entire northern hemisphere. I live in northern Minnesota where bark beetle kill began some time ago. Lake Superior water is down 2.5 feet which is necessitating lighter freighter loads. Yearly temperatures in my area have warmed 4 degrees. The list is long and would fill pages.

      No maybe, someday in the distinct future, might, perhaps, predictions, etc. The word is NOW.

  • Ban Coal: Super Cyclone half the Size of India driven by warming Waters
    • While it is great fun to point at politicians, I've been reading climate change info for three decades. The reality is great masses of Americans don't believe in human caused climate change. In fact, I rarely encounter an American
      that even understands climate change beyond "great we'll have warmer winters". Personally, I rarely encounter an American that knows much about anything beyond the indoctrination of Fox news.

      Right now there is a great cry re the disapproval rating of Congress. Know what, they will all be re-elected.

      Personally, I believe this is a direct consequence of an educational system that stopped functioning long ago. Americans are science illiterates or I should just say illiterate. If you can think at all, the teacher is severely threatened and subtle punishment will result. Mindless obedience is well rewarded with good grades, job promotions and the like. It's all semantics now with a witless mass media goose stepping into the future. Enjoy!!

  • Ted Cruz and America's Super-Rich say "Let them eat Cake"
    • Personally, I throw in the tens of millions of Americans who, robotically, follow Fox News. Fox has become god and speaks only the truth. Nearly 100% of the people I talk to know nothing about anything nor do they want to know anything. Conversation beyond bitching about something is impossible and that includes the supposedly well educated. I agree with you totally but figure we're getting what we deserve.

  • Syria: The US is no Lone Ranger (Cole @ Truthdig)
    • My read is the nasty weapons I use are OK and the nasty weapons someone else uses are not OK. There are always folks, like Joe, who draw very interesting lines in their simplistic efforts to rationalize American behavior. America has been, and is, as nasty a nation as they come. Course that depends whether you are on the receiving end. Joe, obviously, isn't so has the comfort of being whole, comfortable and sitting on a judgmental pedestal.

  • Rush to Western Strike on Syria slows, but does not Stall
    • I find it interesting that the US, who is/has been involved in chemical warfare is so outraged. Vietnamese are still suffering from our wide spread use of Agent Orange. Course that was "defoliant" as we play childish word games. Or the use of spent uranium shells. But uranium isn't a "chemical". Or the mass usage of US chemicals by Saddam when he was doing our bidding. Course "we" didn't use them. As far as "crackpot" theories, much of what goes on is based on some crackpot theory. What amazes me is how easily people ride along with the crackpot theories. From my neighbor, I've learned that the forest fires of the western states/Alaska have been set by terrorists who are trying bankrupt the country.

  • GE's 'Brilliant' Wind Turbines offer Cheaper Energy than Coal, Gas, & have Battery Storage
    • My question is how much energy/resources does it take to build them. We have to start thinking of energy like a bank account. If we're spending more (or breaking even) than we're taking in, it's a waste of time. Mining, production, transportation of all materials, maintenance and the inputs to maintenance efforts, installation expenditures, the green house gases involved in the TOTAL process, etc, etc. I see far too many agenda ridden "solutions". Personally, if a business representative is talking, they're lying. Well maybe They are selling which means presenting the very best picture possible. And we have far too many people accepting it all at face value.

      My read is right now we're running around like the proverbial chicken with it's head cut off in a wild effort to find a painless way to maintain our present lifestyle. And far as I can tell, it's folks making a very, very good living doing the hyping. The rest of us are working our tails off to survive.

  • Obama in Berlin foreshadows Coming Epic Battle against Climate Change
    • You need to study climate change a bit. It is already occurring and to those being impacted, it is not "incremental". It is only "incremental" to those who believe they are not being impacted even though they are. It is very comforting to ignore Africa, Pacific Islanders, people in Bangladesh and million so others for whom "incremental" is here. Two yrs ago, Russia stopped exporting grain as production was directly impacted by climate change. Massive areas of US crop land are being impacted right now which will be seen in supermarkets in a few months. Americans will go hungry next winter.

      And if we get sudden massive methane releases, the change could happen in a decade or two. I just watched a program talking about change in fifty yrs. What is not discussed is things don't stay the same and, suddenly, at fifty yrs flip to a new state.

  • The Great American Descent into Plutocracy (Kroll)
    • Brian:

      I think you're missing the point. If I give millions upon millions, I expect something in return. If I give 9.99, I expect nothing. 1.5 billion divided by 10 (forgive me the penny) means 15 million contributed. Bit different than a handful of the extreme wealthy.

      For me the real point is, average Americans are, simply, not in the picture. In my old mind, I don't think we were from the get go. America was/is a myth. It never has existed except in the minds of the mass of people still believing in high school history class. We spend endless hours/blogs/comments complaining about something that has never existed.

  • Why this and not that? America's topsy turvy priorities
    • Once I decided news is not about news but entertainment, I realized news is what Americans want to read (if they can) or hear. If it doesn't entertain me, I switch channels.

      The masses simply don't care about torture, who dies in some far off war or anything else of any consequence. As one person I knows quickly says "I like fantasy better". We bitch about "government" but expect it to deliver what we want, when we want it and how we want it just as long as we can charge it.

  • Falsity of Nuclear Accusation against Iraq Was Known before Bush's Invasion
    • So what's new? From the very get go, we have hidden behind a wall of "we're the only good people". The American sense of superiority, arrogance and god given right to do as we please, to whomever we please and when we please is the law of the land. It's not the government, it's us and always has been. All whatever ruling power has to do is feed into that and we follow along like any other herd. Want to become an outcast, just don't follow.

  • How the US Decides Drone-kill People when it Doesn't Know Who they Are (Currier)
    • I'm very familiar with DSM IV diagnostic manual. DSM only listed disorders. Killing is a normal human behavior so not a disorder.

  • Surprise: US Drones Kill Civilians, Provoke Hatred (Woods)
    • Anyone who studies America's true history realizes we have always been a lie. We were a lie from the very beginning. I consider the vast majority of the American public to be fanatics. As a young man, I was one to the core. After a stint in the military, during Vietnam, I realized we were a lie and spent yrs wandering in the hinterlands as I adjusted to the fact. As an old man, the acceptance is complete and peace has, finally, arrived. I have the utmost sympathy for those who continue to believe the propaganda and, especially, those who send their sons/daughters off to to "their duty". And even more sympathy for those who are the recipients of our brutality. All I have to bear is alienation and isolation, they have to bear the terror and loss of loved ones.

  • Real Patriotism is Recognizing the Cost for Vets of War (Jamiol Cartoon)
    • The American army is, and has been, an army of mercenaries for a long, long time. Like most, I grew up indoctrinated to the "fighting for freedom" routine. Vietnam quickly removed that fantasy. The American civilian population hasn't experienced the real costs of war since the Civil War. No one really cares what happens to vets and never have. In fact, the vast majority of Americans rather like war as long as it's reasonably short. Provides a good economy which all enjoy and you get to talk patriotic jargon while having coffee with your friends. And if someone's son/daughter dies, attend the funera, pat the parents on the back and go home to watch football, survivor or some other distracting trivia.

  • Israel: No Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program; Barak: Any decision to Strike Iran "Far off."
    • Decades ago, I learned America never goes to war for the reasons stated publically. That's just propaganda to get the masses fired up and agree to send the sons/daughters of the poor off to war. No one really believes Iran is building a nuclear weapon. We're just angry because Iran won't step off the side walk so we can pass by.

  • Meyer: Clinton's Fear-Mongering about Egyptian 'Chaos'
    • The American people don't have a voice. They have the illusion of having a voice. The powers that be have done as they pleased for decades. The concept of "two" political parties is a most handy control mechanism. As long as we stay divided thinking that "just if our party were in power all would be well", we remain docile, passive and controllable. Distraction is an excellent device. And to place the blame on Obama is sheer foolishness. He is simply the latest in a long line pushing the agenda. And Hillary is part of this. All this game takes is a message acceptable to a gullable public while the real agenda is put in place. In this case, it's a controllable Egypt. I don't see this as a "conspiracy" but simply a mind set as to what needs to be done for the "good of America". I hear the mind set every day and, at one time, had it myself.

  • Saad's Revolution: Cole at Truthdig
    • Would that, also, be true of Christian fundamentalists in the US? Or the lack of a true left wing in the US? If it should be true then the obvious conclusion is US democratic governance has ended or, perhaps, never existed except in the illusions of the masses from the get go.

      The $64 question for me is: Do we simply have a fundamentalist Washington government that prefers a fundamentalist Muslim government? I cannot imagine the US isn't working, frantically, behind the scenes to put a controllable government into place in Egypt.

  • No News is Good News (for Them)
    • 25% of Americans can't read or write. Nearly another 25% can't read a newspaper article and understand what they've read. The majority of the above can't fill out a job application. 30% of college graduates can't read a complex article and understand what they've read. Something like 40% never read another book after graduation.

      I don't have much of a social circle anymore but the few I do meet won't talk about anything beyond "it's cold out today". The common answer to, almost, anything is "too depressing". Decades ago, I began to look at the news media as entertainment rather than "news". When I saw the media as a business, I realized it is delivering what we'll buy and, frankly, about the level of conversation we can cope with. I suspect, if I had the ability to examine, all empires at their peak are filled with an ignorant, pampered, silly population who are incapable of thinking at all. I figure those who manipulate our system for their own profit simply are seeing suckers ripe for the picking. As the old saying goes, CYA. No one else will.

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