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  • Is Rula Jebreal right about US Media Bias against Palestinians?
    • Prime Minister Netanyahu has shown obvious and often rude preference for Republicans in the US. He extends this prejudice toward Secretary of State Kerry who is trying to stop the carnage in Gaza. Time for Israel to be concerned about living conditions in Gaza. Also time for Hamas to back down on their hatred of Israel and admit they can not destroy Israel. The solution is not military so stop the killings and begin to talk.

  • Anthony Bourdain on Palestinians: "The World has visited many terrible things on" them, robbed of their Humanity
    • On CNN Tony seems able to include politics into his programs. His recent visit to Mexico City was shocking in the effect on private people of their control by the same drug cartel that once ran Columbia. He has a heart and is a good man to report honestly about the condition of the countries he now visits.

  • Logical Errors and Propaganda in Republican Debate on the Middle East
    • You say Gingrich and I say Adelson. 5 billionaires supporting the GOP candidates. Soon we will be asked to approve their selections without a vote.

  • Olbermann Departs, as Media Consolidate Further
    • Schultz got the deep six with his new time slot and Cenk Uygur moved up. I will not watch Cenk who is the corporate dream when he bashes Obama and says little of substance. Maddow is the best. The media is owned by rich men who don't want to support their families. They like the violent insanity of the right and spend billions to keep the lies coming. There is no balance and the false equivalencies are specious. None of the mess in the US is by accident. Next will be the internet devoid of content. Notice how the FCC has been captured.

  • Beck Subtext: Obama Planning to Assassinate Tea Partiers
    • Good idea to be concerned. The pattern is not only crazy talk, but threats of violence. The NAACP has received over 100 threats of violence since they called the Tea Party racists. Alan Grayson also was targeted this week with someone willing to pay if someone else beat him up. It is a constant pattern. FOX news was irresponsible or worse this week with their doctored video of Shirley Sherrod. Their ACORN attack is now in court. We need a spotlight on this intimidation. This is not a "democratic" process or even consistent with the Constitution and "free speech".

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