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NSA Spying: Now It’s Personal

NSA Spying: Now It’s Personal

By Eva Galperin and Nadia Kayyali via EFF Imagine that you watched a police officer in your neighborhood stop ten completely ordinary people every day just to take a look inside their…


Snowden: Clapper pattern of Lies about My Complaints to NSA

After NBC confirmed Ed Snowden’s earlier claims that he had tried to make use of internal channels to question NSA surveillance programs, James Clapper released a single email from Snowden to the legal department at the NSA, which they claim shows he…

“Man-Up” Kerry tries to Swiftboat Ed Snowden

“Man-Up” Kerry tries to Swiftboat Ed Snowden

By Jon Queally U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is facing widespread criticism for his comment that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden—increasingly seen by the American public as a heroic figure for exposing…

House Passes Fake USA Freedom Act; Fight Turns To The Senate To Fix A Broken Bill

House Passes Fake USA Freedom Act; Only hope is Senate

As explained earlier, due to pressure from the White House and NSA’s supporters in Congress, what could have been real NSA reform was completely changed at the last minute, in secret. The bill, which was substantially different than what both the Judiciary…


Greenwald: NSA sneaking backdoors into hardware exports

Glenn Greenwald has accused the US National Security Agency (NSA) of inserting backdoors for surveillance purposes into servers being exported to other countries. The irony here is that this is just the sort of thing that the US government has in the…