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  • Ben Affleck on Bill Maher's Muslim Problem
    • Methinks you left out another ordinary down home Zionist folk who were not intimidated into submission but fully supported the murderous Netanyahu's attack on Gaza, slaughtering thousands of Palestinian civillians and laying it to waste.
      Would love to hear Maher's musings and justification on Israel's latest assault.

  • Incivility: On not Bringing up Occupied Palestinians in Polite Company
    • First the Press got domesticated then Academia in the crosshairs. Not just the Palestinians' problem, but the "Donor"crowd that wants Palestinians dead is the same that has been railroading the US into Mid east wars.....

  • From Raybans to Portrait Underwear: Sisi-Mania floods Egypt with Kitsch
    • "The villified enemies were Jews, French, and British. They had their assets nationalized and were expelled." Awful yes, but not from out of the blue! In collusion UK, France and Israel invaded Egypt in 1956.Israel was recruiting Egyptian Jews to carry out sabotage operations in Egypt at around the same time. A little background...countries are vile...Israel would attack Egypt and others in 1967

  • Now Peace Talks, John Kerry, are "Anti-Semitic" in Eyes of Israeli Far Right
    • "the United States gives (underline gives) Israel billions of dollars a year in its taxpayers’ money, as well as trade privileges worth further billions"
      Indeed, and not to mention the extensive SPYING that Israel conducts on it's patron

  • American Public Pushes back against AIPAC Senators seeking Iran Conflict
    • There was NO Hizbollah before Sharon and Begin decided to invade Lebanon in 1980's.Followed by 19 year brutal occupation that climaxed with massacre of Palestinians by the IDF surrogates, the SLA.You reap what you sow. Israel was fighting in 2006 the orphans it created30 years earlier.. Israel has always coveted the waters of the Litani river and created pretexts for the conflict.'Tis the nature of the beast!

  • Israel’s indomitable protector, Ariel Sharon emblemized military audacity, evolving politics
    • "Sharon had a reputation for pushing the license and limits of his orders to the maximum" In other words willing to KILL non combatants, "civilians" Muslim and Christian. A product of his culture of Tribal extemism

  • Ariel Sharon's Legacy for Israel and the Middle East
    • Important to note. Not only are the settlements Illegal but they are EXCLUSIVE for "Jews Only" on stolen land. Some of roads are off limits to Non Jews, strictly enforced by IDF using lethal means. No summons or fines issued for Palestinians caught on settler roads. Only Live gunfire.
      Now the funding for this illegal enterprise comes from abroad and that is where it has to be sanctioned.

    • Mark said: “The only material redeeming conduct toward peace that he can be credited with is the Gaza disengagement in 2005 which won him international praise"
      I believe the Israeli reason for withdrawal from Gaza was "WATER" or lack of...
      The Gaza water table is being salinated. In Mideast the it's THE most precious commodity.... As in Lebanon, the waters of the Litani were always coveted by Israel. Overtly, by the Zionist God fathers, in their writings. Israel would later just create the pretexts ,and of course that would create Hizbollah which Sharon was THE midwife to it's birth!!
      Coming soon a Hizbollah type on the Golan border!!
      Then Israel will need more US arms and funding

    • Mark Koroi:'commanded a division that crossed the Red Sea and held a significant area of Egyptian land on its eastern bank while keeping the Egyptians at bay during artillery duels"
      With all due respect. IDF crossed canal, Not the Red sea. You would need G-D for that one. A "miracle". The miracle that did take place was a MASSIVE $1.1 BILLION US airlft. See Operation Nickel Grass. This enabled Israel to commit it's reserves.US taxpayer got to foot the bill!!!!!!Sharon's forces failed to capture the canal city of Ismailya, leaving burnt hulks of Israeli armour behind, and suffered significant causilties. Egyptian communication lines were not cut,but a number of Egyptian SAMS were destroyed.The canal cities were massively shelled by IDF during war of attrition causing 1 million civilian to be made refugees. The organised militias stubornally resisted IDF incursion with second Egyptian army.

  • Israel Rejects Kerry Proposal to Relinquish Control of Palestine-Jordan Border, Endangering Talks
    • No surprise here. The Zionist enterprise like other 19th century nationalist movements are extreme to the core. Racial, Ethnic,Religious supremacy does not recognize the"native" as anything but inferior, and the Uber's will is to be imposed upon. Natanyahu inherited it all from his right wing father who imigrated from Poland and changed his name to Benzion,"Beloved of God" Extremism par excellance, all being financed by US tax dollars , and that has to always be part of the conversation.

  • Gaza: the challenges faced by the young women (Video of the Day)
    • Years back Israel bombed Occupied Gaza's US built and paid for sole power plant with US built and paid for fighter planes and bombs. Not one news service pointed out the irony or total waste of US Taxpayer money. Gaza, the largest open air prison in the world continues to be financed by US taxpayer dollars. Billions of taxpayer dollars that should be spent in these Untied States.

  • Is a Third Palestinian Uprising on its Way?
    • Getting tired are we?? You might not know that your pocket is getting picked either. The US taxpayer is subsidizing that whole Zionist Colonial Enterprise.@$10 million per day that we know of. That is when Israel does not launch another war or fabricate intell. duping US into a Trillion plus disaster.
      Go back to sleep. Bunky!

  • Israeli Public favors Teaching Peace, Palestinian Narrative in Schools
    • "Contrast this with the Israel Defense Forces military tribunals in the West Bank that have the authority – and often do – impose an extra 15-year prison sentence for youthful Palestinian defendants exhibiting disrespect to the tribunal."
      The impunity in killings extends to westerners and Americans as well. Even though Sharon had promised "W" a full transparent investigation into the death of the young Rachel Corrie in Gaza/2007, Israel would not allow the coroner to testify. The IDF armoured tractor driver would receive a light sentence. for running over the young American not once ,but twice. Corrie was interfering with Israel's wanton destruction of Palestinian homes. A war crime.

    • How about going even further back and seriously questioning Mosiac Law and the book of Exodus. That the casual acceptance of the Death of Egypt's first born by Yaweh is horrendous. Celebrated as part Hebrew ritual tradition. Modern day Israel has a very bad record with imprisoning and killing non Jewish minors.

  • Israel plans 1400 New Squatter Homes in Palestinian West Bank
    • INTEGRATED housing? Never happen. Not in the nature of the beast. Squatter sounds right, but "Exclusive, for Jews Only" is probably more Correct.

  • Wounded by Apartheid Wall, Occupied Bethlehem Hopes for Pilgrimage Revival
    • A Jewish state of Israel will oppress Christian as well as Muslim. That is the essence of a Religious state in Mideast that Christians in the West have yet to grasp. The Israel Apartheid wall is meant to strangle the economies and social fabric of Non Jewish towns. The aim is ethnic cleansing of indigenous Non Jewish populations .Security is just pretext.

  • Top Reasons Israel's Likud Really Opposes an Iran Nuclear Deal
    • "1.5 billion euros to purchase Dolphin submarines from Thyssen-Krupp"

      One minor correction, these were partially financed by the German Taxpayer.

      U-boats in the Israeli navy!

  • Campbell: Israeli PM Sharon Threatened Bush with Nuking Iraq (Mearsheimber & Walt vindicated)
    • Why use Nukes if the surprise attack is going well?
      Intelligence sources have said that Israel had 2 crude Nuclear bombs at offset of 1967 war.Probably as a backup option.

  • Palestinian Hunger Games
  • David Frum on Gasoline Prices and Iran (bzzzt Wrong)
    • Frum is part of Cadre of right wing Canadian Jewish imports that are relentess in driving the extreme Likud agenda in the US.Charles Krauthammer(Dr.Strangeglove),Mort Zuckerman are 2 others.

  • Serri: Iran's UN Inspectors are Repeating the Iraq Mistakes
    • Let's see, "unsourced or poorly sourced foreign intelligence reports". Hmm,.... is there anybody out there that does not see the SAME trial leading to extremist Likunicks,in Israel/US ???
      Iran is funding Hizbollah/Hammas with resisantance options.Iraq was paying Palestinian families $25,000 after Israel demolished their homes. Iran is their next target.Unfortunately Israel will never need to make peace if it can run roughshod around mideast with US taxpayer funding and WMD. Hell! US picked up a couple of hundred million aviation fuel tab during Israel pummelling of Lebanon in 2006.

  • NYPD Attack on OWS and the End of the First Amendment
    • An interesting bit of information about NYPD rarely disclosed,is that they get some training in Israel in riot control and "terrorist" intel.In that Israel riot control usually devolves into use of live ammo. at the drop of a dime this should be troubling. IDF modus operandi usually involves planting their own agents provoqueter in crowd to intiate rock throwing which is followed by return gunfire.

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