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  • Protest against Aljazeera Leaks in Ramallah; US Dictated Leadership to Palestinians
    • so called "PA" are but Israel/USA puppets without ANY legitimacy. ANY!

      So all words about them being "secular" and even "nationalist" are irrelevant.

      I KNOW for long time now who they are and what they do. I VERY much doubt that Palestinians do not.

  • Pashtuns lose Parliament, Violence up 70% in Afghanistan
    • anne, do you believe that ONLY Obama wants to occupy Afghanistan? What about all reps and dems who all the time vote for founding this colonial war?

      I hate to disappoint you, but Obama is but a tool of USA imperialism, and imperialism is a bi-partisan job.

  • Shimkus Pwned on 2 Percent Climate Claims
    • That in USA such religious loonies could be elected senators means that all USA's jokes about Muslims being backward are really jokes on USA.

      There are no better conditions in Israel as well.

  • Alam: Zionism: Two Deficits
    • No, it was Jews who spoke Russian, Romanian and Polish. I am a Jew from Russia and my mother tongue is Russian, and my friend is a Romanian Jew and his mother tongue is Romanian.

    • Zionism is the same colonialism as Rhodes' enterprise (and started in about the same time). It was just one more case of "whites" grabbing lands of "non-whites". Pretext was a bit more "original" but it was but a pretext. Zionism is trivial if seen in context of white colonialism and imperialism.

  • Cole on "Iran and Islam" at USIP Iran Primer
    • "Most Sunni activists are hostile to the Islamic Republic."

      How many of those "activists" are on Saudi payroll? How many on Israel and USA?

      I am NOT a supporter of clericalism in Iran, but a lot of its opponents are just as reactionary or even more.

  • Ahmadinejad Promises to Protect Qana in South Lebanon
    • How nice of Jhold to open Lebanese eyes. They think Israel and USA leaders are thugs and liars and worse, and they even have some reason to think so. But now they should boo Ahmadinejad and ask Netaniahu to come and help them, right?

  • Republican Iott a Reenactor of SS Panzer Div. Wiking
    • 1) The so-called free world usually are unaware that USSR had ANY part in the demise of Nazis.

      2) The so-called free world was a club of colonial racist states, which were busy doing before, during and AFTER WWII to non-whites all over the world EXACTLY what Hitler do to whites in East Europe. USA racial laws were in power long after Hitler's ones were abolished.

  • The Invisible Deluge in Pakistan (Cole in Tomdispatch)
    • IMF is just now ordering Pakistan to up sales tax and kill energy price subsidies in order to get some money. IMF behaves like a gangster against put down victim, so charity is by any means enough to save poor Pakistanis. USA has a decisive vote in IMF, but is not going to use it to help, but to made Pakistan more multinational business friendly, while Pakistanis are starved and ill.

  • They used to Burn Catholic Churches, now they Burn Mosques
    • Racism and bigotry are as American as apple pie. USA was founded by slaveowners , including Washington and Jefferson, and managed by Natives-murderers, including Andrew Jackson - all American heroes. They all justified their crimes by some bigotry - sometimes religious one, and more often simple by racism.

  • Iraqi Soldier Kills 2 Americans, Wounds 9
    • year, year, you have your say about bad apples, and I remember you spinning "foreign advisors" tale before.

      I'll wait and see, and so others. And while we are waiting, you could tell some "Afghan Army"soldiers that their USA "advisers" sometimes bombing them are any sort of apples you call them.

    • Long ago I have read a short story with the title like this: how the anti-colonial struggle started in ...some small Indian area. It tells about a group of Indians - mostly respectable middle class folks and only one half-naked pupil of Gandi come to visit a British governor. They pledge to each other be sensible and not start to chant slogans. So, they were perfectly ready to behave nicely. But there were a bit of problem - the governor was busy and had no time just now for Indians. So, he told his high servant to serve them tea and biscuits. But his high servant was a white racist and snobbish- I suppose it tells us something about the governor as well - and delegated the task to a boy. The boy by mistake served Indians dog's biscuits - made with animal fat. So, when the governor did come to meeting, and his guests learned what they were treated with, they got very angry - they were religious vegans or something, but mostly they were insulted by such pejorative treatment as a whole, so they started to chant slogans :)

      You see, there is NOT a method of colonialism and occupation, which is OK. They ALL are wrong. I am not sure that the story about volleyball is a true and not a try of a spin. But I am SURE, it would be not the last such incident, not if I understand anything about Iraq and occupation.

  • Hellegers: American Income Inequality is the Cause of our Crisis
    • I wonder - why not a word about uniformed Iraqi killing USA soldiers on "Iraqi war base"? Was this a desperate dead of the defeated Sunni, or the sign of new tactic by resistance? Could such tactics bring FULL end to USA occupation of Iraq?

      I suppose it could.

  • Last US Combat Units withdraw from Iraq
  • Bolton was Contradicted by Bush on Iran's Bushehr Reactor
    • Israel is to the ME what Rhodesia was to Africa. How for Pete sake such entity could EVER have "an opportunity for partnership with its neighbors in a very productive regional economic system"?

      Anyway, USA could be a foe of Iran, but it is Israel who for 10+ years is insisting on bombing Iran, and asking for USA help and/or approval.

  • Kurdish General Again Insubordinate, Angles for US to Remain in Iraq
    • No matter who was advisers in Iraq after UK colonialism was shuttered by Iraqis, Iraq was independent, not much of it now.

      And Saddam was a darling of USA, for a long time. I am not sure about Satan, but I DO know that Kurdish leaders sided with Saddam against another Kurdish leaders.

    • By the way, do Anan have ANY compassion for 1 000 000+ IRAQIS (all of them) dead as a result of USA aggression against Iraq?

    • OK, so I am NOT an Arab, more than that, I am a Jew. But I still agree with Leila, and still see the general as a puppet of USA and Israel, more or less, regardless of him being Kurdish or not.

    • Anan "forgot" to add, that in 1991 it was USA who let Saddam to end "resistance". It seems the "resisters" are not too clever to rely on USA. And to come to their own country on others' tanks is NOT the best way to establish themselves as legitimate power - tanks could not only come, but also go...

      Anyway, when UK masters got out of Iraq in 1950th, their puppets were thrown down - regardless any "Iraqi army" of then.

    • Kurdish militias were mass-murdering each other and collaborating with Saddam. If they want to rely on USA, they should look at what was the fate of other USA's "allies" - in Vietnam, for ex. USA is far away and Iraq is near, it is not seems too prudent forget it.

    • It would be nice if anan could support his climes :)

      Of course, I believe him when he says that the general was put in his position by occupational army - so, I would like to say he is as much Iraqi general as Peten was French premier

  • Cutting off Aid to the Lebanese Army Hurts US Interests
    • "As far as sovereignty is concerned, these enclaves belong to Israel." - NO, they are not. Anyway, it was an Israel provocation.

  • Israeli and Lebanese Armies Trade Fire; at least 4 Dead
    • if somebody could not understand difference between defending owns' land from colonisers and colonization of others' land, one could still try to get a better picture than "tribal warriors" - and what is wrong with tribal warriors fighting Western colonialism be it in Africa, Asia or America?

      My grandfather died defending Soviet Union from Nazi colonization drive. I think he was a hero.

    • Leila, a very good question, about UNIFIL need an investigation on a matter they already determined. Of course, their mission from the beginning was to shield Israel from any form of Lebanese resistance to IOF provocations. They are proxies for IOF, to be precise, even mass-media in the West mentioned that people in the South Lebanon do not trust UNIFIL and see them as a foe, not a friend.

    • An-Nahar is as reliable a source as Al-Arabia. Haarez is but a conduit for IOF prop, when the IOF interests are on stake.

      IOF violated Lebanon land, air and so on hundreds of times just for two last years. It is just all their times they were too much cowards to get close enough to be shot.

      IOF is a colonial army of religious fanatics - Jewish ones. They are war criminals. Now, they one more time got taste of their own medicine - but this time it was not even from Hizballah! I cannot help LOL remembering all Israel calls 2 years ago to " let Lebanese army" in the South Lebanon instead of Hizballah. It seems they got what they have asked for :)

  • The Closing of the Zionist Mind
    • Ha-ha, a good one :)

      By the way, Assyrians were Semitic, as far as I know

    • It is not about "nationalism", it is about colonialism. Zionist Jews are Afrikaners of today.

      I am an anti-Zionist Jew, I know it well enough.

    • Zionism is NOT merely "nationalism", it is a colonial project, settlerism, not unlike Rhodes' one. Serbs have NOTHING to do with it, they are NOT colonizing others' land. And pro-Israel Christians in Lebanon are just colonialism's helpers.

      Zionism is a "white men" conquering "non-whites" land, this is it.

  • Women of Afghanistan: Rethink Afghanistan, Part 5
    • Afghan women ask USA occupation force to go home, and to stop supporting warlords who are not less misogynistic than Taliban. RAWA is a voice of Afghan women, not Hillary Clinton. And, incidentally, without USA occupation, their would be NO "crossfire" to mass-murder Afghanistan civilians. Afghans are able to manage their own problems - no less than Americans.

      And, if USA are SO interested in Afghan women's rights, why they founded Al-Qaida back then, when in Afghanistan there was the most women-rights friendly government? Because the gov in question was also USSR-backed, of course. So much for women's rights....

  • Advice for General Petraeus on the Rules of Engagement:
    It’s Neither/Nor, Not Either/Or
    • Guys, if this is the West's best bet, I pity you, even though I do not pity Afghans. They know better - such "ghost help" could be well-intended, but it is futile till the end of occupation. Tell NATO go home and THEN try to help, if you really want.

  • NATO Secretly Planning to Leave Afghanistan by 2014;
    5 NATO Troops Killed
    • PA, in reality "civil war" in 1978 was in a big part CIA's intervention against pro-Soviet government - see the founding of Al-Qaida. So it is not a good comparison, even though I agree with you that Karzai is but a puppet of USA, so he is definitely not a key reason to anti-occupation struggle.

  • Libyan Aid Ship Extracts Concessions from Israel;
    Resumption of House Demolitions in Jerusalem
    • Could Phud1 READ what he had posted? OK, I'll remind him his own words - see his first post here

      "The US does not interfere in commerce between Cuba and any country that cares to trade with it." I refuted his words with facts - USA DOES.

      After that he change the topic :)

      His second wrong declaration I leave alone - anyone could check it up by oneself.

    • I cited your own words and refuted them. I have NOT bothered with names for deeds , but with facts.
      1) USA DOES "interfere"
      2) USA started acting against Cuba (no matter how to call them) NOT because of WMD or some other crap.

      Now, you could say what you want, but facts are stubborn.

      Now about "stupidity" - USA rulers know that they cannot force China and Vietnam - they tried and failed. But C and V are far away, and could not be so much of a "bad example" of independent politics and alternative way to USA neighbors . Cuba is , and exactly because of it Cuba is targeted.

    • Phud1

      "The US does not interfere in commerce between Cuba and any country that cares to trade with it."


      "The Helms-Burton Act has been the target of criticism from Canadian and European governments in particular, who resent the extraterritorial pretensions of a piece of legislation aimed at punishing non-U.S. corporations and non-U.S. investors who have economic interests in Cuba. In the Canadian House of Commons, Helms-Burton was mocked by the introduction of the Godfrey-Milliken Bill, which called for the return of property of United Empire Loyalists seized by the American government as a result of the American Revolution (the bill never became law). Furthermore, the European Parliament in 1996 passed a law making it illegal for EU citizens to obey the Helms-Burton act. "


      "there was an embargo in 1962, specifically to prevent WMDs from being brought in."


      " July 1960, in response to Cuba's new revolutionary government's seizure of US properties, the United States reduced the Cuban import quota of brown sugar by 700,000 tons, under the Sugar Act of 1948[6]; the Soviet Union responded by agreeing to purchase the sugar instead, as Cuba's new government continued to take further actions to nationalize American businesses and privately owned property....
      In response to the Cuban alignment with the Soviet Union during the Cold War, President John F. Kennedy extended measures by Executive Order, first widening the scope of the trade restrictions on February 7 (announced on February 3 and again on March 23, 1962). According to a former aide, Kennedy asked him to purchase 1,000 Cuban cigars for Kennedy's future use immediately before the extended embargo was to come into effect. Salinger succeeded, returning in the morning with 1,200 Petit H. Upmann cigars, Kennedy's favorite cigar size and brand.[7] Following the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy imposed travel restrictions on February 8, 1963, and the Cuban Assets Control Regulations were issued on July 8, 1963, under the Trading with the Enemy Act in response to Cubans hosting Soviet nuclear weapons. Under these restrictions, Cuban assets in the U.S. were frozen and the existing restrictions were consolidated."

      Mind you, I used Wiki which is NOT pro-Cuban in any way.

      Is it not odd that defender of USA sanctions against Iraq and Cuba is not very well aware about reality?

  • The Orientalism of Israeli Troops Dancing
    • "enjoy the moment." - yes, and Palestinians SURE enjoy it. If the occupation soldiers are NOT happy with being war criminals, they could refuse. Some of them do refuse, and they are NOT dancing on the street cleansed from the inhabitants - they sit in military jail or work to end such happy dancing

  • Eyewitness Account: 'They began to fire machine guns ...'
    • passengers of other ships had guns pointed on them, were fired on by "plastic" bullets and beaten up. If they were NOT killed, it does not mean they were not attacked by Israel army.

  • Kirchner: Bush angrily said War would Grow US Economy
    • yes, stupid, because there is NOT Obama's escalation in Pakistan, Yemen and god only knows where else

  • Guerrilla War Continues: 31 Killed in Iraq Attacks; Allawi, Maliki to Meet
    • Hmm, so they are going to clean A BIT after all they have done in Iraq? Why to use DU in the first place? Why to start the agressive war in the first place? If somebody murdered a whole family and then agreed to pay for their funerals, is it "doing something dood" as well?

  • I want My Country back from Big Oil
    • "While Roosevelt hoped for peace among the Great Powers, he did not include “states so backward that a civilized community ought not to enter into an arbitration treaty with them.” (Roosevelt had declared British poet Rudyard Kipling’s call for the US to take up “the white man’s burden” to be “rather poor poetry but good sense from the expansion point of view.”)"

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