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  • Arabs, Thomas Friedman and the "iron fist"
    • Just wondering. At one point, maybe around 2005 or 2007, Friedman appeared on one of the many shows that invite him on (do those jamokes get paid? Much?) and when questioned about his "suck... on... this!" statement, he said, "That doesn't sound like something I would say." The video clip is displayed pretty frequently. Does he still claim it's not something he said?

  • With Fall of Aleppo, will a Russo-Iranian Middle East challenge Trump?
    • I might be mistaken, but I think Erdogan is going to have to talk to Russia and (maybe) Iran first in order to be able to talk to Assad.

  • Hard Truth: Aleppo Rebels weren't defeated by Main Force but b/c they alienated Syrians
    • Except Obama didn't stay our of that quagmire. He managed to minimize our involvement there, and thank Dog he didn't fall for the phony chemical attack that was supposed to draw him into it, but the neocons in control of the State Department, CIA, and Pentagon have involved us deeply, as has Israel and Saudi Arabia. They are not our friends. And the cease fire last spring was sabotaged by Ashton Carter sending air force planes to bomb Syrian Army troops.

  • Top 5 Times the FBI intervened to Help the US Right Wing
    • Really very easy, with standard Unix/Linux/BSD/Cygwin tools. Every email header contains a unique code, created from the contents and date and time of the email. The FBI already has a list all the headers of all the emails they have already examined. It's trivial to make a list of the hashes of the new batch of emails and compare them to the existing list to see if any of them have not already been examined. According to reports very few, if any, had not already been examined, so no time needed to be spent on examining them individually. The job could have, and should have been, done in a few hours before Comey (who appears to be as computer illiterate as Hillary) sent his carefully crafted accusatory letter to Chaffetz.

  • US Goes to War with Houthis in Yemen (Openly)
    • I think it's now 17, but I couldn't name them all. We have to include Somalia and, I think, Chad and The Central African Republic. Certainly Djibouti, too.

    • I can't be sure, but from the Wikipedia article on the Iranian Noor Missile or the Chinese C-802, it doesn't look like there is land-based radar needed. The last few miles certainly is controlled by on-board radar, not outside, land-based radar, which makes the missiles hard to jam. The land based radar may be necessary to spot the ships in the first place, but is not needed to hit the ships. Of course I could be wrong, not having access to an actual operator's manual.

    • No, she's aligned with the neocons and Bibi Netanyahu. Who, after all, promoted Victoria Nuland? Who approved Nuland's coup in Ukraine? Of course, Obama would have had to approve the coup, too, but I believe John Brennan stands behind him, whispering in his ear, "Remember thou art a mortal. Remember Dallas, 1963."

  • "Pigs! Crusaders!": US-Backed Fundamentalist Militias drive US Commandos out of al-Ray, Syria
    • Unfortunately, RT is a more objective, reliable source of information than the old-line MSM, especially the New York Times, the Washington Post, MSNBC, ABC, CNN, and Fox. It isn't a propaganda machine like Radio Free Europe. It's a commercial enterprise but more like the BBC, getting government funding rather than being captured by big advertisers (as NPR is).

  • Nice, France, Attack: A Gandhian Response to Serial Killers
    • I was bothered by the sentence, "If it was terrorism, he should have desperately wanted French President Francois Hollande to do something or not do something."
      I first became aware of terrorism when the French were still fighting the First Indo-China War. I think it was about 1958. The most common tactic that year was bombing restaurants. Set off a bomb inside a popular restaurant, and have a second bomb in place ourside set to go off maybe ten minutes later to get any onlookers and first responders. The purpose wasn't to force any specific action or policy, the purpose, as explained by the many manuals of revolution that were available then and in years after, was to instill a feeling of insecurity in the populace and show them that no matter how oppressive they became the government could not protect them.
      In this case Daesh has a somewhat different goal in that they do want a particular response -- they want the governments and especially the population in general, to impose harsh sanctions on people who so far have not supported Daesh. They want them to be forced to Daesh's side by harsh oppression.

  • War Talk, Jingoism and White Supremacy at GOP Debate
    • Even Lindsey Graham shouldn't be considered a person with military experience. He's a JAG Reserve officer, which means he spent all his time in offices either prosecuting or defending in courts martial, or just reviewing paperwork.

  • Most important Neglected Middle East Stories of 2015
    • I have to disagree with your assertion, "The U.S., due to its heroin abuse levels of its population, have a compelling interest in eradicating opium cultivation, ..." The fact is that America has pursued policies which any fool could tell were going to increase the availability of heroin and other opioids. The "abuse" is collateral damage. There are many Americans who are making comfortable livings from the "War On Drugs," and nothing will be allowed to reduce their incomes.

    • I've always thought of it as a North African country, like its neighbors Tunisia and Algeria. It's Middle Eastern in the sense that the elite are the descendants of the Arabs who moved into the best farm land and pushed the Berbers into the mountains. I think most of the people are descendants of Berbers who no longer identify as Berbers, but they seem to think of themselves as Arabs. Just as Egyptians used to think of themselves as Copts, not Arabs, but since Nasser identify as Arabs now.

  • Daesh/ ISIL calls for Terror attacks on Saudi Arabia
    • I think "...shaking down individuals and businesses within its borders" is known as "levying taxes."

  • Why is Obama bombing Iraq, Really?
    • There's something odd going on here. You don't just jump into the driver's seat of a 155mm self-propelled howitzer and spin off to rain havoc on your enemies. There's technical knowledge needed and people need to be trained on operating these weapon systems. Then there's the little matter of ammunition resupply. I'd like to know how many captured artillery pieces ISIL is actually able to use

  • Wagging the Dog with Iran's Maxwell Smart
    • I don't think he does. I think his handlers believe he needs a nice little war to make sure he gets reelected, and no sane person with any knowledge of the state and size of the U.S. military thinks a war with Iran would be "nice" or "littl." I've thought for a long time he's going to start a war with Iran in March or April of next year. Maybe he'll just give permission to Israel to bomb what they will call nuclear facilities. This seems right on schedule to me, preparing the U.S. public. Look for a continuous drumbeat from Fox (Ailes would be delighted to see more war in the Middle East).

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