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  • Syria: Deir al-Zor attack on US Troops, allies, Shows their Vulnerability
    • I think the US/SDF response to the Syrian Army's incursion showed strength rather than vulnerability.

      Assad watched as the US did nothing when the Iraqi military took back Kirkuk from the Kurds. And he's taking note of US inaction as Turkey and it's jihadist FSA attack and beseige Afrin. So for Assad it was perhaps a worthwhile gamble to test US commitment to territory east of the Euphrates liberated by the SDF and its local Arab allies. The SDF may be leftist, as we're often reminded, but they're fierce fighters and they're secular: unlike the Turks, they'll never allow Salafi-jihadists to regain power in their those territories again.

      For me, US support of the Syrian Kurds is the only bright spot in this administration's foreign policy. By defending eastern Syria from Assad, we're not only able to finish off what remains of ISIS in the Euphrates valley, but we'll deny those hard-won oil and agricultural resources to both Assad and to Sunni fundamentalists supported by Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

  • Turkey threatens war against US/Kurdish Force in Syria
    • I think that this ongoing US/SDF alliance is a long time in the making. Why would the Syrian Kurds sacrifice so many young fighters so far from their traditional homelands if not for some kind of guarantee of protection after the defeat of ISIS. Also, why would the US expend so many resources to conquer all of Syria east of the Euphrates if only to turn it over to Assad after the defeat of ISIS? I think there's probably been an unspoken agreement all along and that the new autonomous regions of Eastern Syria will serve as a reliable way to control the bulk of Syria's oil resources, tamp down a resurgence of Salafi-Jihadists and to block the expansion of Russian/Iranian influence in the area.

  • After Trump lets hundreds of ISIL Leave Raqqa, Turkey Enraged
  • Saudi Arabia wants to improve Image; Here's How
  • Trump sends US Troops to Patrol Turkish-Syrian Border as Ankara Threatens US Allies
    • For the US, the most appealing quality of the Kurdish SDF may be that it's secular. Not only are they fierce fighters, but they are as mistrustful of the Salafi-jihadists as we are. When the Pentagon supplies them with arms and training, it knows those resources will not be turned against us. They can't say the same for the Turks, who despite their NATO membership have given support to al Nusra, ISIS and jihadist elements of the FSA for years.

  • Trump Visa Denials target same countries Bush vowed to Overthrow
    • Why isn't anybody noting the fact that the bulk of the banned countries (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen (Houthi) on Trump's list are on the Shia side of the Islamic religious spectrum. All of them are fighting to suppress Salafist Sunni rebellions sponsored by Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries like Qatar and Kuwait. And those Salafist sponsors of global jihad? Not on Trump's list.

  • Saudi Arabia Fixated on Iran When Sunni Extremists Are Real Threat
    • Why should anybody be concerned about the Wahhabist extremists of ISIS posing a threat to Saudi Arabia when the Saudi theocracy is the heart of religious extremism in the Middle East? Do they not behead, torture, amputate and even crucify their own citizens? Hasn't Saudi Arabia spent hundreds of millions spreading it's medieval theocratic version of Islam throughout the Muslim world? To me it seems ISIS is like Saudi Arabia without the corrupt monarchy. I'd much prefer to see America focusing its regime-changing energies on helping the people of Saudi Arabia acquire genuine democracy and civil liberties.

  • Why Obama is Right to avoid double standard about Modern Christian Atrocities
    • More recent examples of murder in the name of Christ can be seen in the Sabra and Shatila massacre carried out by Lebanese Christian Phalangists in 1982 and in the massacres of tens of thousands of Bosnian Muslims by Christian Croats and Serbs in the early 90s.

  • Conservative White People's Primary
    • Your pie chart would be more illuminating if it showed how many of those white Iowans are the conservative ones you mention in your headline. Iowa is a Democrat-leaning blue state with an activist evangelical minority that dominates its Republican primary. This headline/pie chart display gives the impression that the whole state is redder then Oklahoma, which a majority of Iowans would probably find offensive. Texas and the states of the Old South, all of them with diverse racial piecharts, are conservative mainstays. Is there any evidence of a connection between a state's racial composition and its political leanings?

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