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  • Rubio Calls for War on Iran, Syria-- as Israeli Army Rejects Strike
    • Well written, Juan. I might add that CNN's Wolf Blitzer has often echoed the claim that Iran's President Ahmadinijad said that Iran would 'wipe Israel off of the map.'

  • Top Ten Dangers for Obama of Iran Sanctions on behalf of Israel
    • Someone needs to show Obama the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and, in particular, the part where it clearly states that ALL states have a right to the peaceful use and development of Nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. It does not make an exception for states in or around Israel.

  • Israeli PM Netanyahu attacks Gen. Dempsey as Servant of Iran
  • Santorum Hypes Iran 'Threat'
    • Depleted uranium is very weakly radioactive, far less so than radon gas which regularly diffuses from the ground and may accumulate under your house. Depleted uranium is use in shielding for tanks and armored personel carriers and for ballast in ships and airoplanes, and in radiation shielding for X-ran technicians, being safer than lead shielding. Check the section on Uranium in the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, as well as many other sources. There is no evidence that anyone has suffered from sitting or riding in a tank, even for extended periods.

    • Just a minor point: Once run through the reactor the 20% irradiated fuel is now partly plutonium. Further, the residue of the enrichment processing is almost pure Uranium 238, the heavy isotope of uranium, and is also called 'depleted uranium', because it is depleted of most of its U235,the lighter isotope, which is the fissile component of uranium. Depleted uranium is completely harmless (contrary to current prejudice) but if it is subjected to further irradiation, by introducing it into a reactor, the end product is plutonium, which is the fuel component of a bomb. This requires a special type of reactor, a 'breeder' which Iran does not possess.

  • Béji: "We are all Tunisian Jews"
    • I might add, that it speaks very well of the Palestinian people that there seems to be very little anti-semitism among them, meaning hostility toward Jews as Jews, that I have been able to discern. They appear to be able to make a clear distinction between the state of Israel and world Jewry and the Jewish people.

    • There will always be anger and hostility toward Jews in the Middle East as long as Israel continues to exists as a state exclusively for Jews - a state that arose at the expense of the Arab people on land the Arabs understood belonged to them.

      We need to be clear: Israel is and was a alien implant imposed on the Arab people against their will.

      It is a state without definitive borders which invites all of the world's Jews to emigrate to Israel and expand its ranks along with its borders into Arab lands.

      It is a state which readily accepted the judgement of Christian Zionists, Lord Shaftsbury, that, as he said to Haim Weiszmann, who lobbied the British for the Balfour Declaration, "No one lives in Palestine except Negroes, and they are of no importance."

      It is a state that specifically cites its Jewishness as a justification for the invasion of Arab lands and the subjugation of, not only the Palestinians, but of the Arab people in the surrounding states.

      If there is continued anti-semitism, then Israel has itself to blame, because you cannot subjugate and oppress another people without creating anger and hatred.

  • GOP Candidates Harm Israeli Security by Pushing for Impractical "Greater Israel"
    • Why is there such a huge disconnect between the politicians' understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the reality as described by world class historians such as Ilan Pappe, Benny Morris, and yourself, Juan? Don't these people ever read books?

  • God's Way of Teaching Americans Geography
  • Israeli Mossad Agents allegedly Impersonated CIA in fostering Baluch Terrorism against Iran
    • Ben gurion was willing to reach a secret agreement (well researched and understood by now)with King Abdulah of Transjordan to partition Palesine giving the king the West Bank in return for not having to engage the Jordanian Arab Legion. In fact, when they did engaged the Jordian army around Jerusalem, they were defeated.

      There was no holding back in the days leading to the '67 War, a war for which the Israeli military had been preparing for several years. The Israeli government, under Labor, saw its opprotunity after provoking Syria into a conflict and being threatened by Nassar to launch a pre-emptive attack for the purpose of gaining land - the 'Land of Israel'.

    • Let's not forget, David ben Gurion was of the Labor party, and his determination to take over all of Palestine was quite clear. The 1949 Armistice Line was, for Ben Gurion, only a pause in the effort to occupy all of Palestine including most of Transjordan, and parts of Lebanon and Syria. The partition Resolution 181 was agreed to by the Zionists, lead by Ben Gurion, as only a way of gaining international legitimacy as a jewish state in Palestine. The ultimate border of this state was to be determined by the Jewish army, not by any legal document.

      After ten years of Labor dominanion of Israeli politics until the election of Lukud in 1977, Manachem Begin took office finding 50,000 Jewish settlers in the occupied territories - placed by Labor governments, of course. The determination to never give back the occupied territories was well entrenched at that time, expressed repeatedly by Golda Meir, and given a concrete preceedent by the action of expanding settlements.

      More settlers were added to the the occupied territories under Labor's Ehud than undr his succesor, Benjamin natanyahu, during his forst term.

      It is a huge mistake to understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a peacemedal fashion.

      There is but one panaramic comprehensive grasp of the conflict that makes sence - the aim and function of Zionism is and always has been to destroy the Palestinians as a people and to create an exclusive state for jews on land previously occupied by Palestinians for hundreds, in not thousands, if years.

  • A Murder in Tehran
    • Israel is trying to provoke Iran into initiating actions, military or covert, against Israel or the international community that would provide an excuse to launch a war against Iran.

      That is an old Iraeli trick. Israel provoked Syria repeatedly before the '67 War.

      Haaretz tells us : 'Israeli military chief Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz was quoted as telling a parliamentary panel that 2012 would be a "critical year" for Iran - in part because of "things that happen to it unnaturally."'

  • Iran Hype undermined by Obama Administration Admissions
    • I might add that the collapse of the government in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, engineered by Israel for the reasons expressed above, eliminated a regional deterent to Iran's regional spread of power and influence, and, in fact, replaced Iran's adjacent enemy with a government ont only friendly but with one containing componants willing to act in sympathy with Iranian interests.

      Thus Israel, which engineered the overthrow of the Saddam Hussein government to eliminate a regional competitor, now envisions the nightmmare of two governments with common interests and with a simmering hostility toward Israel.

      This is why we are hearing the drumbeats of another Gulf war.

    • Israal is determined to maintain itself as the dominant regional power which means having overwhelming military superiority and surrounded by weak emasculated states with caps on their technological capacities which excludes a technical capacity to produce electric power by nuclear energy, even if there is no diversion to nuclear weaponry. Iran supports Hebollah in Lebanon, Israel's only real military competitor. If Iran is weakened or collapses, then Hezbollah would also be weakened significantly. I doubt Israel intelligence even believes it own propaganda about Iran so called nuclear weapons program.

      There has not been one shred of evidence produced that Iran is pursuing such a program. But, with the US Congress in the pocket of Israel, reality is what Israel says it is.

  • Will his New Sanctions on Iran Cost Obama the Presidency?
  • Iraq on the Brink: Court Forbids VP al-Hashimi from Leaving Country
    • Israel is watching the emergence of one of its worst nightmares. Israel, as we all know, well, as most of us know outside of the US government, engineered the overthrow of the Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein, using their American proxy to sacrifice its blood and treasure, in order to eliminate a regional military threat only to leave Iran unopposed and poised to assume the power and diplomatic vacuum created combined with the ascension to power of a Shiite dominated government in Iraq which looks eastward to Iran as the center of Shiism and as the inspiration of revolutionary action. Now, Iran, through the agency of Muqtadā al-Ṣadr has engineered the departure of the American forces from Iraq leaving a Iran-Iraq alliance which generally regards Israel as an enemy.
      An now the Shiite, al Maliki, assumes the dictatorial dimension of Saddam Hussein by jailing the Vice President who led a rival Sunni block within the government.
      Israel’s strategy for the region is laid out in the document , “A Clean Break”, written in 1996, with Iran now replacing Iraq in that document, but with the overall strategy unchanged. That overall strategy being the overthrow or emasculation of any rival for regional hegenomy.

  • Cole interview with Nobelist Tawakkul Karman
  • Israel to defend its Military from Israelis
    • The article quoted states." Some people said they had never seen burning hatred for IDF soldiers like that in the eyes of the rioters." But hatred on the part of the settlers is not new, though it is normally directed at the Palestinians.

      Danny Rubinstein, in this work on Gush Emunim, provides an excerpt of a settler produced pamphlet: “Hatred of the [Arab] enemy is not a morbid feeling, but a healthy and natural phenomenon; the people of Israel have a legitimate national and natural psychological right to hate their enemies; The Arabs are the Amalekites of today; the aim of the settlements in the Nablus area is to ‘stick a knife in the heart of the Palestinians’. (N Malsalha, ‘The Bible and Zionism’, p 154)

  • Washington Actions on Palestine don't Differ from Gingrich's Words
    • The Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe have no history in Palestine. As for Jews in general, they were no more represented in Palestine 2 to 3 thousand years ago than were a number of other people and rulers snd kingdoms. Israel exists only because the Zionists ethnically cleansed the indigenous Palestinian population in 1948 as a result of a half century of prior intention to ethnically cleanse the indigenous population. Ethnic cleansing is a war crime and a crime against humanity, and no exceptions are made because people sharing the same religion had some common ancestors living in a certain area 2000 years ago.

    • Well said, Juan. America needs a history lession.

    • Juan. During Obama's campaign for the Presidency in 2008, Obama went before AIPAC and told the cheering throng that Jerusalem would always be Israel undivided capital. Obama has not changed on bit, nor has he been carried along in the Washington flow. What has changed was a shift by the public to a clearer perception of who and what Obama is. He is no longer the man who deserves a Nobel Peace Prize just for being elected. That prize, which he clearly did not deserve, was based on hope and perception obsured by hope. Nothing more, except maybe the exit of Bush.

  • Top Things that Should have Disqualified Cain before Now
    • This man, Cain, is certainly ignorant, but no more ignorant than Bush, Reagan, and most of the other Republicans now running for president. Think back to some of the absurd statemens of Reagan, and the tongue tied George W Bush. In fact, ignorance seems tt be pervasive traint of Republican president and presidential asperants. to be a viable Republican pressidential candidate, all you need is wealth.

  • Herman Cain Painfully Clueless on Libya
    • Cain is completely ignorant of the Middle East. He had nver even heard of 'the right of return' which refers to UNSC Res 194. link to

      The man is as ignorant as Bush. It seems that being ignorant, uninformed, not well read are the consistent hallmarks of Republican presidents and presidential candidates. It is doubtful that either Reagan or Bush ever read a book in their adult life. It is possible that Bush's distaste for reading was compounded by dyslexia which runs in his family.

  • Perry's Lapse likely owing to Bad Faith and Destructive Politics
  • UNESCO Palestine Vote Isolates US Further
    • The reasons listed for the sea change are all due to the behavior of Israel. I would note a couple more, not due to the rogue behavior of Israel, but to the reality of things.
      1) The internet, and Yourtube, where the abuse and degradation of Paleseatinians is not just an abstraction, but can actually be witnessed.
      2) The proliferations of books and writings by world class writers and historians such as Ilan Pappe, and even Benny Morris, and others, and bloggers such as Dr Cole.

    • It is amazing how far the US Congress is behind the curve, behind the world, and even behind thier own constituents whose support for Israel is thinning as fast as the polar icecaps. Most members seem completely uninformed about the history of the formation is Israel - the real history of ethnic cleansing, not the propaganda propounded by Israel over the last 60 years. I believe AIPAC is very influencial in effecting the choice of congressional aids available to the members of Congress so that many of the congressianal staff are in positions to filter information reaching the congressmen in their offices, eliminating information unfavorable to Israel. This is an inference I make based of a limited sample of interactions I have had with congressional aids. I also note the remark made in the Mearsheimer and Walt book, "The Israeli Lobby" stating that no one running for office in California will have Democratic Party support unless he can pass the 'pro-Israel' test administered by Congressman Howard Berman aid, Mike Berman.

  • Wagging the Dog with Iran's Maxwell Smart
  • Al-`Awlaqi Should have been Tried in Absentia
  • Palestine, Bahrain and US Hyprocrisy
    • I forgot to add: By May 15, when the first regular Arab soldier entered Palestine,all of the major cities of Palestine had allready been cleansed of Arabs, and about half of the 3/4 of a million Palestinians to be expelled had been expelled and their land and property taken. Israel proceeded to bulldoze and destroy 531 Arab villages mostly to prevent the return of the inhabitants.

      Read your history, Peter, before you go repeating made up propaganda.

    • That is a big lie, Peter, which Israel and its supporters have perpetuated for 60 years. The ethnic cleansing of Palestine by Israel began in Dec of 1947, six months before the first regular Arab soldier set foot in Palestine on May 15, 1948. It began with the bombardment of Jaffa, in Dec 1947, and, in fact, drove many of Jaffa's residents into the harbor and some to drown in the sea. The Deir Yassin occurred on April 9, 1948. You needn't take my word for this, just check the dates. Even after May 15, only two Arab armies entered the 55% of Palestine recommended for the Jewish state by UNSC Res 181. Several thousand largely defenseless Palestinians were masssacred and 3/4 of a million Palestinian were driven from their land and homes into sqalid refugee camps in the West Bank, Gaza and in the surrounding states while Jews from Europe took over thier homes, slept in their beds and pick fuit from thier orchards.

      If you have an once of morality, Peter, you will check the dates and stop perpetuating this lie, which, like all Israeli propaganda contains the the theme that Israel is always innocent. In fact, Israel had never been innocent, even for a second, because it has always been in the process of ethnically cleanisng the Arabs of Palestine, and that is what it is doing even as I wrtite this.

    • Yours, Joe from Laurel, is typical of the lies and half truths made up by Zionists. Truman was under intense presure from the Zionists, and well as people within his own administration, like Clark Clifford to recognize the Jewish state. Prof Cole aludes to only one of many, many pieces of evidence of the Zionists pressure place on the shoulders of Truman, and Clifford made it absolutely clear, and repeatedly so, that Truman and the Democrats would loose the election if they did not recognize Israel. Truman well understood that he had acted against his better judgement in recognizing Israel, and he lashed out against the Zionists and his Jewish tormentors. (You can find that expressed in considerable detail in alfred Lienthau’s book “What Price Israel”, also see Alan Hart, 'Zionism'..

    • Yours, Joe from Laurel, is typical of the lies and half truths made up by Zionists. Truman was under intense presure from the Zionists, and well as people within his own administration, like Clark Clifford to recognize the Jewish state. Prof Cole aludes to only one of many, many pieces of evidence of the Zionists pressure place on the shoulders of Truman, and Clifford made it absolutely clear, and repeatedly so, that Truman and the Democrats would loose the election if they did not recognize Israel. Truman well understood that he had acted against his better judgement in recognizing Israel, and he lashed out against the Zionists and his Jewish tormentors. (You can find that expressed in considerable detail in alfred Lienthau's book "What Price Israel", as well as a fewother sources.)

    • "Cowardliness" is a word that comes to mind to describe Obama. Jimmy Carter never did and never would put electorial politics ahead of the best interest of America as Obama has cetainly done. I have always felt that Obama was a complete novice in foreign policy, lacking education, or experience, and lacking any very deep feeling on foreign policy issues. I have never seen any indication that he understands the history of he formation of Israel or of the Israeli-Palesinian conflict. His knowledge of the history of this conflict comes from Leon Uris.

  • State of Alert in Egypt after Breach at Israeli Embassy
    • You may be overlooking, Juan, the extreme distaste the educated Egyptian public has had for the 'too friendly' relation between Egypt and Israel that has endured for the last 30 years and the concern that it will remain too friendly. Understand that Israel is a alien implant in the heart of the Middle East and, not content to sit quietly, it is constantly expanding at the expense of surrounding Arab lands and constantly brutalizing its neighbors.

  • Sadrists to Demonstrate in Baghdad against US Troops Remaining
    • "The Muqtada al-Sadr ... three demands. The first is that the Iraqi government announce an immediate jobs program that would put 50,000 Iraqis to work, from all ethnicities and religious groups."

      This man is smarter than the US Congress.

  • Iraq Adopts Iran's Backing of Assad
    • I suspect that al Maliki has as much distaste for Israel as does Ahmadinijad but is oblidged to speak little, or not at all, of it while he is is still dependent on the good will of the American government.

  • Mubarak on Trial but W. Is Not
  • Sound and Fury: Americans Actually Lightly Taxed
    • link to

      (The graphs did not show up here, but can be found at the above address.)

      • Observe that despite massive tax cuts under Bush II, and a massive transfer of American wealth from the middle class to the rich, job creation was just barely positive and, in fact, negative for private sector jobs, the first such occurrence since the great depression, and the most anemic rate of job creation and GDP growth since the great depression. Those tax cuts did little other than to reduce government revenues and almost triple the national debt. The total national debt between the administrations of George Washington and Jimmy Carter was one trillion dollars. By the time Reagan left office, it was almost three trillion. Massive tax cuts do not stimulate the economy, it only increases the national deficit while transferring wealth from the middle class to the rich.

      Economy In Perspective - Jobs
      CommentsJobs The first chart is from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and simply compares each president from Truman to George W. Bush in terms of the total number of jobs created in each of their terms (i.e., number of jobs at the end of ea
      Also observe that the annualized job growth for private sector jobs was greatest for Carter, 3.3%, than any other president since the end of the great depression.
      Note: despiite the massive tax cuts under Bush II, the annual GDP average grew only at a rate of 1.7% during the Bush presidency compared to 3.4% under Carter and 3.7% under Clinton.

  • Boycott Beck! Brands Child Victims Hitler Youth
  • White Christian Fundamentalist Terrorism in Norway
    • Bill Maher is a Zionist racists who generally talks off the top of his head rather than studying the fact first.

      If he had been acquainted with the research of Robert Pape, he would have understood that most suicide bombers are secular and that the most prolific practitioners of suicide attacks are the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka.

      The Pape study, the most comprehensive study of it kind compiled data on all suicide attacks occurring in the world between 1982 and 2003, is restricted to suicide terrorism,but certainly the report represents far better than a fair sampling of general terrorism.

      Mr Maher knows absolutely nothing about the formation of Israel, which he is always defending, and its terrorist origins.

  • The Audacity of the Gaza Flotilla
    • A "publicity stunt", Mr Caddidy, who may have been a student of mine, is a pejority phrase which may as well be said of the U S Constitution's conferring of a right of 'the people to peaceably assemble and partition their ogvernment for grievences'; and it can well be said of demonstration in Tehrir Square in Cairo of the demonstrations which brought a tyranical government with the potential of being replaced by a democracy, and one unlike Israel's so-called democracy which respects human rights. Your compass is 180 degrees off, Mr candiddy. You need to focus on th abuse and degradation of the Palesgtinian people by the (illegitimate) state of Israel.

  • Leonard Nimoy to Palestinians and Israelis: Live Long and Prosper in Two States
    • Zionism, which centers around Jewish exclusiveness and Jewsih superiority, is incompatable with the universal humane values of which Nimoy speaks.

    • Hey Juan,

      the liberal universal humane values which Nimoy attributes to Judaism are not shared universally by Judaism. If you read Israel Shahak's book, 'Jewish History, Jewish Religion' you see that he describes a Talmud that consistently advocates the degradation of Gentiles. The Talmud, which has been in the process of creation and revision for many centuries, is completely consistent on that point.

      Fortunately, not all Jews adhere to the teaching of the Talmud, and, of course, Nimoy does not.

      I do not claim to be an expert on this matter, and Israel Shahak's book is the only one I have read relating to the subject.

      But it seems to me there is a tension in Judaism between the liberal humane values of which Nimoy speaks and the Talmudic tradition which is one of Jewish superiority and Gentile degradation. In fact, it is the latter which must be recognized and dealt with as it is a motivation Zionism and the settler movement.

      It seems to me that it is Islam, far more than Judaism that adheres to universal humane values.


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