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  • After Paris attacks, could David Duke style Racist Parties Sweep to Power in Europe?
    • "Party of Freedom [sic]?"

      This appears to be a new and unfamiliar use of the word "freedom."

  • A Day Late & a Dollar Short: Obama & China agree on Languid Climate Goals
    • "between putting solar panels on the house and driving a Volt. "

      But here's the thing: if Americans lived in smaller houses, invested in insulation and thermal windows, lived closer to work and used more public transportation, that would have at least as much of an impact in the near term as rooftop solar panels and overpriced electric cars.

  • Unitarians divest from Fossil Fuels: Clear Commitment on Climate Change
    • We're at 5.4 MWh and closing in on our first year at the end of July. We're far from zero net, but will probably save ca. $600 this year. But to be fair, without a 50% subsidy from Ameren UE and a further 30% federal tax rebate, the investment would have been economic folly.

  • 20% of Britain's Electricity is now from Renewables Despite Tory Hostility
  • Is Rand Paul right that Cheney invaded Iraq for Halliburton Profits?
  • Dear MSM: Andrew Breitbart was not a Blogger
    • "a fitting epitaph"

      Even more fitting would be no epitaph. I don't celebrate the death of any man, but there are plenty who I see no reason to memorialize. Andrew Breitbart lived his life in a way that is best ignored and forgotten.

    • 1. The definition you use for blogging is restrictive and solipsistic. There are, for example, photoblogs that are nothing but interesting photos, not journalism. The wikipedia definition is accurate.

      2. While wikipedia, like Juan Cole, occasionally makes errors, it is reliable in nearly every case I've examined where I know the correct information or confirmed it by independent means. Like Juan Cole, wikipedia is a great resource.

      3. Andrew Breitbart was a ugly and malicious person. He was, on occasion, also a blogger. An ugly and malicious blogger, but a blogger no less. I am a driver, and just because there are terrible drivers of unreliable vehicles on the road, that doesn't make them or me any less drivers.

  • Dems Reluctant to Allow Taxes on Rich to Rise
    • Uh, no.

      As someone who works and pays taxes, what I see is another concern troll reciting the tired, failed faux economics of the GOP, CW.

      The GOP and their enablers in the Democratic Party have insisted on tax cuts without explaining what spending cuts will make those cuts revenue-neutral. Indeed, they insist on lying about it, by asserting that tax cuts pay for themselves (they don't), allowing them to ignore the need to specify what spending they will cut. Confronted with the failure of their model, they piously bemoan "the wanton waste of our tax dollars, which is now occuring in this out-of-control government" while ignoring the fact that they were never interested in tying politically unpopular spending cuts to politically popular tax cuts.

      What would you cut, Chris? And please spare us the empty epigram "waste, fraud and abuse." Name specific programs and dollar amounts. Let us know when you find $1 trillion dollars in cuts. Until then, please stop trolling this site with tired GOP propaganda.

  • Portugal's Green Energy Revolution and the true Cost of Gas, Coal and Oil
    • "Redesign the city that way and you will find yourself being the only person living there. You and those who can’t leave."

      James, last time I checked, there were still quite a few people living in NYC. Many people in NYC don't own cars at all. Many of the rest don't drive them to work every day.

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